Swan (Manga)
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Posted 11/14/09 , edited 11/15/09

About SWAN

Title: スワン (SWAN)

Author: Kyoko Ariyoshi

Genres: comedy, drama, romance, tournament

Themes: ballet

Original run (Japanese): 1976 – 1981

Volumes: 21


One of the most famous and lauded shojo manga ever published, SWAN is Ariyoshi Kyoko's best-selling classic about a girl who strives to become a great ballerina.

Masumi Hijiri is a 16-year-old ballet student attending a small school in Japan. When she unexpectedly recieves an invitation to attend a special ballet competition, and later gains admission to a renowned ballet academy, she embarks on a grand adventure of friendship and hardship. She is the weakest of the students, and as such encounters several challenges, but her determination and faith in herself help guide her through the fierce world of ballet.

(Taken from: Wikipedia & Animenewsnetwork)

What do you feel about this manga?

Anyone LOVE this manga? I know i do!

I tried to find a group/forum about SWAN but, i cant seem to find any....

If anybody have any information regarding this manga, such as where to download (if possible) or read online or such? If you do, please post it here~

I really LOVE this manga, but I cant seem to find much info about it...
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Posted 2/21/11 , edited 2/22/11
I'm also a HUGE fan of Swan, and have been slowly collecting the series for almost a year. I'm stunned that such a gorgeous, well drawn, well researched, heartfelt manga has gone mainly ignored by the general public. After reading it, I actually find most contemporary manga rather boring and dull. Ariyoshi Kyoko's ability to convey such drama and movement in manga panels is amazing. I don't think any other series has made me as emotional while reading as Swan does.

That being said:

PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD SWAN. A manga like this (which also happens to be unfinished, since CMX went out of business before publishing the last 6 volumes) really needs to be PURCHASED by fans to show their support. You can say that you love the manga, but if you don't buy it legitimately, you are not helping the industry. There are actually more books in the Swan canon - like a few side stories, a magazine, and a sequel - but America is never going to see those translated and published unless there is a market for it and fans are buying.
I have picked up nearly all my volumes at conventions and Japanese bookstores (in San Francisco). You can probably order it online or ask bookstores to carry it for you.
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