Create Your Own Superhero/Villian Story
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ok, comic book fans. Post your own stories about their origins, background, and whatever you like. As long its not part of DC and Marvel Universe. It has to be original. Come up with a cool codename for heroes and villians. Including their abilities (powers or not). Just imagine this will be a whole new universe of heroes and villians.
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( first post!) and heres my story of my dream hero

The First Black Hole

Shinx was a talented young boy born in britian,his father was an astronaut and his mother was a housewife,He was the smartest in all of his classes and he even skipped from kindergarten to 3rd grade,all his awards and good grades couldnt impress his father who only cared that his two other sons were skilled basketball and football players,His father was dissapointed in shinx because he couldnt dribble a basketball or throw a football,even though he had one the nobel peace prize at 14,his father didnt care because at 14 his brothers had gotton sponsered by the new york giants.Feeling betrayed,Shinx ran away,with his vast intellegince he made his own labaratory with broken junk from the trash cans of his neiborhood,his father never wondering were he was,died in the most painful way possible,shinx had made a plan that included killing his father for revenge,Somehow he had made three cars meet up in the same place one including his father with his two brothers,one of the other cars happeneded to be on a camping trip,while they were driving the luggage fell on to his fathers car and they ran into the woods and into shinxes lab.Shinx trapped them in a cage and tortured them with medieval weapons.They died a painful death and then shinx became mad.He detroyed everything until he knocked over one of his chemicals that spilled over on his head and he started to disinagrate,he ran into the emerngency room and washed himself off,he looked his regular self but when he got back to work,everything he touched disinagrated into molocules.Suprised he built a suit that could contain his powers.He did not know what should he do with this ultimate power.he decided that he wanted a normal life and enrolled in high school at 16,he wore his suit under his regular clothes.One day a bully tried to stuff him in a locker,and he grabbed the bullies neck and he disinagrated,scared Shinx suddenly started to glow green,and he started to levitate,he screamed as everything started to orbit around him like the sun,and everything started to disinagrate as it came near him.Startled they called the police but as soon as the cars parked they started to levitate around Shinx and then disinagrate as they came closer along with the police men,Shinx stayed there as every single thing came closer to him,The goverment had a emergency meeting and decided that if he doesnt get killed than the whole universe will be gone.Shinx wanted it to stop,So he tried told sombody how to make a glove that could contain his poweer and the best scientists in the world contructed it over a 1 year period,They died giving the glove to him and it worked,everything stopped.the goverment decided that if he keeps teh gloves on he can stay on earth.He decided that he is too strong,and named himself Black Hole...He flyed out into the universe as far as he can and ripped his gloves off,he started to suck everything in again and not even lifght could escape him,and thats the story of why there is black holes
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Final Fight: An American Hero

Cody Travers

job; Street Cop, working for the Ohio PD

Jordan Travers

job: Street Cop, working alongside his brother

Joshua Travers (dad)

Mirajane Travers (mom)

Cody has been defending the streets since he was 14, helping the cops. Jordan was also assisting him as well. Unfortunately some people on the left were not happy to hear that their friends have been taken down. So they alerted the cops to arrest Cody. But nothing that Cody has done, but simply that they want to get rid of him.

Cody not like your average cop in blue uniform. Cody was a street cop, wearing white tanktop and fists as his defense weapon, but he did have handcuffs. Like cops, he'd also pin the criminals back up against the wall or against their illegally stolen vehical.

This made Cody's family, plus their friends sad and disappointed. Which the organization from the left just laughed on. Cody was like Bajee of NORA. Fun to hang around with, which one day him and his brother; Jordan went motorcyclying to see a movie, and on other days to Ohio's Cedar Point. He was also a part of his praise team at his baptist church. Which his brother; Jordan was another singer and he played the electric guitar. Their father and Mirajane's husband; Joshua, was the youngest senior pastor, at age 38.

fast forward to 2012. Now at 30 yrs, the guard has let Cody out. Cody's family hasn't seen him for a clear 14 or so years. This made the organization mad. But unfortunately, the guard that let Cody out. Was on Cody's side, he also had a son that was attacked by the organization as well. The guard's name? Dean of Final Fight 3, Dean's 34 yrs old.

- Dean

Age: 34
DOB: 8/4

Ability: increasing his muscles when it comes to fight. But doesn't need to use any life-threatening objects like what Bane uses. Though, he only uses it for battle.

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OP nuked.

Feel free to recreate.

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