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Posted 11/7/09 , edited 11/8/09
most of the characters in Persona Trinity soul died...


Kanaru Morimoto

Eiko Nikaido

So what are you thoughts about these and are you satisfied with the conclusion of the anime??
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35 / M / sydney-australia
Posted 11/25/09 , edited 11/26/09
well eventhought they were die in the anime but wont make you feel upset about that,well im very sad too about morimoto....coz she can't survive to live together with shin.......
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Posted 12/29/09 , edited 12/30/09
well,.. i really do like the anime.. i like the story too...
but as the story goes in the anime explaining everything.. i didnt thought that ryou will die!!
bcoz his coldness for his siblings had an explanation on it.. and i thought that maybe in the end
the 3 siblings can fill the moments that they're not together by making up and live happy!!
its so sad ryou had to die!!.. in the end, its just shin & jun again!!..
but i really do like the anime
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