I N T R O D U C T I O N Everyone!

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F / Anime World :)
Posted 11/17/09 , edited 11/17/09
P L E A S E I N T R O D U C E Y O U R S E L F ~ N Y A A ~ ~

In order to all of us get to know each other!
Posted 11/19/09 , edited 11/19/09
hello myself neha.........i love wtchng anime's,reading manga,playing,making buddies & chtng wth dem,gadgets,teasing every1 bt dont lyk teased up(selfish) :D,chocolates,icecream,cookies & many mor i dislikyes annoyers,cheaters,rude things.................u guys can feel free 2 add me as ur buddy
Posted 11/20/09 , edited 11/20/09
hello . im reimanda . call me manda or rere . ^o^
im from indonesia .
like anime . like read comic .
like singing .
75% hate school .
not go0g in editing pic . not really go0d in math .
very like browsing internet .
hha . ^o^
nice to met you all . ^o^
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22 / F / in mars im a mart...
Posted 11/23/09 , edited 11/23/09
hello! minna! atashi miyumi-chan!! yroshiku onegaishimass!!
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Between reality a...
Posted 11/30/09 , edited 12/1/09
Salutations. I'm InnocentJuppie, but just call me Juppie for short. (: I have various interests...I am quite fond of shiny things, the sky, the ocean, flowers, and stuffed animals. I enjoy people-watching, reading books, drawing, and other hobbies. Pleased to meet you all.
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