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Modern Warfare 2?
Posted 12/28/09 , edited 12/28/09
I can't emphasize that one post enough about the raging because of KDR/WLR
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25 / M / Singapore
Posted 1/2/10 , edited 1/2/10
MW 2 was very fun. Both campaign and Multiplayer. Echo Ranked Spec Ops were insane. Anyone passed those 3 Echo missions on veteran? I remember that there was in an insanely accurate shotgun that had a dual wield. I ran from anyone hold that.
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24 / F / Not America
Posted 1/2/10 , edited 1/2/10

alox wrote:

ok, i have a little rant.
People that use the Akimbo 1887 shotguns need to die in a fire.. There is no reason whatsoever that a shotgun should have that accuracy from the hip, hell those things are more accurate than my M4A1 with an acog.
Phew, i feel better now..

I agree with you. I call them sniper shotguns. The M16 with stopping power and the ACR(sniper assualt rifle) are also pretty cheap.
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26 / M / Wisconsin
Posted 1/2/10 , edited 1/3/10
I plan on buying it within the next few weeks since I have heard it is fairly good and I wouldn't mind playing it a bit.
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41 / M / San Francisco, Ca...
Posted 1/3/10 , edited 1/4/10
MW2 is incredible online. I was worried that this game would give too much help to people who suck, what with death-streaks and all, but it's actually a lot more balanced than I thought.
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27 / M / USA
Posted 1/5/10 , edited 1/6/10
this game is epic. it takes forever to level up though -_- and i seem to die a lot more than i did in cod4. run n gun doesn't work as well anymore. also i love the scar-h. it's so strong.
Posted 1/7/10 , edited 1/7/10
Modern Warfare 2 is tight. My 2 classes = 1).UMP w/ Holographic w/ silencer. Bling Pro, Stopping Power Pro, Commando Pro.
2).Intervention w/ ACOG. Steady Aim Pro, Stopping Power Pro, Commando Pro.

My gamertag is sum walmart guy. all lowercase. and the some is spelled sum.
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26 / F
Posted 1/8/10 , edited 1/8/10
well considering it's the first shooter game ive played, i love it! the campaign upset me a little thou, the ending just pissed me off (other than killing Price, that was epic) but overall it's a pretty good game! i just hate noobtubers and harriers
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25 / F / Canadabada
Posted 1/8/10 , edited 1/9/10
My older brother is the one who owns the XBOX and buys all the games. We're very close though so he wears off onto me and I've recently been welcomed the gamer world.

I like MW2, I guess. TDM and KDR are my favs. I don't play live too much because my account expired and I'm a bit short on money these days It's unfortunate but I've been playing campaign, which I haven't gotten to doing in timeee.

Ahh at Soap MacTavish, I almost sh*t myself when I saw him for the first time. Like, wtf, he talks and has a face, weeeird.
Posted 1/18/10 , edited 1/18/10
i have the game and i love playing it online plus the campaign is cool.
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118 / M
Posted 1/23/10 , edited 1/24/10
The game is fucking awesome
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25 / M / Konoha
Posted 1/26/10 , edited 1/26/10
AweSOme Game! .. Game PLay and Online is sick>> is any1 else annoyed that 'Ghost' Died in the Story >___< ..
But, The game is good good overall.. who hasnt bought it should get it straight ..
Posted 1/26/10 , edited 1/27/10
The game is fun. I played it with two of my friends, and I do better in the game when I tag team and support my two friends on multiplayer.

I used AK-47 w/ RPG and AUG as my main gun. I love explosion and heavy machine gun (light machine gun in cod mw2), so I used AUG as a supportive weapon to back my team mate.

I also love the campaign and special op.

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27 / F
Posted 1/31/10 , edited 2/1/10
the game is awsome!

I just hate people camping it, especially when they whine and start talking shit..
Posted 2/2/10 , edited 2/2/10
This game is freaking SWEET!!!!!
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