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Posted 11/20/09 , edited 12/9/09
To all JY holics !!

I am so sorry to say this, but me and yana-chan(domyoji_tsukasa28) are resigning as a creator of this group. Like trumpace's(the real creator) reason it's because of school. I dont think we still have time to manage the group. yana-chan and I are classmates and in just 3 1/2 months we'll be in college and I think everybody knows how harsh college is. At this moment Im taking different kinds of entrance exams in different universities and of course we need to review for that. so we really wont have time to take care of the group. I won't be asking if you guys dont agree in my decision and even if you are, we still won't change my mind.
So is there anyone who want to be the creator of the group ?? well give you my position gladly. But if there's no one, we're just gonna close the Junkyard!! completely. yana-chan & i really hope to celebrate Junkyard's bday but due to this fact we dont think we can anymore ..

Im really sorry.. hope you guys'll understand.

seien-hime ; domyoji_tsukasa28
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