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[[CONSTEST]] Shugo Chara Avii
Posted 11/22/09 , edited 11/22/09
Here you will win something if you dont enter! what r u waiting for enter this contest now!

if the judge thinks whos the top 3 best avii seller then you will win this awesome prizes so join now! or maybe something that stands AM not the clock i mean in crunchyroll if you know what it means.


1st Place:
you will get an AM (maybe) and Aviis,Icons,Banners,Profile Layouts,Fan/User Bars, Birthday Card and more special stuff!

2nd Place:
you will get Avii,Icon,Banner and Birthday Card

3rd Place:
you will get Avii,Banner and Icon

Extras: Well if your in 2nd and 3rd place and make better graphics maybe you will get more then those prize!

So pelase make us an avii!

also you will be in the contest for hall of fame so join now!
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