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24 / M / Somewhere in the...
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this forum was made specially for stories so feel free to post any stories you would like to in here
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Call Me!Momo Miki!

Miki Yamata is a clumsy non talented girl,she is tired of always being compared to her older sister Kura who is the perfect daughter who has a talent in eveything.Not only is she perfect flawless and beautiful.Mature face and big boobs is what Miki is talkin about.While her big sis is off getting into mischef Miki is alone her goal is to make friends and have a good year.But her middle school nickname is coming back and she only wants her friend to know about.But when the prince who swept her off her feet tells her name is cool.She excited and wants everyone to call her by her nickname.Momo Miki!!! But drama is being dragged into everything the black cat is mysterious and is always lurking around.Miki's New friend thinks she has a hidden talent.Read to see what happens.This is a drama,romance,attempt at comedy story.


Momo Miki (Miki Yamata)

Kura Nanda (Momo's Big Sis)

Rumiko Oimikado

Akio Inoue

Taro Reizei

Only Two Chapters Completed
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Posted 11/11/09 , edited 11/12/09
Chapter 1

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP: Smack and quietness is what I hear when I slap three of my fingers on the top of the alarm clock finally ending the constent beeping noise. Finally peace and quiet. I'm finally starting my first day of high school.I thought to myself. I'm really want to make friends I mean i may act all cheerfull when I when i introduce myself,but inside I'm always dying from shyness . i take a deep breath.I sit up in my small bed that doesn't fit me much anymore.But at least I have a place to sleep. I rub my tired eyes with back of my hands. Wait a minute what time is it.I slowly turn my head.

"It's already 8:20."

I quickly flip the covers off and slide off the bed landing on my butt.I run to the closet to get the new school uniform.I quickly put on the white shirt with the red bow.I put on the 'too short' skirt and then slipped the red matching shorts under them but not to long to show that I'm wearing them.I am clumsy I might trip and i don't need horny guys looking at my lucky pink undies. The thought made my cheeks turn pink probly.A loud wrapping came upon the door.


"Come on Miki were going to be late for school,hurry up."

"Sorry Kura I'm coming um let me just grab some stuff meet you outside." I say politly.If my parents ever heard me speak to the perfect daughter rudely they would have my head.

That was my sister Kura she is my older and more mature looking sister.She has everything the good grades,good at sports, and huge boobs. Me I have nothing flat chest,lacking in school,I'm bad at sports.( cause i'm to clumsy.)Thats why I don't get much attention from my parents.They only like Kura because she has special potencial(talent).I mean I'm the baby I should get all the attention and the older sister is supposed to envy me.Thats how it is in movies. I looked at my bag which I was packing very slowly.I turned my head slowly and looked at the alarm clock.

"It's 8:25."

I shoved the rest of my books into my book bag.I opened the door and flung it open running down the hall nearly knocking down my sleepy careless for me mother.I kept running and ran past dad whose drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.I was about to open the door when dad yelled at me.

"If you screw up Kura's perfect attendence this year your grounded." he sounded crazy and like an old man.he was anyway.

I looked at him and nodded then opened the door quickly and ran to Kura's side who already started to walk has soon as she saw me open the dang door.

"Sorry you had to wait Kura." I said sadly

"Its ok Miki were not going to be late its only 7:35." she said innocently.

"What ," I screamed

Kura :

"It's really okay I mean I did this for both me and you." She said lightly tapping my back."I'm going to spend time with Raidon, and you can find your class so your not late when school actually starts."

This is totally selfish of her she is saying this is good for her and me. But its actually just for her.Were not aloud to date.So its a secrect and plus the 'perfect daughter' would never break that rule. They think I would and plus again what boy would like me.I don't have that mature face,giant chest look.I probly look like I'm in 5th grade beacause I have a baby face.

"Sis what do you actually see in Raidon Shigenoi." I said to her quietly not even knowing she could actually hear me.

(fake)She rubbed the back her head and looked up.She was thinking about it."Well he's hot."

Weird she likes a guy cause he is hot.i mean wow she has problems. But she does get all the guys.

"Momo whats wrong." she said in a playful baby talk voice.

(evil lol) "Nothing, and why did you say my nick name thats only for my friends to use."

"What Momo Miki," she said laughing.

We were so busy entertaining each other and talking that I didn't notice at first we were at the front of the school.We stood in front of the big black gate.The sides of the gates were white walls so I couldn't see much of the school.My sister grabbed the handle and turned it she opened the gate the farthest it could go. I walked through the gate hugging my book bag to my chest.Then I really looked at the school it was beautiful and big with lots of buildings and rooms.I couldn't belieave my eyes. :amazed:

"You like." says Kura.Now she has to act all cool because she could be seen by others.

I nodded.

A group of guys with a few girls on their arms started to walk this way.They walked gracefully and so formal.I mean I have never seen her friends but she always talks about them.

"Hi babe whats up." said a red headed guy who was a little taller than Kura. This must be Raidon.The hot one.

"Who is this little cutie.' said Raidon getting close to my face.I thought he was going to pinch my cheeks.

"oh this is my little sis Miki or you could call her Momo.' Kura said cooly.Inside you was feeling

"I told you Kura only my friends can call me that." I yelled then I looked at my sisters cool crowd staring at me.I backed off.Then a burst of laughter filled the quietness.

"Your little sis is cool,' Raidon said grabbing Kura's hand.Kura waved at me then left her stranded.I watched them walk away and soon enough disappeared to somewhere.When I when off on Kura I thought Raidon was growing to stuff with food make me fat and have me for breakfast.

"That little ...." I sad shaking my fist in the air like an old person.

"You shouldn't scrunch your face up like that you don't want wrinkles at this age." said a soft innocent voice.

I turned around and looked into the eyes of a purple eyes violet haired girl.Her hair toward the end were curled up in beautiful swirls.I looked at my bouncy curls they were the same.She also had a baby face.Like she was supposed to be in 5th grade.Like me


"Your face," she said circling hers.A giggle escaped from her lips as I tried to put my face back to normal.

I turned around with a big smile on my face.Hands behind my back."My name is Miki Yamata but if your going to be my friend you can call me Momo or Momo Miki."

"Momo -chan.'

She looked really shy and stuff but she was really nice to tell me about the wrinkles thing.

'Whats your name." I said brightly.Almost pouncing on the girl like it was the greatest news in the world.Her name.Why am I acting like such a child I'm in 9th grade.I guess thats one of my flaws I act like a child still, man.

She had a blush on her face but she looked scared."My my name is Rumiko Oimikadi, can call me Rumiko." She said bowing her head then looked up and our eyes met and she smiled.

"Rumiko-chan." I said quietly .She smiled and nodded her cheeks were still flushed a kind of pink.

Well this is akward I thought.She's still smiling.I just smilked back.

"So wheres your homeroom, mine Class C 9th Grade."

"Me to," she squeled in joy.

It was silent but then both our childish giggles broke it.

RING!RING!RING! I heard the sound loud and clear,I grabbed my book bag and opened pushing books aside I finally found it my cell phone.I flipped it open and looked at the corner of the screen."8:30" I said.I shoved my phone back in and closed my bag.

"um wanna walk to class together sense were in the same class." Rumiko said quietly.

I nodded
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Chapter 2

"Ok class. My name is Miss Yamoto, or you can call me Miss Y." the teacher said trying to to talk over the noise in the class room.

I was kinda of apart of the noise.Just a little I was talking to Rumiko about where she went and if she had a sister.We both still had pink flushed cheeks while we talk,but smiles were always on our faces as we found out little by little that we had much in common.

"Everyone sit down now." the teacher screetched.

Suddenly butts were in chairs,hands were in laps, and it was silent.I looked at Rumiko who raised her hand in the air.The teacher called on her.The teacher had a crazy face still on. "What," "Miss Y if you keep your face srunched up like that your face will get all wrinkly.' Rumiko said.

Was the teachers expression. "Really,thx for telling me."She said "Sorry I acted all crazy I just have those episodes some times." (fake)


"Okay now that I have your full attention we can start.Now today will be easy no homework.So today were just going to introduce yourself to the whole class saying five important things about yourself." The teacher paced back and forth in the front.

'Now any volunteers." Miss Y said, and only one hand went up.

This guy had black hair and intense eyes.He is acting mellow and cool.


I envied him not to act all nervous.

"Okay how about you sir." she said pointing at the guy.

He stood up and walked to the front of the class.He turned around and scanned the room.For some reason his eyes lingered on me the longest.Then he looked straight.He put one hand in his pocket and leaned to the right a little.

"My name is Akio Inoue." he started with.his voice matched his look not like when you see a cute guy and then his voice is all sqeaky because his voice hasnt matured yet."My favorite color is black, uh i like music,I had the higest test scores at my other school.'He looked to the ceiling he was thinking of what to say."I have a new puppy named Dakota, and I like to read." he finished then stared just straight.Then looked at the teacher.She started to clap her hands.Everyone followed along.

"Good job Inoue-chan." Miss Y said cheerfully.

Mr cool and mellow started to walk back to his seat.Thisis when the whispers took place.

"He's so cool," this one girl sqeaked to her friend.

"Whats with him." some guys whispered to each other.

Akio sat in his seat and put head phones over his ears.I dont even think the teacher cares as long as he doesn't make mischef.

"Whose next ," the teacher sang cheerfully.

Before I knew it my hand was in the air.I cant belieave I'm doing this.

:happy:"Yes you sweetie." the teacher said sweetly and pointed at me like she did to Akio.

I stood up and walked my hands folded in each other and rested between my thighs.

Before I knew it i was falling,I'm going to fall to the floor and everyones going to laugh.I closed my eyes and expected the worst.But I was laying in someones arms.I was being held like a child.He held me close to his chest. Like he was protecting me and would never let me go.

I looked up into warm brown eyes.He had light brown hair and had one silver stud earing on each ear.A blush was also on his face.

He stood up out of his kneeling postion with me still in his arms.He set me down slow and lightly.I looked up at him.He was way taller than me."um thank you." I said ."Sorry I fell." I said :sweatingbullets: "uh its ok really."he said rubbing the back of his head.I looked at the teacher who had tears in her eyes.

"Thats was so heroic." said the teacher.She started to clap,then the class started to clap as well.The only ones who weren't clapping were me and the boy who caught me,but out of the corner of my eye I saw that Akio wasn't clapping its more like he was angry.


Why was he mad.


"Okay everyone its time for snack,we will continue after." the teacher said.

The kids quickly formed a giant mob and tried to get out of the classroom it got smaller and smaller.

I looked back at the guy who caught me.

'"So whats your name I have to thank you properly." I said

"My name is Taro Reizei, and whats yours I need to tell you your welcome properly."

"My name is Miki Yamata, but you can call me Momo or Momo Miki." I said cheerfully.I was hoping we could be friends.So he has permission to callme that.

"Well thank you Reizei-senpai."I said then held out my hand so I could shake his.

"Your welcome Momo Miki-chan ." He said He said Momo Miki.He grabbed her hand and shook it gently.We both blushed.I did because the second my hand was in his.My body tingled and hummed.My heart was racing.

"Come on Momo-chan." said Rumiko who was behind me.

"Coming ." I said "Thx" I said again.

I ran off toward Rumiko."By the way Momo-chan I like your name its cool." He shouted after her.It was like slow motion when she looked back at him and at the same time.Then Rumiko grabbed her hand and we ran fast out of the class room.I swear I saw Akio by the door.

Rumiko took me behind a brick wall."Hey what was that all about you and that guy." Rumiko said.

I didn't answer because in my head I kept repeating the moment when he said my name is cool and then I winked at him.My skin hummed again.

'Earth to Momo-chan." she said in my ear.Her warm breath tickled.

"Oh nothing just saying thx and asking what his name is and stuff,you know the usual.'

"Really so whats his name." said Rumiko.

'It's Taro Reizei." I said

"Someones got a crush ." she teased.

"I so do not." I lied

I don't really know if I like him but whats this feeling I'm having.My skin hums when I think about him.When he touches me and looks at me my heart races.


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