Resturant Job
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I'm sure you've already apply for restaurant job,rite? If u wanna work at group restaurant, go apply it!
So, this is ur duty. Make sure u read ur duty job.

Chef is the important person cuz they'll make the menu and food price. Chef need to think of the new recipes and
put in menu list.

Cashier need to active cuz they'll make sure all ppl pay thier food based on the price. You have to sound and warned
ppl who not paying.

Waiter/waitress need to help each other and cooperate cuz they'll serve the order. Waiter/waitress must be active
and can serve the order quickly and nicely.

If you have any question, juz ask me. I'll help u, guys. I hope u can active and invite more buddies to join dis group.
Plz give ur support :)
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Read here!
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