Chapter 2 part 2 -Meetings-
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Posted 11/16/09 , edited 11/16/09

Kaito Fujiyoshi

Kaito had just grabbed Hikaru’s arm. He then asked, “Hikaru? Is that you?” Hikaru let loose of his grip. Her eyes moved to side before she responded indignantly. “Excuse me? I think you’ve mistaken me with another person. My ---” Kaito interrupted and said with a more serious tone, “No, I know you’re Hikaru.”
“What are you talking about? My name is Hotaru Mikawa.”
“There’s really no reason to pretend. Only a handful of people know who you really are. Your real identity.”
“Huh? I don’t even know who you are!”
“Don’t you remember me? It’s Kaito Fujiyoushi?”
“I don’t.”
“It’s me, Kai!”
“I really don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ll be taking my leave. Excuse me.”
Hikaru decided to leave immediately before Kaito finds out.

As Hikaru was walking away, Kai whispered ‘Hikaru’ as his hand was about to reach her. He watched as she ran off. His spirit dropped. He thought to himself, “I know that was Hikaru. Without a doubt, I know it’s her.” With that, he closed his eyes and began to reminisce the past.

Kai’s memory began with a little boy crying in a dim room. Someone saw the boy crying and asked, “Why are you crying?” The boy looked up at the person who spoke. It was a girl around his age, who had a smile that was so warm that the boy couldn’t be awed. She offered her handkerchief and said, “Here. You know boys shouldn’t cry.” The boy wiped off his tears. The girl giggled as she said, “I was only joking. Everyone needs to cry sometimes especially if something bad happens. But you know what your tears are making someone sad.” The boy replied, “Who?” The girl pointed her finger towards the part behind him. The boy looked back to see a piano. The girl said, “Your instrument must have felt what you were feeling. I heard someone playing awhile ago. It was beautiful. But after that person took a break, the music suddenly turned sad. Then, the music stopped altogether. Was it you who was playing?” The boy nodded. The girl said, “Then you should try playing a happier song.” She sat on the piano chair and started to play something. The boy felt better and played along with the girl. They both laughed.” The distant sound of laughter remained as the memory ended.

Kaito opened his eyes. He thought to himself, “Hikaru was always full of smiles…” He paused then continued, “But after the war… The last time I saw her, it was only a glimpse but she looked like a living corpse. Her eyes were so lifeless. It was painful to look at her like that. I wonder if our meeting again may mean something….”

End of chapter 2 part 2.
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