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Who wants to know...
Posted 11/16/09 , edited 11/17/09

Been a while hasn't it? Sorry people, life's been kind of busy lately....
Just saving my place before I start with the story.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 11/17/09 , edited 12/4/09
Alright then, I'm gonna start pulling up the story's info. before I actually type it down:

Title: Shikabane no Uta
Genre: Drama, mystery
3 months after his last mission, the main character now spends his days playing music along the city outskirts while holding onto a small fragment of hope. He is summoned before the Empress, who asks for his story.
Over the course of the story, the main character tells his story to the Empress, while also searching for something he lost long ago.
(I don't want to give away the rest, but that's how it starts. It may not seem very interesting at first, but trust me...if I ever decide to draw these pages out, you'll probably like them. )

WARNING: In this story, time and space tends to bounce around a lot from present, to past, to subconsciousness. It may get a little confusing.

Terms that come up in the story:

Handlers: Individual men and women who were capable of bonding with a specific Reanimated.
As a Handler enters into a pact with a Reanimated, that person's abilities are increased the longer they're around their partner. If the Reanimated dies, or if the Handler is away from their Reanimated for a long period of time, those abilities tend to decrease from their previous levels...however, those abilities may manifest themselves at certain times. Even a Handler who's lost his Reanimated is still worth a whole squadron by himself.

Reanimated: In short, expendable soldiers. "Beings that go against the Natural Order."
The first instance of the Reanimated came during the mid-way point through the war, when all seemed lost.
The enemies used Genetic Experiments as their main attack force, so during a crucial battle, a young but powerful soldier was lured away from the main army into the enemy occupied fortress, he alone fought bravely against the enemies that were not human. However...he reached his breaking point and was captured.
They threw him into a cold dungeon where he met a girl in the cell beside his: She was impaled by spikes onto the walls, and evidence of torture were clear, she had bled copious amounts of blood, painting a picture among the walls and floor. There was really no explanation as to how she was still alive...
But she was clearly breathing, she was alive...
For nearly a month, the two were trapped in those cells. And than, when the soldier was at his final moments he held onto the hand of the corpse woman, she was cold but warm (It's kinda like when you put in a cup of chocolate milk into a microwave and wait for about 10-30 seconds, it'll still be cold but you can taste the warmth in there as well).
She asked him: "Do you have any last requests?"
He responded; "Yes, I do....I wish...I could spend some more time with you..."
She smiled and said; "Than I shall grant your wish....."
That was how the first documented Pact was formed...

Blood samples were taken from the Corpse Woman, and they were able to create more Reanimated soldiers.

Imperial Order 309: It was an order years after the war was won, many people began to fear the might of the Reanimated and Handlers. As the fear of the general populace was starting to spiral out of control. The High Council made the order to all Handlers and soldiers, to exterminate all Reanimated units.
The official order stated; "High possibility of every Reanimated infected with Stigma, eliminate all Reanimated effective immediately to prevent further risk of outbreak."

Corpse Collectors: An elite squad of pact partners who were originally meant to end the war quickly.
After Imperial Order 309 however, their duties were changed to the hunting down of 'rogue' Reanimated.

Stigma: A strange virus with unknown origins.
Reports state that the original virus came from the very first Reanimated, and was previously thought to infect only a few subjects.
Symptoms are similar to a regular cold, that cold than becomes a high fever, followed by sudden blood loss from various orifices including injuries that have already healed, following that the body begins to break down literally, than a painful death. Of course, the disease only affected Reanimated and was thought to be noninfectious. The only cure was to end the Reanimated's life and spare them from a painful dying process.
However, during Order 309, it was reported that the virus had become contagious and mutated to infect humans as well, and could spread if one spent enough time within close proximity to an infected Reanimated. This was the reason why every Handler eventually killed their Reanimated partners...
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Who wants to know...
Posted 11/20/09 , edited 11/27/09
(Okay, time for a post...I had to revise the beginning a couple times before it actually seemed moderately interesting to me...
Anyways, I hope you enjoy Shikabane no Uta. )

-Part 0-

"Hey, will you stay with me forever?"

"...Of course I will..."



"Sometimes when I get like this, I lose my sense of time..."

In the vast field blanketed by snow, a lone man walked, cloaked in a dirty green cloak with an old and poorly cared for guitar hanging from his back.
The wind was blowing quite strongly, the blistering winds stung the exposed parts of his skin like an ice cold whip repeatedly striking him. A weaker man would've crumbled ages ago, but he was used to things like that.
His foot passed a spot of black ice, he lost his footing and ending up falling face first in a pile of snow. Instead of getting back up, he just laid there for a little while...

"One minute becomes an hour, an hour passes like 30 seconds...even days can feel like hours or weeks..."

(Just a quick preview for anyone who happens to read this... )
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Posted 11/21/09 , edited 11/22/09
i have a feeling this story is gonna be quite bloody >.< but its kinda interesting too o; the only thing thats wrong with it is:
"one minutes becomes an hour.."

it should be "one minute becomes an hour"

one minute isnt plural ;D
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Who wants to know...
Posted 11/21/09 , edited 11/22/09
I'll probably try to keep the combat in this one to a minimum.
I don't want it to turn into a battle story, don't get me wrong...there WILL be combat, but I don't want that to be the focus of the story.

Yeah, I just noticed that grammatical error too.

On a completely unrelated note, is the "reply" button working for anyone else?
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Who wants to know...
Posted 11/23/09 , edited 12/8/09
Chapter 01: "The Fallen."

-December 13th, 20XX, 2:30 PM- (12 years ago)

"I remember that day when my class was drafted to participate in some...experiments..."

"Hey, what do you think they're gonna do to us?" A slim young girl with a jet-black hair and a short pony tail, wearing the school's female uniform (a black and red serafuku). "They said we'd be safe but...well...have you ever seen that movie Battle Royale?" The tone of her voice had a timid sound to it, she was scared. Well that was fairly obvious...on that bus, there were only two kinds of people:
-The ones who were clearly scared of what may happen to them.
-And the ones who tried to hide their fear by treating this like a class trip.
"Shinkurou-kun, talk to me...I'm really unsure of what's going to happen right now..." She tugged on the sleeve of the boy sitting next to her.

"Akiko Yukimura...she was a childhood friend I'd known since primary school, she used to live in the house across the street from where I lived...
My dad always teased us with predictions of when we'd get together...
It wasn't that I didn't like her, if you were friends with someone for most of your life, you're bound to like 'em eventually. My feelings for her were purely platonic, nothing more. Maybe in time, they would've grown to feelings of love...?
Oh well...too late for that now..."

Before he could answer, he felt the bus shake violently, nearly throwing both of them off their seats. Others weren't so lucky, people started to panic after the second time.
The third time finally did it...
He felt like a piece of clothing in a dryer, holding onto his seat for his own life, he watched as the front half of the bus was ripped off and flung in another direction, he didn't know the fates of the people there. His was clear though...
The last thing he remembered was a sudden stop, which followed with the back of his head hitting the ceiling of the bus, he blacked out after that...

"Believe it or not, that wasn't the first time I had met death..."
-August 4th, 20XX, 9:45 AM- (19 year ago)

A young boy holding the hand of a younger girl stood outside a hospital room with the number, "203" on the door, and the nameplate; "Kaoru Shinkirou".

"I think my first experience with death was at a hospital..."

The young girl looked up to him in confusion, but his eyes were locked on doctors trying to save the woman on the hospital bed.

'Ever since I was born, my mom had been very was around the time of my younger sister's birth that her health started deteriorating. To this day, I don't remember what my mom looks like...but that day...was the last time I ever saw her...but that wasn't the last time I saw death...
-June 3rd, 20XX, 8:13 PM- ( 14 years ago)

In an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town, a fight took place amidst the rain and thunder above.

"In my younger days, I was known as, a demon in human form, amongst other titles. I got into a lot of fights, especially with gang members...
They were like cockroaches, didn't matter how many times I kill them, more show time went on, my fights became more frequent...
It started to become a regular routine."

He was fighting against three of them at once, with almost 4 dozen in the background shouting.
He was like prey being circled by hungry predators, the way they taunted and gloated how they were going to "fuck him up." and how their reputations would skyrocket.
A weaker boy, would've crumbled against the sheer presence of these boys who weighed nearly twice as much as him. Not him...he had one thing they didn't...

From behind him, one of the boys who carried a lead pipe raised it above his head, about to strike down on the younger boy.
Before he could even swing, he felt something heavy swing past his neck....about 2 seconds later, he fell on his back with the younger boy standing over him.
The younger boy looked to the remaining two, shooting them a fearless look. He felt a sense of satisfaction as he watched them tremble, even more so for the slight opening that he was given.
Rushing up to the one on the left, he grabbed his wrist turned his waist into his stomach and threw him over his shoulder. As for the other one he took one step, and saw them back away. At this moment, he was in complete control of the situation.
They thew a punch to his lower waist, he countered with the bottom of his wrist to parry the attack out of harm's way, and than in less than a second he brought his hand up and struck them hard under the chin with the top of his palm.

"The blood of generations of martial artist's coursed through my veins, since I was old enough to walk I had watched my father train. And when I was 5, I felt like the guys in those Kung-Fu movies where the master makes them do ridiculously hard training exercises, but in the end it was worth it."

Someone shouted, "Get him!" Every single person in that warehouse charged him with that same killer intent that these three boys had...

"I got sick and tired of watching assholes like them do whatever they wanted and not care who got hurt in the process...they were drunk on power, and I just happened to be the one to bring them down...
They were the ones who started this war with me...and I wouldn't back down, I would not run, I would not ask for help, I would show them how powerless they were...that no matter how many people they brought with them, nothing could save them..."

-Same day, 9:32 PM-

Fallen enemies were all around him, his clothe were tattered, ripped, and stained with the blood of his enemies, a couple scratches here and there. But nothing serious...not bad for someone who had yet to master the style...
He was on his knees, breathing heavily from that much fighting...
Nothing would change didn't matter how many tomorrow, they'd just get more and more and more and more...

"I was getting tired of this scene..."

The warehouse door opened, he got up and took his fighting stance expecting reinforcements. Instead he saw a young, dark haired girl in a raincoat and umbrella, her hair was grown so long and unattended she looked like she had just come out of a long sleep.
She opened her mouth to speak, but stuttered, "O-O-O-Onii-ch-ch-ch-chan..." She slowly staggered in his direction, not even flinching at the massacre around her...
She held out the umbrella to him....
"Onii-chan...h-h-h-home...?" She asked...

With the help of his sister, he managed to get to his feet. "Thanks, Akuni...lets go home now...

"My sister was born broken in the head, she never attended school and was usually at home. Despite that, she had grown up watching me and dad naturally..."

A fallen enemy reached out and grabbed the girl's foot.
The girl looked down and delivered a swift quick to his gut, watching him fly 6 feet.

"She mimicked it...
Before I realized it, I started to become more like the people I hurt...I didn't realize who would be caught up in all of that..."

-June 5th, 20XX, 4:29PM-

It was cloudy that day, he didn't think anything about this day was special. It was just normal for him...that is, until he turned the corner and found 2-3 cop cars at the foot of his family's staircase leading to the temple...something had happened...
He rushed upstairs faster than he had ever done before...

"I remember exactly what I felt that day...a surge of fear..."

When he got to the top of the stairs, he saw Akuni sprawled out on the ground in a pool of dried blood.

"It was in that moment...the weight of my actions had caught up to me, I understood what fighting to protect people could cost you...

For the next couple days, my dad and I waited for justice...but it never came...
The ones who killed my sister, were professionals. They made sure to cover their tracks...the semen samples they found on her corpse linked to one guy...they never did find him. And for years, Akuni's killers were never revealed...
I wanted revenge...I wanted someone to pay for this...but I couldn't. When Akuni died, so did my fighting for my dad...well...he took it harder than I did..."

-June 8th, 20XX, 3:59 PM- (14 years ago)

"Dad, I'm back..." He called throughout the house, dropping his school bag at the door while removing his shoes, as was custom in his house.
"Dad...?" Usually when he called, his dad would greet him in some way...unless he was drunk...since the death of Akuni, his father had turned to drinking. "Dad, are you drunk again?" He called out, but no answer.
He walked down the corridor to the living room, where his dad would usually be, passed out on the Kotatsu. "You said we'd go back to training yesterday, so-"
A look of shock appeared on his face when he got into that living room, something new had appeared...namely, his father's corpse hanging from a rope tied to the ceiling fan.

"I couldn't find any words to express what I sister...and now my parents were only children, and my grandparents were long dead...I was the last one..."

A thought of killing himself crossed his mind, until he saw a very old notebook addressed to him. In it, was a letter from his father, it had only one word:

"Fight on, Takeshi...fight on and don't ever fall..."

Inside the book was a manual of his family's martial art, even the secrets that his father would never have taught him. It looked as though it had content added to it for a while now.

"Death seemed to follow me, but it never claimed me..."
-December 13th, 20XX, 2:45 PM- (12 years ago, 15 minutes later)

Everything was blurry when his vision came back, he was one amongst the wreckage, bodies, and fire.
He was disoriented, but definitely alive with minimal injury. He was holding onto something familiar, a hand of some kind. Looking in that direction, he was holding Akiko's hand...what was left of it...
All he had was just her hand, and part of her wrist...the rest of her body's whereabouts were a mystery.
He slowly got to his feet to observe his surroundings:

Pieces of the bus were everywhere, he wasn't even on the road anymore. There were flames amongst the wreckage, he saw a couple bodies, and parts of bodies scattered around the area. He placed his hand over his head as he felt a shooting pain there, only to feel something wet. Pulling his hand back, he found he was bleeding from the head...
"Must've hit my head..." He touched it again, and felt wasn't broken, but there was certainly an open wound. He needed to stop the bleeding, and quickly before he passed out.
He closed his eyes while trying to remember something of use...

As he was on the bus he remembered the first-aid kit being at the front of the bus, right under the steering wheel. He also remembered the front of the bus being thrown in another direction. He was about to give up hope when he remembered seeing a flash of red and white before he passed out...
"...Could I have been hit by the first-aid kit...?" He took a quick look around, while applying pressure to the wound with his sleeve. From the corner of his eye, under one of the seats he saw something white...
He quickly pushed the seat over, and there it was opened and a lot of the contents were missing, but at least he had the bandage wraps.

After some quick first-aid, he started exploring the sight of the accident. Looking around at the dead or severely injured classmates, he couldn't tell who was alive or dead at this point.
He heard a crunching sound to his left behind some trees, he hid behind some wreckage while trying to get a better look...

"I had heard rumors, about how our soldiers were fighting monsters. I didn't believe it back then, until I saw it for myself..."
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nom nom nom.... intriguing!!!

i wants more of this story Kouta-san... its like a movie
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Who wants to know...
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(Alright, I think that's about it for the HUGE flash back post... so much...a lot longer than I intended it to be...

Drawing to accompany this post at a later date... )

To summarize what he saw, it was a giant snake with arms and bat-like wings attached to a muscular torso twice the size of the bus. A giant spiked club laid beside it, it was eating something...
Every bone in Takeshi's body was telling him to get away from here. Until it turned around and he saw what it was eating...
"Akiko..." He unconsciously spoke, realizing what he did; he quickly covered his mouth but by that time it was too late. He stared into it's soulless red eyes, it's face looked almost human, except for that flap of skin leading from the neck to the body, and the giant tusks protruding from it's cheeks.
Razor sharp fangs stuck out from the bottom of it's gaping maw.
It had seen him, now dropping Akiko it slowly slithered in Takeshi's direction, picking up it's .

He abandoned his hiding place and started running in the opposite direction. Or at least he tried to, he felt the tail wrap around his leg and toss him clear across the wreckage.
He had nearly been impaled by a safety railing sticking up from the ground. Quickly getting back to his feet, he pulled the safety railing out of the ground, pointing the broken edge to the monster.
If he was gonna die, he was gonna go down fighting.

The creature stopped in front of him, taking a good look at him and seemingly laughing...
It swung the club down hard above Takeshi.
He quickly dodge-rolled out of the way, only barely missing. He quickly rushed up to the monster, and thrust the make-shift staff through the chest, it failed. The monster's hide was too strong to pierce with the staff.

It used it's free hand to lift Takeshi off the ground and laugh at him up close. Big mistake...
Sliding the shaft of the staff down his hand to the very tip, he thrust the staff's sharp edge deep into it's unarmored eye. It let out a painful screech, and dropped Takeshi as it pressed it's hand to the bleeding eye-socket. Takeshi looked to the end of the staff, seeing the monster's eye on the other end. He felt a little grossed out, but also slightly relieved...if he could get it's other eye, he might have a chance of escaping.
While the monster was off-guard, Takeshi rushed in with the staff, ready to stab it's other eye.
When in range, he thrust the staff to the other eye, however the staff was grabbed by it's hand. Takeshi was lifted off the ground and flung once again, he looked as the monster advanced with an aura of pure rage...

"I probably would've died that day like so many others...had she not appeared..."

Takeshi was pushed out of the way by a small girl with black and white hair, she took the full force of the spiked club being flung into the air and landing on her head next to Takeshi.
A look of pain and surprise stuck on her face...

"I think, the second I saw her Lavender colored eyes...that's the moment I wanted to know who this girl was..."

Takeshi was brought back to reality as the staff was thrown into the girl's head. He returned his attention to the slowly advancing monster, wondering what he should do. He reached for the staff, but his hand was slapped the corpse girl.

"Please step back..." She said. Slowly rising to her feet, she pulled the staff out of her head as the blood spurted out, wobbling a bit before finding her footing. As she stared down her enemy, her eyes started to glow bright red and a look of rage appeared on her face. She blinding charged at the enemy, mid-way through contact she tossed the staff into the enemies' remaining eye, and watched it shriek out again and blindly swing it's club hoping to hit something.

The girl jumped onto the monster's face. She pulled her arm back and thrust her hand it's forehead, being coated in the monster's black blood. She pulled out something pulsating with a green glow. She crushed it as it's fluids poured down her arm, green cracks started forming on the monster's body...
And than it exploded....!!!

"Twice in the same day, I was caught in an explosion, four times I had been used like a rag-doll, and I fought for my life...not bad for a 14 year old."

The force of the explosion threw Takeshi against a tree, seconds later the girl slammed into his stomach.
He held her for a while, wondering if she'd wake up.

"...It felt weird...having a stranger in my arms, what felt weirder was my growing concern for her..."

He stroked her hair slowly as he waited for her to wake up.
"Thanks..." He uttered a word of gratitude to the heavily injured girl.

She opened her lavender colored eyes, looking directly into his...
"...." She remained silent... "Warm..." she said as she closed her eyes again. "Rescue will come soon...but for now, please...allow this corpse to rest with the living until they arrive..."

" can use me as a pillow as much as you want..." He responded with a smile, using his sleeve to wipe the blood from her eyes.

"Will you still be here when I wake up?" She grabbed onto his sleeve tightly, as if trying to hold onto something that would be taken away as quickly as it came.

He hesitated at first, "...Yeah, I'll be right here..." He said softly as he continued to pet the girl with his free hand...

"That was the first time we met...but it wouldn't be the last..."
=Present day=

"Misono-chan, who's that guy you brought?"
"I found him out in the cold, I couldn't just leave him there."

He was awoken by the faint sound of voices not too far off, and greeted by the blurry vision of an empty wooden room.
The first thing he noticed, was the dirty green blanket he was wrapped in and the bundle of cloth supporting his head.
The voices came again...

"Dad's gonna be mad, we barely have enough to feed ourselves."
"I know, I know, well, we'll figure something out..."

His clothe had been changed, he was in an unfamiliar outfit. The shirt was a little too large, but he didn't mind. He sniffed the clothe, detecting the faint smell of cigarette smoke, possibly lingering from a few days ago.
"I hate cigarettes."
He pulled the dirty green blanket over himself, not over his face though...for obvious reasons...

"Hey, where's Mimi?" The voice from outside asked.

"...." Takeshi turned his head slightly to the left, where he would come face to face with a chestnut hair colored little girl no older than 4 years old. Sitting with her hand in her mouth, staring at Takeshi like he was some sort of new animal.
She smiled at him, as she crawled over to poke Takeshi's cheek....which she did...
"...Please stop that." Takeshi said once, but of course she wouldn't understand. He sighed and just let it continue...
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then what?

baah, why do you always leave me at the edge of my seat man! its just cruel for someone like me who is soo curious and a TRUE BOOK FREAK!

i wants update and i wants it now...

one advice tho: try to use more desciptions... the surroundings, the ppl, how they feel... more description to make your story breath!
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Who wants to know...
Posted 11/26/09 , edited 11/27/09
(Hm... I wonder if I can really finish this in the next 5 days?
Wish me luck.
Well, even if I don't, I have a backup prepared.

I leave posts in suspense so people will come back.
For some reason, I've been having a bit of trouble finding the right words to use. )

The growing sounds of footsteps approached the door, he turned his attention away from the child (who was still poking his cheek) to the door.

The creaked open slowly, a scrawny teenage girl in a long white dress, with short red hair and dirty glasses stepped slowly into the room. She was carrying a bundle in her skinny little arms, while moving slowly towards Takeshi.
When she saw the little girl, her mouth opened wide to gasp as her cheeks turned rosy red. "Mimi-chan! Please, you're bothering our guest!"

The little girl, Mimi looked over to the skinny girl. She just laughed as a baby would and held out her arms, expecting to be picked up.

"Oh, Mimi." She frowned as she responded to the little girl, placing the bundle down next to Takeshi as she rushed over and carried the little girl in her arms. Upon realizing how close she was to Takeshi, she backed away, Mimi in hand, as if Takeshi was some sort of diseased mutant.

"Being cautious amongst strangers were natural I guess. I wonder how they would've reacted if they knew what I was?"

"Th-Those are your clothe?" She pointed her shaking finger to the bundle by Takeshi. "I-I-I washed them f-for you." She had an anxious look on her face, possibly waiting to either be thanked or told to get out.

Takeshi unrolled the bundle swiftly, yep those were his clothe alright. Washed and cleaned for the first time in days. Then again, he hadn't been home in a while either. His eyes rolled upwards, he was trying to remember exactly how long he'd been away from home, a couple days probably?
"Hey," Takeshi addressed the girl, at the sound of his voice she straightened up instantly like a soldier standing at attention, "...Thanks." Takeshi slowly got to his feet, which of coursed caused the girl to back away even quicker.
"By the way, I had a guitar with me and-"

"I-I-It's downstairs, please collect is whenever you're ready!" She looked like she wanted to say something else, but suddenly her cheeks turned even redder than before...!

Takeshi was currently removing his shirt. (Behold, teasers for women. I really didn't want to describe this in detail because...I felt like gagging. ...Just use your imaginations here on what an elite fighter's physique would like. )

"Wh-What're you doing?!" She said while turning her head to look away at the disrobing Takeshi.

Takeshi did feel a sense of pride that his well sculpted torso was still jaw dropping. He smirked a little at the girl's reaction.
"What's it look like? I'm changing into my clothe, didn't you already see everything when you-"

"Please don't say anymore!" After those words, she bolted out of the room, little girl in one hand and shutting the door with the other.

"Heh, guess she's not used to seeing a man's body." Takeshi did enjoy teasing the girl a little, but that's about as far as he would go. He didn't plan on sticking around for very long anyways. "Oh well, guess I better go soon."
He noticed a rectangular mirror about the length of his arm on the wooden cupboard in the corner of the room.

"When I saw my reflection in the mirror, I saw all the scars I bore with me. Most were from the war...but there were scars that only I could see. It was only at that moment did I realize just how much things had changed from so long ago..."
For a moment, he saw someone else in the mirror.
The girl, with black hair hair and that white streak with the lavender colored eyes. She was standing behind him, reaching out to his hand.
He turned around swiftly, but of course...she wasn't there...just an empty room, a fogged up window, and a door...
"...." He sighed, "What am I doing?"
He placed his hand on top of the mirror and pulled it down so he wouldn't have to see his reflection anymore...
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Who wants to know...
Posted 11/26/09 , edited 11/28/09
(Wow, my last post took way longer than I originally intended.

As Takeshi descended the staircase, he heard the sounds of children and running.
"Hey, Yuno, put Mimi in her crib for me! Sou-Ling, put these books away! Where's Marie?"

"She's in the bathroom, Misono-chan!"

As Takeshi got to the foot of the stair, a kid at about 10 years old nearly crashed into him. A young boy wearing rags with auburn colored hair carrying the little girl from before looked up at Takeshi like he was some kind of shiny object. The little girl laughed at Takeshi's presence, which snapped the boy, most likely named Yuno, out of his trance as he rushed past Takeshi upstairs.

Takeshi walked into the room Yuno had come out of. Where he came face to face with the bespectacled, skinny girl from before.
And a young 9 year old with raven colored, long hair tied into twin-tails in similar rags as Yuno, while carrying a stack of books. That was probably Sou-Ling.
As soon as Takeshi had entered, they had both stopped moving and became completely silent.
Takeshi took a quick look at his surroundings, the circular room he was in had three doorways: one leading to their kitchen, back upstairs where Takeshi had come from, and the other led outside.
There were about 3 frost covered windows in the room, and a low-sitting table at the center with a few pillows used as chairs.
It looked like they were setting up for dinner to eat...some rolls of bread...
Takeshi looked to the glasses girl, he was growing uncomfortable with the stares now...yeah, he probably wouldn't stick around for too long.
"Thanks for your hospitality, I guess I'll be going now." As soon as he spotted his guitar by the exit, he quickly made his way towards it.

However, Takeshi had just made it half way to the exit when a gruff looking man about Takeshi's same height and muscularity, but much older walked through the door.
"Woo, Misono, it's one heck of a blizzard out there. Luckily, I got this month's pay so-" He finally noticed Takeshi...
For a while, there was nothing but silence.

"Misono, who's this?" He asked with a confused look.

"He's, uh..."

"I'm a wandering musician." Takeshi quickly answered while pointing to his guitar by the door. "I passed out a while back, so I guess she saved me from freezing to death."

From Takeshi's final sentence, Misono's cheeks turned rosy red once again, which made Takeshi wonder how exactly she warmed him... ( )

"Anyways, I was just about to repay your.....daughter?" Takeshi's assumption seemed to be right as the older man didn't correct him. "With a free music show before I went on my way, but it seems I'm stuck here until the blizzard dies down. So if you will," Takeshi held out his hands, expecting his guitar.

"Oh, of course." He picked up, then handed the guitar to Takeshi while never taking his eyes off him with a cautious gaze...but it wasn't like Misono's gaze...

Takeshi took his guitar.
"Thank you." He now looked for a good spot to start playing, he settled on a spot in the corner. He took the guitar out of the black metal casing, the guitar was an acoustic of unknown make.
"This is just a nameless melody," Takeshi said with an apathetic tone, a quick flash running through his mind of the lavender eyed girl, "given to me by a corpse amongst the living."
With his right hand, he strummed a slow and soft melody, ignoring the looks from the others. It was a song that invoked a feeling of sadness and peace...
As he played, he looked past the people, staring at something that only he could see.....

The lavender eyed girl was walking by, twirling round-and-round with her hands cupped behind her back, like some kind of dance.
"This was an escape. An escape from the fate that each of us was branded with, this song would help to distract us from all of it...before we were lead back into the pools of blood..."
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these two are awesome Kouta!!

u are using descriptions!! and i was lost in it, i still am!

and i really loved the flow of these two chapters. and i loved what you are "implying" in it
alright, i am now a fan of this story... keep it coming and do it fast

its adorable you feel shy when writing "From Takeshi's final sentence, Misono's cheeks turned rosy red once again, which made Takeshi wonder how exactly she warmed him... ( )"

i am also immensly curious about where this story is going and who (or what) the girl with the lavender eyes is... i guess i have to wait..
excellent work... i have no complaints at all.. well done *thumbs up*

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Who wants to know...
Posted 11/28/09 , edited 11/28/09

Good to know, I'll add the next part when I get back home from doing.....stuff....definitely not ninja stuff......
Anyways, enjoy the short couple sentences I used to finish up the last post.
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Who wants to know...
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(Well people, I've apparently accepted a quest to challenge as many people as possible to Mortal Combat before the week's end.
. . . . . .
I am going to enjoy this quite a bit. )

Turns out, the blizzard had no sign of stopping anytime soon. So, Takeshi was forced to stay another night, or at least until the blizzard died down.
He stood in front of the window of the room he had been in previously, having placed a wax candle on the cupboard in the corner of the room, he was currently attaching his cloak to the window, and now the only light in the dark room was the flickering flame of the candle.
He picked his guitar up from the sheets he would make his bed with, then he placed the guitar in the case under the window...

He heard the sound of heavy footsteps outside, accompanying the sound of a turning knob.
"Hello there, stranger." The old father appeared with a chair in hand.

"Hey." Takeshi greeted, not taking his eyes away from the case, he was making sure it was locked and sealed properly, of course. He didn't want the guitar falling out of the case while he's carrying it.
"Thanks for allowing me to stay another night."

"Think nothing of it," he took a cigarette out from his pocket, and a lighter out of his other, "Oh, you don't mind if a smoke do you?"

"Nope." Takeshi was used to worse smells, such as the smell of burning corpses.

He had another cigarette between his fingers in Takeshi's direction, "You smoke?"

"Not recently." He answered quickly.

With a lit cigarette in his mouth, he blew out a puff of smoke, when he wanted to speak he removed the cigarette.
"Misono seems to have taken quite a liking to you, she didn't do anything to you did she?" He gave a big hearty chuckle after his sentence.

Takeshi moved away from his guitar case, checking to make sure the sheet on the window was secured.
"Not that I know of."

"I see, I see..." He seemed to be thinking of something, "So what were you doing out here in the middle of a snow storm, I wonder?"

"Nothing really, just wandering around..." He surveyed the room carefully, before turning to the cupboard across the room.

"Quite frankly, there's a few kind of people who would've been out there;
-A crazy man with no home.
-Someone looking for a way to die.
-Or someone who's got something to find.
So which kind are you...?" He asked while blowing out another puff of smoke.

"...I guess I was looking for something, even though it's probably crazy to chase the ghosts of the pasts seeing as how the trails have gone cold and become frozen. As for the last one, death comes to us all, and lately I've felt like-" He paused, taking some time to think about the next words he'd use, " the walking dead..."

"Something like a Handler?" He cut him off.

Takeshi paused in his actions, kicking himself mentally for that mistake. If he had continued moving the cupboard, then the old man wouldn't be suspicious right now. The fact that Takeshi had stopped after those words, might as well have been a confirmation.
"...What makes you think I'm a Handler...?"

With a confident smirk, he started to explain; "For starters, your age...what are you like, 26 or something? I believe it was your generation who was drafted in the war. There's also that haunted look in your eyes, like you've been through hell and back. Either you've got one hell of a traumatic past, or you've killed a whole bunch of people and have become numb to the pain."

Takeshi had just finished moving the cupboard, now he started repositioning the wax candle.
"So what? I could've just been an average drafted troop-" Takeshi stopped, spun around and grabbed the handle of a knife just before the blade stabbed into him.

"A perfect catch...for a Handler..." He clapped at Takeshi's catch. "And don't try to say you were a simple elite soldier, and here's why..." He stood up from the chair, "I believe it was during the war, when we were pinned down by enemy forces, like a cloud of death you guys all did what our whole battalion couldn't do...that's how I got this..." He pulled the sleeve over his left arm up, it looked like skin...until he ripped the false skin off...

"Replacement limbs..." Takeshi said, he took a closer look at the knife. "This knife..."

"A Handler used it to kill an enemy soldier after that same enemy soldier cut my arm clean off. That was you wasn't it...?" It seemed he knew everything, must've just been a lucky guess.

"....." Takeshi took a deep sigh, "Lucky guess, if you're going to ask me about my past, I'm not willing to say-"

"Oh that's not what I'm asking," He had a revolver aimed at Takeshi. "You Handlers may have been damn near superhuman with your dead partner things, but without them, I wonder how powerful you are? I'm guessing you can't survive a bullet to the head, right?"

Takeshi's eyes were focused completely on the gun, "And what do you plan to do with that?"

"Well, seems you guys pissed off the wrong people, there's a bounty for Handlers, it'd be enough to feed my family for months."

Takeshi held up his palm, "Put down that gun, you don't know who you're dealing with..." Takeshi was trying to strike fear into his enemy.

It wasn't working, with a gun and that distance, even a coward can turn into a brave man, considering the old dude was once a soldier, it was a lot harder to strike fear into him.
"You don't scare me, I'm the one with the gun pointed at you, trying to collect the bounty. Maybe we can all get out of this crap shack, so if you do one good thing, hand over your life so you can give the rest of us a better one." He sounded almost pleading now.

Takeshi sighed to himself, "...I'm sorry...but I can't do that..." He still had something to do before he gave his life over to anyone.

"Than I'm sorry it has to come to this." He took aim, about to pull the trigger.

"This is the last time I'll say this," Takeshi flipped the knife to a back-hand grip, "If you don't put down the gun, I'll do everything within my power to stop you..."

"I'm afraid I can't let this opportunity slip by, I'll aim for your head so you don't have to suffer."
A loud bang sounded off as he pulled the trigger.

Takeshi fell over seemingly, dead. He didn't move...

"...." The old man moved slowly towards Takeshi, gun aimed directly at him. The creaking of the floor made an unfamiliar sound, causing him to turn his attention to it. The last mistake he'd make.

Like a flower out of the ground, Takeshi had sprung up slicing the old man's leg and kicking him in the chest to get some distance.
While on one knee Takeshi tossed the knife across the wax candle, extinguishing the one light in the room.
"I warned you." Takeshi's voice was coming from multiple angles of the room.

The old man slowly got up, ready to shoot at anything that moved within the darkness.
"How did you survive?" He said while cautiously turning his head, the cut on his leg made it difficult to stand up straight.

"You made the mistake of telling me where you were going to shoot, so I dropped down before you pulled the trigger. After that, it was just a matter of waiting for you to get close enough for me to counter attack.
Since my days in the war, I never sleep without some kind of precaution and even if I'm sleeping, what makes you think I couldn't hear you?"

"Should'a brought a shotgun then." The fear in his voice was clear as day.

"Wouldn't have made a difference...I'll ask you just one last time...drop the gun, get out of this room, and I'll let you live." The sounds suddenly stopped.

"....And I told you...I can't do that, man's gotta think of his family."

"Then I'm sorry I have to do this..." A fast slicing sound was the only thing heard followed by something metal hitting the wood floor, than another slicing sound.

The old man fell to the ground, his false arm was lying next to him and his legs were cut, making it difficult to stand.
Light illuminated the room.

Takeshi was standing by the window, putting his cloak back on. He was putting something back inside the guitar case, "You really should do regular maintenance on that arm, it was pretty easy to cut through." He placed the knife inside a cloak pocket. "Cya around then." He said while hoisting his guitar case over his shoulder.
He walked by the old man, picking up the gun in the severed arm. "I'll be taking this with me, I don't want you shooting me in the back." Takeshi placed his hood over his head as he opened the door, when he heard the old man laugh.

"You think I'd come in here without a second gun?" Turning over on his back he pulled a gun out of his coat, two shots resonated throughout the house.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

The old man fell over with a bullet through his brain.
The bullet the old man fired had whizzed right by Takeshi's head, missing by only an inch, it would've hit had Takeshi not turned around just in time, firing the gun was an accident though, a reaction fueled by the instinct that war gave him.
Takeshi stood there panting heavily, as the smoke from the gun filled his nostrils, he heard a gasping sound next to him, turning the gun in that direction, he came face to face with a distraught Misono.
". . . . ."
When things like these happened, words wouldn't make anything better. He could say sorry, but that wouldn't bring her father back to life, it wouldn't take the bullet back from his skull, it wouldn't give them a better life now that their father was dead.
Takeshi simply left without a word...
He should've just left when he had the chance, maybe none of this would've happened or maybe he'd been shot in the back of the head. He was actually amazed to make it about 10 steps out the door, into the freezing cold and blistering winds.
Suddenly something hard broke against the back of his head, he stopped in his tracks. Slowly looking down to see glass shards scattered on the ground, he turned back to the house to see a furious Misono by the door.
Of course, that's what he had expected.

"You killed my father...!" She shouted at him.

"...Sorry..." Takeshi could say it wasn't his fault, but he was the one who pulled the trigger which killed Misono's dad.

She pulled the old man's gun on Takeshi, shakingly aiming it at him. "...You...I shouldn't have saved you...!" Tears were streaming down her face like waterfalls.

"...." Takeshi closed his eyes, "I understand your rage, I watched a lot of people die before." His eyes held a look of empathy and sincerity, "However, you won't kill I told your father before he tried to shoot me, I've got something I have to do. Before then, no one can kill me." He turned around and continued walking. "So go ahead and shoot, if it makes you feel better..." Those were the last words he spoke as he continued walking.

11 Shots rang out through the darkness and the raging winds, accompanied by Misono's screams of rage directed at Takeshi...
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wow wow wow.... *claps on stance*

awessssssssssssssssssoooommmmmmmmmmme!! vvvvery good kouta! and long too i was soo happy to see this was a relatively long chapter...

i have one complaint : where is the next chapter??

i loved your descriptions in this one too and the dialogues and the fiction, flow of events AND the ending!!
vveerryy goooood kouta-san!

i want the other chapy
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