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Shikabane No Uta

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Who wants to know...
Posted 3/13/10 , edited 3/13/10
(Ah, here's the next part.
Memory sequence should end in a few more posts, than it's back to the main storyline.
I can't help but feel this would work better as a manga? Maybe someday, when I'm not busy I'll find the will to draw it out. )

The door creaked open just a little, an envelope was thrown into the room followed by the sound of footsteps moving away from the door.
Takeshi slowly moved to the door, poking his head out looking from side to side...
Not a soul stirred.
After closing the door, he picked up the envelope.

The envelope was addressed to Takeshi from an unknown source.
He undid the top and spilled the contents out in front of him, there were three papers, the first one was an official document, giving him some information on his current situation, attached to that was an ID card stating his purpose in the military.
The next paper was a detailed explanation on his position as a Handler, than some scientific writing that he didn't understand. On the other side of the paper was a list of names, and percentages.
At the top, with a 90% next to their name was:
"Noihara Hazuki." He said aloud.
The other paper was nothing but pictures of the ones who's names were on the 2nd paper...
-Present day, 1:45PM-

The sound of the alarm woke him from his long slumber.
He had a grueling headache first thing in the...he checked the clock next to the futon...afternoon...
"I hate hangovers..." If he wasn't a handler, the effects of a hangover would've been far of the brighter sides to being a lab rat.

While in the bathroom, he stared at himself in the mirror.
"...I wonder what my younger self would say to his own future...?" In the corner of the mirror, he saw the girl again. He quickly turned around, in shock, knocking over some of the sink contents (toothpaste, tooth brush, etc)...but there was nothing there.
"...Tch..." He rubbed his temples, "I...really hate hangovers..."

There was a knock on the door.
"Oi, Takeshi," It was Max, "Someone's here to see you..."
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Posted 3/13/10 , edited 3/13/10
yup I really think you should try this one out... It has a catchy and gripping storyline along with being quite interesting.. I think a lot of people would like that.

Another great only complaint is (as always) it was toooooo short <_<

Thank you for the share!!
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Who wants to know...
Posted 3/14/10 , edited 3/14/10
Ah, the length.
About that, when I'm writing I always have the urge to make it longer.....
Though, I decide to play it safe, because what happens is:
There's an error which forces me to rewrite the entire thing, (Has happened on multiple occasions, one time it happened 4 times in a row.... )
I also start to think that it might be too long to hold a reader's interest, so I cut it off when my mind starts to go: "Bleep bloop".

Hm, as a special treat I'll probably draw a page or two EVENTUALLY...!!!
I make no promises, but it could happen.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 3/14/10 , edited 3/14/10
(If you're reading this, than that means my attention span and will held out long enough to post something new.

Ah, if anyone's curious, I was listening to Crossfade while I was typing this out. )

After getting dressed, Takeshi went downstairs.
A woman was sitting at the counter, she wore black pants, a short-sleeved, white undershirt, a gray vest, brown knuckle gloves, half-rimmed glasses, and black boots.
Her hair was dark brown and tied in a low ponytail.
Far as Takeshi could see, she carried no weapons. He had never met her before, so he figured she must be some sort of escort. She didn't really seem like an escort first glance...
Takeshi had fought many people in his life, so he'd gained a certain 6th sense to people who were strong and weak. And this woman was definitely stronger than she looked.

She looked over to Takeshi with an indifferent look, "Ah, you must be Shinkirou Takeshi." She stood up and did a half bow, "I will escort you to her highness, my name is Himari Kureha...nice to meet you."

"Ah," Takeshi felt a little embarrassed, "Likewise," He scratched the back of his head.
"So...Kureha-san, is an escort really necessary?" He understood that bad things happen sometimes, but he wasn't an average human.

"...." She didn't respond, she just took her coat from the coat rack and stood at the door. "If you please."

'Not much of a talker.'
Takeshi took his jacket from the coat rack as well, he called out to Max: "Hey, Max, I'll be back later."

"Alright, see-ya later-ARGH, MISUZU PUT SOME CLOTHE ON!!!"

"MY HEAD IS POUNDING, QUIT YELLING!!! ARGH!!!!" The pained shouts of Misuzu came from upstairs.

Takeshi and Himari just stood there, Takeshi laughed dryly and Himari was...well...Himari...
They rode in a black sedan, Takeshi was in the back sitting near Himari.
He couldn't help but look at her, she was quiet, composed, well mannered, cold...however, he noticed something in her eyes. There was a great weight on her, he wasn't really sure what it was, but he could feel it. How you might ask? Because he had his own demons to deal with......

"Shinkirou-san, is something wrong?" She had apparently sensed Takeshi's gaze.

Takeshi, feeling embarrassed again, turned to the window while saying: "N-Nothing. Oh, and, just Takeshi is fine..."

"Understood." It didn't take her long to answer.

Awkward silence yet again.

You could cut the tension in this car with a knife... "Uh...nice weather, isn't it...?" Takeshi tried to make small talk, open up some conversation to break the ice.

"It's cold." Another quick answer.

" you like snow...?"

"I don't dislike it." Her answers were getting quicker.

"What about-"

"I don't celebrate any holidays." She seemed to have his questions figured out already.

Takeshi sighed in defeat, he was just about to give up on conversation when suddenly;

"Something doesn't feel right." She tensed up, reaching into her coat pocket, glancing out the window.

"Eh?" They were in an underground tunnel, heading to an intersection. The light was green and there were no cars around...
But...even though there was nothing that could be considered dangerous, Takeshi couldn't help but there was something off...
"You're right."
Takeshi looked over to the driver, "Hey, is there another route we could take?"

"We can travel on foot at the next intersection, there's a tunnel that leads directly to the Palace." He too was probably able to feel something.
"By the way, I agree...something is off...usually there's more traffic around this time...but look around...there's nothing at all..."

"WATCH IT!!!" Takeshi shouted out as the sedan got to the intersection...!
A truck hit the sedan, pushing it onto it's side and hitting the wall.
When the dust settled, the car was rolled over and against the wall.
Takeshi survived with just a few cuts and bruises. He slowly crawled out of the car to the wall side. He sat against the wall, breathing heavily.
Than it dawned upon him, "Kureha-san!" He ducked under the car to take a look.

"Tak...e...shi..." She was still alive, looked like her left arm was dislocated. She was trapped by her seat belt, and unable to move.

Takeshi picked up a shard of glass and held it out to her. "Cut yourself free." Takeshi took a quick look at the driver...he was dead. There was multiple shards of glass that had pierced him, and his neck had been twisted during the crash.
Takeshi said a quick prayer, "Rest in peace..."

Himari was now next to Takeshi, doing the same thing to the driver.
Himari took a quick whiff of the air...a look of horror on her face. "We have to go, now!" She quickly looked around the corner they were trapped in for some sort of escape.

"What's wrong?" A scent filled Takeshi's nostrils... "Is" Takeshi quickly looked to the car, there was a flame coming from the engine. "Crap...!" And they were trapped in this corner, if they didn't do something quickly the fire would cause the car to explode. They couldn't step out of the way because they ran the risk of being shot at.

"Found it!" Himari exclaimed, she pulled a manhole cover out of the ground. "This way, it's a service entrance for maintenance men." She jumped down the hole without another word.

Takeshi was impressed by the fact of Himari being able to pull a manhole cover with one hand, he snapped out of it and followed after, pulling the manhole cover over them.
The worst wasn't over yet. They quickly started running as far as they could just as the car exploded above them, the roof gave way and created a big hole behind them.

"Everything just happened all at once, I don't know how or why it happened. But it reminded me of my days back in the war...
I thought I had left all that behind me, but apparently it had found me again.
And here we were, trapped in a dark tunnel, trying to find our way out before whatever tried to kill us finds us...
If I was alone, I had a better chance of survival. But with Himari here, and injured...the odds of getting out alive were against us...
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Posted 3/15/10 , edited 3/15/10
Nyaaaa!! Longer than I am used to!! THANK YOU KOUTA-SAN! *bows*

It was impressively fantastic. I sat at the edge of my chair! Amazing! I just simply love your style of writing... The way you described how Himari was dressed and then how you narrate the rest is just like a movie. Its gripping and strong..

Thank you for the share again!!
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Who wants to know...
Posted 3/15/10 , edited 3/16/10
(Comments are my batteries.

I've always felt my descriptions could use some work, it sort of feels like I'm just forcing it in there without using a steady flow. )

Chapter 3: "Pursuit..."

"Mmpf!!" A muffled groan of agony, followed by slow and steady breathing.
He finished adjusting the sling, "Try not to move your arm too much."
The two of them took shelter in a cramped room where the only source of light was a flickering bulb hanging from the ceiling. It looked something like a storage closet, there were shelves of junk and such in the room.
"So, what is this place?"

"Years before the war, this used to be a subway station, it closed down a while back though. Now it's just used as an alternate route to get to certain points in the tunnels..." Himari peeled off a map from the wall. "Alright...we should be here..." She pointed to a small square on the map.
She pressed her palm against the wall, a holographic map appeared beneath her palm.

"Nice glove." Takeshi commented.

Himari ignored him, "I'm updating the map in my system to match the old subway map. In case we need to make a quick getaway." She reached into her coat pocket and handed a pair of glasses to Takeshi. "Here, these will allow you to see things the way I do."

Takeshi put the glasses on without another word.
"Woah...!" It was like looking through the lens of a high-tech camera, on the top-right hand corner it showed the letters: TV.

"Tech-Vision, you should be able to find objectives, marked areas on the map, targeting help-"

"These must be prototypes, right? We had similar things in the war, but I'm guessing these are undergoing modifications." Takeshi cycled through the various visual options.
A golden line appeared below him, "Do we follow that?"

"Yes, I marked our exit on the map, even if we stray from the path, it'll find an alternate route, I simply chose the straightforward path." Himari reached into her pocket....
She seemed shocked, she quickly checked again, but to no avail. She was suddenly frantically searching her pockets, "Damn..."

"What is it?" Takeshi had been watching her with a confused look on his face.

".....I don't have my gun..." She seemed embarrassed to say it, her cheeks turning rosy red. "What about you, do you have a gun?"

"...." Takeshi just narrowed his eyes and curled his lip...he raised one eye brow. "I didn't even expect to be in this city....I don't even have a knife on me. You don't carry a knife?"

" we're both weaponless." She completely ignored his last statement. "Anyways, we should do our best to avoid contact with anyone."
She pressed her body against the wall, cautiously opening the door, taking a quick look outside before moving along the wall to the corridor.
She waved her hand forward.

Takeshi moved up to the corner, the glasses weren't picking up any life HUMAN life signs. Plenty of rats and bugs though, he waved his hand over to her.

Himari moved past him down another hallway, they repeated this process for about 10 minutes before Takeshi finally spoke.
"Hey...I just noticed something..."

"It better be important." She knew that silence was golden in this situation.

"If we're being pursued, why haven't we run into any traces of anyone?"

"...." She remained silent as she peeked down a corridor and moving through an open door.

"It can't be that they're lost. Something's not right..." Takeshi stopped moving, taking a moment to stop and think. "If they're pursuing us, they should be combing these tunnels thoroughly. It's unlikely that we're dealing with must have another method of tracking us."
"!!!" Takeshi quickly shut off the glasses, he disabled every electronic he had and quickly moved to Himari, he pinned her to to wall.

"Wh-What are you do-" She said angrily with her cheeks turning rosy red.

"Be quiet for a moment...I need you to take it off..."


"All of it...?"

"EH?!" By now she was as red as a tomato. "Wait, we've only just met...and to do it in a place like this...I mean...I...don't even know you that well...and-"

"Hold still." Takeshi took her glasses off.

She tightly shut her eyes, "F-Fine...! But don't be so rough..." She felt her gloves being taken off.

"Anything else?"

"It shouldn't take that long....if you really want to, than do it yourself..." She said with a tone of superiority.

"I don't know how many you have on?"

"I only have my underwear under my clothe..."

"......You keep them in your underwear?"

"What...?" She opened her eyes, the gloves and glasses were in Takeshi's hands. "Um..."

"Electronics, how many are you wearing?"

"......" A moment of silence between the two of them. She really wished she could turn invisible right now, or that the ground would just swallow her up. Anything to get her out of this situation.......
-5 minutes later-

"Alright, that should take care of everything." Takeshi had stored the electronics away, everything was either off or disabled. He looked over to Himari...who was sulking in a corner.
"Uh...did I do something wrong...? You see, I wondered if they might be tracking our location through our tech, I got the thought because it's an old hacker trick a friend of mine showed me. One time we had a drill just like this, but our every location was going through a hacker on the opposing team...we didn't figure it out till after the match though. Heh-heh..."

Himari stood up and stormed away from Takeshi.

"...Uh...are you okay...?" Takeshi was completely oblivious to Himari's embarrassment.

"I'm fine...!" She took a deep breath, trying to focus again. "Lets just get out of here quickly, okay?! We shouldn't be too close to the exit..."

"Ah...right..." Takshi probably wouldn't figure it out for a long time...
-Elsewhere, a room full of monitors-

"Hm, seems they've figured it out...alright than...Oi, team B....move in, odds are they know you're coming, so fire at will..." He picked up a headset.


" seem quite interesting...Shinkirou...well than...lets see how this game plays out...."
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Who wants to know...
Posted 3/16/10 , edited 3/17/10
This the most I've updated in a while... )

They ended up in a large boiler room, based on memory......
"Okay I think we're lost." Takeshi blurted out as he looked around for a door, the room they were in had two floors, the bottom is where the boilers and equipment were, the 2nd floor is probably where the door was...there was a ladder leading up the walkway nearby.

"It's right there." Himari pointed to it.

Takeshi went up first, halfway up he than wondered... "Hey Kureha-san, can you climb with one hand?"

"Please, worry about yourself." She was probably still annoyed about earlier.
At the 2nd floor, Takeshi moved towards the door...
His hand stopped as he pressed his body against the wall. He pointed to the ground...
Beneath the door were some shadows standing guard...they probably didn't know they were there, these ones might just be simple scouts.
They had two options:
1) Let them pass by before moving. This seemed to be the safest option, of course this was only assuming that they didn't split up and enter the boiler room.
2) Go out guns blazing. This option was risky, they didn't know how many there were or how well they were armed, there was no doubt in Takeshi's mind that he could take them...assuming they weren't genetically enhanced. They also ran the risk of alerting any nearby enemies..

Himari held up two fingers.

She must've meant there were only two.
In that case, the 2nd option seemed very good right now. However...with Himari injured, odds were not in their favor...
He decided on option 1...
He waited until the shadows passed, than stood still for about 15 seconds before finally opening the door. He moved slowly along the walls getting to another corridor...he saw just one enemy down the way. He wasn't armed...
To the untrained, this seemed like an easy kill....but it was clearly a baiting trap...

The henchmen was simply standing around, looking in one direction. However, there were two rooms leading out to the corridor, odds were likely that they had reinforcements in the room, the henchmen was just bait...
Takeshi decided to turn back and take an alternate route.
Down the other corridor were two armed henchmen. They didn't carry firearms, just lead pipes...their didn't seem to be a trap for this one, so it was probably safe to go for it.
Takeshi called Himari over....

"?" Himari walked to the point Takeshi indicated...

He suddenly pushed Himari out of cover.

The two henchmen turned around to find Himari...they slowly advanced, one of them looked like they were about to call it in. However, as he moved around the corner, Takeshi covered his mouth and nose.
Before the other one could react, Himari had already taken care of it with a few quick punches to the face...
Takeshi waited till the other one passed out before letting go.
Well...that was...easy...
Takeshi and Himari, after some close encounters and a few detours, FINALLY got to the road...
"Phew..." Takeshi said, once he was sure they were safe. "Finally out of which way...?" Takeshi asked...

"One moment..." She took a quick note of her surroundings, "Ah," She exclaimed, pointing left, "That way is where the entrance I was talking about earlier is located." She stepped beyond the safety barrier onto the roads.
For a moment, it seemed like they were home free....
But you didn't really think it would be that easy, did you?

"Uh, Kureha-san..." Takeshi noticed something that Himari didn't, and that would be a wall opening up on the other end of the road. Suddenly a stampede of cars were coming down the tunnel from both sides...
"Himari!" Takeshi jumped over the barrier, and tackled Himari before a 16-wheeler flattened her into a pancake.
What was even worse than the fact that they were now in a live-action version of Frogger, was the car crashes, someone was messing with them...and they didn't care who they hurt...
Now, Takeshi and Himari were dodging speeding cars, one hit and they'd be dead.
Takeshi finally managed to get to the other end...Himari on the other hand...
A Humvee hit her with full force, throwing her against the barrier and right by Takeshi's feet.
"Kureha-san!" She wasn't moving, "Kureha-san!" Still nothing, "Himari!" He pat her cheek to try and wake her.

"...." She groaned, "I'm....alright..." There seemed to be some electrical sparks coming from her body. Noticing Takeshi's look of confusion, she said; "Not now..."
She limped her way to a room. "Close the door."

Takeshi did as she asked, trying not to think about the car accidents behind the door...

Himari pressed her glove against the wall, her hand passed right through it... "Unit A-13, accessing..." Various 1's and 0's flashed across her eyes and the wall...


"About 90% of my body is machine. It's a long story..."

"I'd like to hear it someday..."

"...You'd be the second..."
The wall opened up to reveal a thin, steel door...
"Through here, there'll be a ladder and than we climb the rest of the way..."

"How is this so well hidden?"

"If someone didn't have clearance to enter, the room would fill with noxious gas..."


"Who knows..."
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Who wants to know...
Posted 3/17/10 , edited 3/17/10

Takeshi and Himari relaxed in the elevator. "Geez...this took way longer than necessary."
(Author's note: Sorry dude... )

Himari didn't respond at all, looks like she was back to normal.
The elevator dinged, "This is where I get off..."
The words on the monitor read: "Information Room, Security, Milk and Cookies..." The last option was completely out of place, but Takeshi kept that to himself...
Himari slid her keycard on the scanner and pressed one button. "That'll take you to her highness, as for me...I'm going to see if I can uncover some information on who was trying to kill you."

"Ah, wait." He grabbed her sleeve, a worried expression on his face, he asked, "What about you, are you alright?"

"...." She didn't turn to him, "Don't worry about me..." She pulled her sleeve out of his grasp, "I don't break easily..." The doors closed as she said this.
He finally arrived to the top floor, the elevator dinged as the two doors slid open.
It was a lot less...well...shiny (for lack of a better word) than he would've pictured it.
It seemed like just an ordinary hallway leading to a bright pink door...the door was probably the only thing that was really special about this hallway...
Back downstairs, Himari paid a little visit to the security room. She had a chocolate chip cookie in her mouth as she navigated through security feeds around the city.
She was checking out data from an hour ago, "Here it is." She checked the cameras in the tunnels.
"What?" She stood up in shock, the chair falling down from her sudden stand. "What is the meaning of this...?" The camera's data, it was like nothing happened. They weren't even in the data, there were no pieces of data removed, it was just...normal...
Cars were going by like an everyday thing, this didn't make any sense...there wasn't even any data on the accidents in the tunnels either?!
"Damn!" She slammed her fists on the console. "What the going on...?"
She's done all she could do...the next course of action was to check how damaged her body was...
"Oi, Maru-maru, I'm done here." Himari called to the nerdy looking girl in the corner. "Thanks again." she pat the top of her head.

"Anytime, Himari-chan." She seemed to enjoy the petting. "So, you want me to take a look at your frame?"

"If you have the time."
-Back with Takeshi-

He just stared at the room's interior...
A mini-kitchen turning left from the door.
A Kotatsu with kitten sheet printing in the middle of the room, a path leading to a hallway, a screen door leading to a balcony, 10-tatami-mat floor, dragon print wall designs, and a couple miscellaneous objects...
No matter how he saw it...this room was...
He couldn't describe it, it wasn't bad but it wasn't extraordinary either...

"Morning~" A tiny voice called from another part of the room. She came out from under the kotatsu (which nearly startled Takeshi).

"M-Morning...." He responded...

She sat formally and yawned, rubbing the sleepies out of her eyes. She wore a simple robe over a gray T-shirt and knee-shorts. No matter how it looked, it seemed as though she had just woken up...
"Let me make you some tea~" She tripped over her own two feet, luckily she was caught by Takeshi.

" should sit down for a moment..."

She looked up at him with sleepy eyes...
" long are you going to hold onto me?"
-A little bit later-

The two of them were now settled, sitting on either end of the kotatsu. Drinking tea...
"So...Shinkirou've come here to tell me your story."

"Yes." He said as he took a sip of tea.

"If you don't want to, than-"

"It's alright...I will tell you..."
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Posted 3/19/10 , edited 3/20/10

I simply loooove your implies between the male and the female characters! Hey seems like you are on full throttle and I am loving it! Long chapters, MANY chapters and they are all great!!

I am sooo buried in this story... I beg you dont stop writing this until its DONE!!

thanks for the share!!
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Who wants to know...
Posted 3/20/10 , edited 3/20/10
(Thanks for the compliments. They are my batteries!

Okay, quick update...feeling a bit...well...odd right now...
I won't go into anymore detail than that. )

Chapter 4: Everything changed...

"I still remember that day clearly...on that day, my world turned upside down..."

December 24th, 11:53 PM, 20XX, (2 years ago)

Since the days of the war's end, the corpse collectors had been taking care of...loose ends. They just followed their orders like good soldiers, never thinking about why, or asking for more details than they needed. A lot of them had gotten tired of doing this, and decided to quit...
Well, their assignments are nearly over, talk of what to do after their final assignments were common amongst them now. Takeshi talked about this with Hazuki...
They'd been together for around 10 years now...maybe it was because of the bond between Handler and Reanimated, but he wondered what she wanted to do? Takeshi was happy just spending time with her.....
Despite the fact that she still treated him as her own personal slave, he was...happy...right...? Well, it wasn't so bad...she's a little 'warmer' than their first year of meeting. But he was still walking through blistering cold winds carrying bags of WHO KNOW'S WHAT?! Most of his time was spent running around trying to find a store that hadn't closed...
Oh well, maybe that little present he got her will make her smile on Christmas? Well, it's the first X-mas they'd spend without having to worry about someone shooting at them or having a big assignment tomorrow.

With his key in hand, he undid the lock...
"Oi, Hazuki, I'm back...!" He called throughout the old apartment.

"...." There was no answer...

"I know, I'm late." He put the bags down by the door, "but what'd you expect? Damn near everything is closed on Christmas Eve."

"...." Still no answer.

As he took off his jacket he felt a chill coming from their living room. "Geez, is there a draft in here?" He walked towards the living room, "Hazuki...I know you're mad, but I had some things I wanted to talk to you about and-"
He stopped talking when he saw Hazuki wasn't there, but the window was left wide open. "Hazuki?" He called throughout the apartment again...but there was no one...
Starting to panic he quickly started checking all the rooms...and she was nowhere...
"Eh, did she go out somewhere...?" It was than that he noticed a note attached to a little box by the window, he hadn't noticed it before.
He tore the note off the box and read it...

"Don't come looking for me..."
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Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/22/10

post quick!! wanna see what happens when they meet the next time... if they ever??

thanks for the share!

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Who wants to know...
Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/22/10
(Hm...well if you say so.
Battle scenes should be coming up soon. >u<
HA-HA-HA-HA!!! RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE!!! I LIKE IT!!!! <---Going a little insane there.)

"Sorrow, confusion, desperation, anxiety, rage, denial...
These feelings were swimming around inside me the moment my mind processed what had happened.
I couldn't accept that she had left...
I searched endlessly...while searching, I found that I wasn't the only one...
Everyone...even the inactive Handlers. All of their partners had left, and no one had a clue where."

-December 27th, 9:32 AM, 20XX, (2 years ago)-

"What...are you saying...?" Misuzu spoke up...
They had all been gathered in full combat uniform (too lazy to describe every single active Handler...), told to meet up at their old training grounds and go to the auditorium.
The old training ground had been decommissioned during the end of the war, it was just a ghost town now. Though, the Handlers had been gathered here for the purpose of giving them Imperial Order 309.
The one giving them the order were the current High Council themselves...

"Who gave these orders?" Another Handler spoke up, "I thought Imperial Orders were only given by the Royal Family, so why-"

"They all dead save for the youngest daughter." One the councilmen interrupted.

"What...? When, how?"

"Stigma...has mutated."

"And you believe our partners are responsible?!" Another spoke up, "What proof do you have?!"

A few tables were wheeled out onto the center stage. A councilmen lifted up the curtain!
"This is your proof!"
Their bodies...the royal family, the sons, the daughters, the mothers, the fathers, the uncles, aunts, cousins...even the grandparents...bore signs of the Stigma.
Even though, the Handlers had been a casual acquaintance with death, this was still quite was a disgusting sight to them.
"An autopsy showed signs of the of them had become infected, and the infection spread amongst them shortly after. Quarantine and pacification was later used to keep the virus from getting out..."
By pacification, they probably meant killing off anyone with signs of the Stigma.

" does this point to our partners?" Another asked.

"We compared the new strains to the latest physical examination on your partners..." At that moment, a screen played behind them. It showed the data of each Reanimated stacked together.
And every single one of them had traces of the new Stigma strand in their DNA.

Their was really nothing more they could ask. Plus, the sudden disappearance of their partners only made the explanation seem more believable. Not a single one of them wanted to believe it, but the facts were there and synced up...what other reason could there be?
"We currently do not know their whereabouts, but if anyone has any information please speak now-"

The screen started going all fuzzy.
A symbol of a black butterfly was shown on the screen, followed by a violin melody, than a large group of laughter.
"Hello there, our former partners..." It was Hazuki's voice, Takeshi recognized it instantly, but he repressed the urge to announce it, "We understand, you're searching for us now...that's fine...we can return to our graves together...!" The insane laughter of Hazuki caused a shiver to run down Takeshi's spine.

"Hazuki..." He said quietly to himself.

Coordinates were now displayed on the screen...
A high council member turned to the Handlers and announced, "I shall repeat...
All Handlers will now resume Active duty, and execute Imperial Order 309: The extermination of all Reanimated partners. Refusal to do so will result in execution on the spot...!"

"This is bullshit!" Misuzu again, she ran up to the stage, "How can you expect us to kill our partners and-"
Takeshi had tackled Misuzu just before the bullet hit her...

"Takeshi!? Why are you-"

"Misuzu...sorry..." Takeshi kept her pinned down.

"Why, Takeshi, you of all people...YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD BE REJECTING THESE ORDERS?!" She shouted at him with all her rage.

Takeshi just kept her pinned to the ground. "...Orders...are orders...we have to follow matter what..." He said halfheartedly...
A sad smile on his face, as his mind was trying to process the orders himself.

"Takeshi..." Misuzu saw Takeshi's mind on the verge of breaking...but he wasn't the only one...
A lot of them were like that...
They had grown up, and spent nearly half their lives with their partners...

"Hazuki had changed...
I heard that clearly in her voice. Feelings of sadness, rage, and insanity were all present in her...
She had been my partner for a long time...
She was scared...she was crying out for help...
I wanted to save would I do that...?
The only cure for death...
Hazuki would have to die by my hand..."
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Posted 3/23/10 , edited 3/24/10
Awwww..... is this gonna be a bad endiing?? I am gonna cry... I already felt like crying
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Who wants to know...
Posted 3/23/10 , edited 3/24/10
Hm, i won't reveal the ending. Hell, just because I'm evil, I won't even hint at it. >8 )
Just be prepared for something that'll make you go: "O.O"
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Who wants to know...
Posted 3/30/10 , edited 3/31/10
I'll probably update tomorrow, seeing as how after tomorrow I'll be missing from home for a few days.
I'd update now, but some bad stuff happened and I really don't feel like it...
So, hopefully, if I feel better by tomorrow, I'll post...something...
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