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Hellows! I'm finally back frm my hiatus :] so... before i start, i just want to say a thank-you to whoever'll be reading this :] and just enjoy~

A cold breeze ghosted past Risana as she stuffed her hands in her pockets and cursed silently. Even with the muffler and the trench-coat, it was obvious she was shivering uncontrollably underneath the layers of clothing she had carefully designed. To the whole world, she was just another teen-aged girl. but just that night, she wanted to become something else. Like a newly emerged butterfly. she was obviously sick of the mediocre life she always had and apparently, the tequila shots didn't help much in expelling the thoughts in her mind. as she walked past a variety of strangers in Icheon, a particular... person caught her attention.
He was tall and lanky... presumably 19 from his looks. he had an angular face- square jaws and a set of high cheekbones- his eyes were the color of the night skies and his sienna hair a dark spot amidst all the lights. He supported his weight on a near-by lamp-post, his cheeks flushed a deep red. to Risana, it was obvious he was drunk and judging from his posture, he was going to throw up sooner or later. a few seconds later, he collapsed into a wasted heap. feeling sympathetic towards him, Risana briskly walked towards him and helped him up. He squinted his eyes towards the sudden thrust of light in his face and began disengaging himself from Risana but she stood her grounds, not letting him go.
"hyung. you're too drunk..."
"am...not...dwunk...just...a... ittybit...." he slurred his words heavily.
shaking her head and sighing, Risana dug for his wallet in his Levi's pockets and finally found the address she was looking for. Hopeless at reading Hangul, she gave up dechipering it after straining her eyes in the dim light for about a minute. somehow, she managed to bring the two of them to the curb of the pavement and waited for a taxi to come. Finally, she managed to snatch a cab from another drunkard and passed the address to the cabbie. Eying them suspiciously, the cabbie had no choice but to drive them to their destination as Risana gave him a nervous laugh. She cramped her numb fingers into the guy's pockets and sighed in relief as the warmth traveled through her hands. as Risana looked out into the scenery, she caught sight of the well-lit buildings, glimmering like stars and she couldn't help but pity those who were trudging their way to Starbucks on their way to the sub-way.
"must be though being them..." Risana murmured silently. The cabbie however, heard and couldn't help shaking his head at the tired drivers on his left.
fifteen minutes later, they finally reached what looked like an accommodating building and Risana hastily thanked and paid the driver, not bothering to take the change. she had difficulties waking the guy up since he had fallen asleep during the journey but a slap was all it took to make the slumbering drunk regain conscious. they strolled to the lobby while Risana fished for the tag she had seen in his wallet and entered the key-pin to gain access. a security guard slanted his eyes at Risana disapprovingly but she gave a sheepish smile but didn't talk. Instead, she kept her head tilted and pressed the lift button, waiting for the seemingly slow elevator to arrive. Once she stepped into the warm machine, she let go of the dozing teen and flexed her arms as she read the unit number on the tag.
Stumbling into the flat and trying to keep both their balance together, Risana was more than pleased to find that the living room was deserted, with only the lights illuminating their shadows. As if he was struck across the face, the teen immediately scurried to his feet and rushed to the sink, knocking over a coffee table in the process, to pool out his guts. Risana-not used to this- scowled as the gruesome sounds of throwing up filled her ears. she rushed to him and pated his back as she tried to ignore his luch or dinner or whatever was left of it. she tilted her head upwards and prayed to God silently for all of this to end soon. true enough, the teen supported himself briefly on the sink before sliding down to the floor, spent. Risana had no choice but to help him to a nearby chair and... endure the torture of unclogging the sink by herself. luckily, her clothes weren't soiled of she'd have stuffed all of the mush into his mouth back again. with a quick rinse of her hands, she directed the teen into the room which was the only one that was empty, careful not to disturb whoever was occuping the other two rooms. He flopped down onto his bed like a dead bunny and Risana had to change him out of his slightly soiled and stinky clothes to a pajama pants she had managed to find in the dark. She then carefully tip-toed to the toilet with a towel in her hands and soaked it with scalding hot water before wringing out the excess water. making her way back, she placed the hot towel onto his forehead and heard the contended grunt escape from his lips. Frowning slightly at her sore muscles, she wrote a hasty note.

ochazuke on the table. heat it up yourself.
-ps: add water.

she crept to the kitchen and found leftover rice in the fridge and placed it in the microwave just enough to heat it up. Then, she found some sea-weed and rice crackers and broke it to pieces before sprinkling it onto the heated rice. Then, with the convienience of labels, she found some green-tea leaves and put about a table-spoon of it into the bowl before putting it back into the fridge. After clearing up, Risana was about to leave when a forced "Ah-hem" rung the internal alarm. Risana gsped as she turned around, shocked to find a young boy slightly older than her and in need of sleep leaning on the table. Risana bowed her head and headed for the door but the swift boy caught her wrists, trapping her. As much as she wanted to kick him, Risana stopped herself in time.
"You. Who are you...?" The boy's eyes flashed with momentarily with anger. Still, Risanna kept her head down.
"Just another girl, on the streets." Risana spoke but flinched as the grip tightened.
"What...? And does that give you the right o intrude our space...?" he hissed into Risana's ear.
"Sorry." Was all Risana could manage to muter to keep her temper down.
"Hyung... I have to go now." Risana growled slightly as she tried to twist away from his iron grip but failed.
"Younger than you...Hyung"
"Just so you know... Tabs don't do girls like you."
"Oh. Thanks for the advice Hyung. Good night." Risana retorted icily. She flung her wrist forcefully and rubbed it for a while. Without bothering to say a formal good-bye, Risana unbolted the door and huffed, obviously pissed.

As she stod there, gazing at the sky lights, something hard and cold was gnawing into her clenched fist. Slowly opening her cold fingers, Risana was staring at the key that she had forgottened to return to the drunk teen. Grinning, she shoved it in her coat pocket and hailed another cab, just as the first lights spilled over the horizon...

-Chapter 1; end-
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hey i liked it can i be in it
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