How should A.C. look like now?
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Posted 11/21/09 , edited 11/22/09
So, since the profile of anime couples has been deleted, >.> i don't even know who did it, but anyways, we need a new design for it, so this time, we're letting you, the members, have some say in it. So vote which one you think is better, and also don't forget to vote in the anime couple of the month if you choose the banner + writing

Banner<<like a heading, e.g. about anime couples, etc
Writing <<describes whatever is labeled under the banner

Just pure writing, like
About anime couples
Description of what it is.

If you have any questions or concerns, either pm me, or just post them here.

side note: (if the banner + writing does win, then we will be needing some help in creating the banners and such, since i know i certainly can't do it since i suck at photoshop. We’ll need some help in creating the banners, so if you know of any groups that you think are good at creating banners and etc, just pm them to me, <<this is if none of the mods are able to create/willing to create banners, and if the mods are, then there might be a voting thing/contest going on, but that will be later, after this poll’s outcome comes out I will end this poll at December 5th. )
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