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Name the most popular HSJ member. - From your opinion and make a reason.-

I'll start..:

Well, as for me I think Yamada-kun is the most popular right now(year 2009), because he is the most outstanding of all the HSJ members .-He is the best looking guy from HSJ :o

and followed up by Chinen because he has this cute face .-

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well, for me you're right
my RYOSUKE YAMADA is the most famous in hey say jump
and, not only for this year but still forever... hehe
he's the coolest, most handsome, talented and the best of them all..
(hehe... well that's for me... sorry for the fans that love other members.. I apologize)

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for me ..
of course ..
chinen ♥
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3rd vote for YAMADA RYOSUKE!
Posted 4/30/11 , edited 4/30/11
I think it's Yamada ryosuke XD...because everytime when I watch youtube videos bout het say jump and other websites nearly all of them are yamada fans who put comments on them, all the comments was like "Yamada Kakoii" "Yamada so kawaii" etc.....and he is like always in the middle so he would probably the one that gets all the attentions from the audience the most (i think most people would look at the person standing in the middle first), and I think yamada is the best dancer in hey say JUMP and many people think so too, when i've also read another forum about who do you think the best dancer in hey say jump, and everyone said yamada-kun, since yamada dancin is sooo AWESOME then i think most people people would probably pay more attention on him the most (Like me, i couldn't take my eyes off him at all lol, and this is actually the reason that i've become his fan XD)....and i think he is the best looking member and the cutest and the coolest haha and i've also read some other web, and it says that yama-chan is the fanbase within HSJ and also he has got the most awards in johnny's, in 2008 he have received 20 of them which have break the record of akanishi jin....

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