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Posted 11/20/09 , edited 11/21/09
BIG BANG NEWS: BB NII WINTER PHOTOSHOOT (T.O.P. playing with cutiepie baby Gaho!!)

Recently, Big Bang had a photoshoot for NII Winter season.

Near the end of October, Big Bang's had a photo shoot for the NII winter collection. Although more than 2 weeks has passed since then, NII decided to upload a Making of / Behind the scenes video for that particular photo shoot.

WOW! haha, I watched the video of it, and my loves all looked so hot and cute!
You have to see thair babies too, Gaho and Boss! I don't know, i'm just so in love with Gaho. He's the cutest little thing on earth! Who wouldn't want him? haha!

LOL Okay, just so everyone know, I am a diehard fangirl of G-dragon, so if i go on spazzing and all when talking about him, you can just skip my whole rant.


I hate it how those sluts *ahem* girls pose when next to GD. I know people might say they are just trying to make the pics look good and whatever, but seriously, I hate every girl who gets linked, close, near, GD! I know, I'm like, really crazy about him! haha, I'm soo weird!

Here are a few screen caps I took:

Seungri oppa!!

aww! so cute, baby Gaho!

kekeke, seungri oppa fooling around

*heart thumping soo fast* so so so cute!

*almost heart explosion* jiyung oppa shi!

wow, too much heart mobility for today! hehe

LOL BB soo tired! Must have bben hardwork!

*evil eyez glare* any girl from now on will be called the-slut-closies-wannabee, or for short, tscw.
She's our first one!

But anyway, here's the link to the video. Enjoy fellow V.I.P's!!

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