Boy Bands -- Hate them here
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Posted 11/21/09 , edited 11/21/09
Alright, I know that I'll piss off a lot of people by doing this (hooray) but we need this thread.

I just don't like boy bands. I don't like their music at all, simple as that. I'm a rocker, I listen to 70s/80s rock and metal. Deal with it. I don't care about someone leaving Super Junior or whatever the fuck it's called. The thing you don't realize is, you'll outgrow this phase within a few years. You outgrew the previous phases in your life, and you'll outgrow this one. You'll quickly abandon these boy bands once they become unpopular and move on to the next "BIG THING" just to fit in with the certain crowd you're in. Music today is nothing but a popularity contest and/or fashion show. Music isn't even about actual MUSIC anymore (Except for some of the Metal crowd)

So, whine about Boy Bands here, or just whine about my hate for Boy Bands and show your mentality.
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Posted 11/21/09 , edited 11/21/09
No one cares that you hate Boy Bands or that you stuck in the 80 with sucky metal.
stop complaining because you're being pathetic right now.
Also I hate 80s music and metal but you don't see me going around making threads on how much it suck
Don't you think if they really did "suck" that no one would listen to them..
everyone has their own opinion so please respect that and stop wasting your life bashing in something that will never die.

Edit: Also.. its very useless cursing at something when you don't even get a benefit out of it.

Well I hope you learned your lesson.. and if you didn't you're a brainless ***hole
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