Do Any You Know Any Essays on Homoeroticism in Manga?
Posted 11/9/09 , edited 11/10/09
I'm researching homoerotism and how homosexuals are portrayed in manga. So far I've found Why are Japanese Girls' Comics Full of Boys Bonking and Male Homosexuals and Popular Culture in Japan both by Mark McLelland, Amateur Manga Subculture and the Otaku Panic in Japan by Sharon Kinsella, Letter to Japan: From Girls Who Dress Up Like Boys to Trussed-up Porn Stars by Rosemary Iwamura, Girls and Women Getting Out of Hand: The Pleasure and Politics of Japan's Amateur Comics Community by Matt Thorn.
I'd be extremely greatful to you, if you'd suggest some more essays.
Posted 11/10/09 , edited 11/10/09
Please use the General Help thread dear, personal threads are not allowed.
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