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I'm sorry I was bored in english today. LOL
* Like this xD :

[Update 11/11/09] Story is up~ [[Prologue]]
[Update 12/05/09] Chapter One is up :D~ [[Letters]]

Write With Me
inspired by the video Draw With Me


"Penpals?!" "From all the way there!?" "YAYAYAY!" "I can't believe itt!"
The whole class cheered with excitement. After years of petitions and ones tudent after another asking for penpals, they finally got what they wanted.
Penpals! From all over the world!
"I'll be assigning each of you a penpal, along with their address and name. Get started on your letters today." The teacher said, taking out pieces of paper. They were neatly tired at the bottoms and tops. On it, was a messy or neatly, or even in the middle handwriting, attached with a small letter.
"Jane." The teacher searched the room.
"Hmm?" A droozy voice yawned, raising her hand lazily.
"Sam." The slip of paper was passed down to Jane. A messy hand writing, barely read-able read, 'Sammy from Italy.' [*I dont know I pick random names and places xD]
It felt like a long, boring, summer day at home, as the teacher continued on. The girl, about the age of eleven, named Miki Mitsuki, seemed to not mind the boringness. Her mind would drift off as she looked out the window. When an idea she actually liked came, she would quickly draw it out in her sketchbook.
Ah yes, her sketchbook. Full of wonderful, [Or should I say the most randomist xD], doodles you could ever think of. Her friends, hearts, starts, pokemons, candy, random manga scenes (or anime), hellokitty, teddy bears, everything!
Miki grinned at her new found idea. Her pencil gently stroking against the paper. The picture, didn't really even look like what she imagined. Just a simple blob of lines to anyone who saw it.
"Hey, Miki!" Her friend, Emi whispered. She got no response. "Miki!" She whispered harshly and nudged her in the ribs.
"HUH?!" Miki pressed her pencil roughly against the sketchpad paper. She dropped it and jumped.
"Ah there you are, Miki." The teacher passed her a piece of paper. "Fuma."
"" Miki murmured slowly. She picked up the piece of paper from her desk and looked at it. 'Fuma from Japan. ' She gently teared off the letter attached and began reading it.

Dear my soon to be penpal,

Nice to meet you for one thing! My english isn't all that good, so someone is translating, hope that's okay! I am currently, (and probably always, Ha-ha!) in Japan...i'm sure you know that! I'm super excited to be getting a penpal from all the way from america, ne?! I hope we learn many things about eachother! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

-Fuma ^w^

His signature made her laugh, 'Cute!' She took out a piece of paper from her Domo-kun notebook and thought about what to write.
'It'd be easier if I write in japnese...' She admitted. 'Fuma-kun wouldn't need someone to translate, so it'll be less of a pain.' She grinned at her idea and began writing out her letter.

'Dear Fuma-kun,

Don't worry about translating! I was born in Japan when I was little, so I still know how to write it! Sorry if I mis-write any. It's been awhile since I wrote japanese. Yes! It is exciting to be getting a penpal from someone so faraway. ^w^'--

Miki laughed as she copied Fuma's face. --

'What should I start about me?..Ah! I know! My name is Miki Miki. Miki, desu. I love to draw..all kinds of things! Remind me to send you some one day! :). Uhm....Ask me anything else? Ha-ha! What about you? What's your favorite thing to do?

-Miki :P'

Miki grinned as she folded her letter. 'I'll mail it today.' She placed the letter in the fold of her binder and put it in her bag.
"Kiditsu." [*Stand up]
She looked up as everone stood up. 'Eh? It's already time to go?' She laughed quietly and stood up.
"Rei." [*Bow]
"Arigatou gozaimasu." The class bowed, then began packing up. [*Thank you very much]
"Don't forget to mail in your letters by this week!" The teacher called out as everyone left.
Miki smiled and packed up the rest of her things.
"Hey, Miki!" A voice called from behind her, just as she walked out the door.
"Hey, Kumi." Miki grinned as she high five-d her buddy. "How was your day?"
"Boring! I swear, I fell asleep through all my classes!" Kumi groaned. "Why are the teachers so boring~?"
Miki laughed, patting Kumi's head lightly. "Maybe it's just you."
"See you tomorrow, Miki!" A group of friends passed by, making a heart with their index and middle finger. *
"See yah!" Miki called out, giving them the same heart.
"Psh. How do you know?" Kumi grinned, swinging her backpack over her neck.
"Cause I know~" Miki skipped out the doors. "I'll see you tomorrow, Kumi." She grinned and made a heart.
"Bye, bye, Miki!" Kumi shouted, giving a heart back.

End Prologue

~{Write With Me, Chapter 1}~ {Letters}

November 27, 2005

Dear Miki-chan,

Ah! Thanks great! ^o^ My english is really horrible. ^^;; Daijoubu yo~! Your japanese so far is better then my friends! Ha-ha! HEY! YOU STOLE MY FACE D:<! Just kidding. I'll steal yours instead :P. Hah! Uhm...My name's Kikuchi Fuma. I love to sing and wish to become a famous singer soon! Haii! I'll be sure to ask! :]. Hm...what else? How about your favorite color!? And band! My favorite thing to do is playing in the park, playing kidish games. Like tag! :D

-Fuma ^w^

December 4, 2005

Dear Fuma-kun,

Hontou? Arigatou! Hah! YES I DID! YOU GOT A PROBLEM?! Just kidding too! xD. ...HEY! >:[. friend is in love with someone named Kikuchi Fuma, Fuma-kun. Ganbatte on your dream, neee! My favorite color is blue and red! It's so prettyy~. I have to say NEWS! I just admired them deeply! Their voices just fit every song they sing! Aha! I love playing kidish games too! Specially hide and seek! WOO! Okay, what about you, what's your favorite color, favorite like, dislike? hobby?...Eep..I think I had too much candy...WEEEEEEEEEEE

-Miki :P

December 11, 2005

Dear Miki-chan,

Haha! O-Oh..Really? I am currently singing right now. o.o. Know the company Johnny's Entertainment? I'm in B.I Shadow. [Kinnie: Hehe xD] NEWS! I admired them too, but not enough for them to be my senpai. ^^. Hide and Seek! YATTA! My favorite color is sky blue and pink. My favorite food is basically, everything! And my dislike is mini tomotoes, >O<. My hobby is thinking of some rap lyrics of my senpai's songs! Haha! I can really see that, ne Miki-chan. What about you, what's your favorite color, favorite like and dislike, hobby? And why not what your good at?

-Fuma ^w^

December 18, 2005

Dear Fuma-kun,

Sugoii~!....Mm...the company NEWS's is owned by? Haii!...EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?! I.YOU.WHO.WHAT.HUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. T_T.
--Intermission of Miki freakingout--
Okay!, SKY BLUE<33~! I lovee that color! Mm, food....I'm hungry ;w; ..MINI TOMATOES ARE SO CUTE AND...BITE-ABLE?Haha! Ooo rap lyrics? Do you have fun with that? ^^. Uhm, my favorite color is sky blue! I love ice cream and brownies! My hobby would probably now be letter writing to you! And drawing. I guess I would be good at drawing and playing soccer. What about what your good at? Mm...How long does it take you to get up and ready? [Kinnie: Taking questions from this interview so i know what to answer back correctly xD] ...Laugh recently? Cry or get mad? XD I feel so weird and random~

-Miki :P

December 20, 2005

"Miki! You have another letter." Miki's okaa-san called as she held up a letter from the doorway as Miki came home with Kumi.
"Yayayay!" Miki cheered as she grabbed the letter and plopped herself and her stuff on the porch.
"Fuma, again?" Emi laughed as she propped her head on Miki's shoulder.
"Haiii~!" Miki grinned as she opened the letter. She pulled out a letter. Two pieces of paper fluttered to the ground.
"What's this?" Emi stepped on both pieces of paper before they flew away, and picked them up. "E-EH?!" Emi gasped.
"What, what?!" Miki got up, the letter clutched in her hands as she looked over Emi's shoulder.
They both froze and looked at eachother.

A little part of the letter was shown at a certain angle. The readable words said, 'I hope you visit me, Miki-chan.'

{End} {Letters}

~{Write With Me, Chapter 2}~
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ima read it sooon <3 83
i readed it! >D
likey's so far '^w^'
makes ME wanna make a random story owo;
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I LOVE THE DRAW WITH ME VID!its...a bit sad tho......
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lol owo
thankies ^0^
and LOL
@ Toruu: XD I love it >w<
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EITHER THIS OR -insert other name of a story you havent finished and i KNOW thats alot-
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