Post Reply Role Playing--character design, in the world of Haruhi
Posted 11/24/09 , edited 11/25/09
In the back of class, a girl of sixteen sat, watching the chaos of high school go on around her. A few glances were occastionally shot her way--which she pointedly ignored. It wasn't uncommon that she got such stares--after all, she was quite beautiful, with curls of golden brown flowing down her back. Saphire eyes that shone like the sky itself were currently narrowed into her contemplative expression. A calculating look at the far side of the room showed that Haruhi and Kyon were arguing loudly--as always--and the teacher, used to the annoyance, didn't try to stop them.
With a sigh, the girl turned away, clenching a fist around her wooden sheathed katana--a trademark item that she carried wherever she went. Sometimes, she wished she could just lop the boy's head off, and be done. After all, with him dead, something in the world would be bound to change...

(To those wondering: My character is named Kairei...) ^__^

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