Post Reply Your Fave KAAF In Ikki Tousen
Posted 11/17/09 , edited 11/17/09
Vote now! ^__^ Arigatou Gozaimasu! ^__^
Posted 11/19/09 , edited 11/19/09
Well it was a tough choice, but I settled on Hakufu.
In one semester she started out as a zero, and rose to the rank of hero, ...hey, who doesn't love the underdog...LOL
Personally all the ladies of Ikki Tousen deserve their own intro and photo op....LOL.
Posted 11/19/09 , edited 11/19/09
I really like Ryofu, the sexy, kick-ass, green-haired one ^__^
Posted 12/20/13 , edited 12/20/13
I like Ryomou, she's awesome
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