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Do you hate Hinamori(Momo)?
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Posted 6/1/11 , edited 6/2/11


FreeNeazY wrote:

I don't like her but not to the point of hating her
It's a different strory if she and Hitsugaya became couple...I'M GONNA REALLY HATE HER
Hitsugaya deserve a stronger and smarter girl...sigh (I mean what she capable of anyway)

Momo would be so pissed if Hitsugaya and Karin became a couple xD

I dont think Momo looks at Hitsugaya like that. Toshiro definitly cares for her. But I think they are all too young and naive, to know what love is. I mean seriously Hitsugaya has the hottest lieutinant ever (Rangikyu), and gets annoyed off her so quickly.
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Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/3/11
i was okay with her until...
-she blamed everything on gin.
-hitsugaya still cares for her after she tried to kill him -___-
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Posted 6/14/11 , edited 6/15/11
i do like momo at times
she is good at fighting and all
but there is really no reason to hate her
i can understand where she coming at
even though she was stupid not to see that her captain was evil
i can still feel her emotions
( u can't hate just because she fought gin then blamed it on him)
she was confused at that time and pissed off
i would be mad too wouldn't u ? (plus gins always smiling non stop)

i love gin and momo so don't start crap
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