Anime picture finder anniversary
Posted 11/13/09 , edited 11/13/09
Anime picture finder anniversary

Hard work, jof of work we had done. That's all just for you, my APF Requesters.
What have we done in one year? We've changed.
We have become more active, more creative, more professional, better than before.
Everything we do, we will do it for you. You will never disappoint us!
Because you all are part of us!

The creator of APF - Maddy // pelite222

If you wish, you can make an avatar, banner anything creative, cute and sweet to thank us!
But you can just say - thanks. APF will love you always! Thank you!

With, love
APF crew.

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Congrats APF !!

to every staff of APFs

good job for your hard work for this past 12 months .. hope you guys will continue the good job done you are doing !!
you guys rock !! tnk you guys !!

to pelite222 :: thank you for making this awesome group !!

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I feel happy to be part of this group. . .and somehow it feels like we're ONE Big Family. . ^_^
It's good to know that this only the beginning of one of the Greatest groups
of all timeee~ <3 X3 teheheh
anywho. . Happy Aniversary APF
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