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This forums is for everyone to get to know each other.
Everyone always wants new friends so why not start here?

Now the rules are simple

No starting conversations
Feel free to add anyone
If they don't add you then don't get all pissy on us its not our fault
No rude comments

Here I'll go first

My name is Cassie.
I love reading
I'm writing a short novel.
I own two groups tho one is closed until i can get it fixed up.
I'm 18
I'm engaged.
Thats about it
OH. and im a ninja
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20 / F
Posted 1/7/10 , edited 1/8/10
my name is shannon
im 13
live in england
loves writing storys but writing one at the moement
and anime,neko
Posted 1/11/10 , edited 1/11/10
my name is akira ^^
i live in america :P
i LOVEEE kids! omg i want to work on a nursery or something hehe..
im random >.< in all ways like im shy but also crazy xD
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21 / F / prisoner in Deadm...
Posted 1/17/10 , edited 1/17/10
I love sweets...
I love music...
that's all
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 2/6/10 , edited 2/7/10
mara's my name.
already 17.
i'm from the Philippines.
wish to be an anime member. LOL :DD
i love cutiee things.
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