Post Reply my first ever GuiLun fanfic~!!
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Posted 11/25/09 , edited 11/25/09
Title: 2L: Love & Luck

Her name is Gui Gui. A girl from the small town of Guangdong who went to Taipei to pursue her lifelong dreams. But right from the very start of her journey, everything just can’t seem to fall into place. She thought that she's going to live in a fancy apartment but she ended up with a small and crappy one instead. She thought that the money that she had saved since she was about 8 was enough for her to live in a comfortable life but it turned out that it can only cover her school expenses. Now she has to work her ass of in a part-time job that doesn't even pay her enough while killing herself with loads of exams and school works.

In a city where she can only depend on herself, life was nothing but a total disaster. She just hopes and prays that some prince will come to her aid and take her away from the hellhole she's trapped in. But of course, those things happen only in fairy tales. It can’t exist in real life. But little did she know, destiny will finally make its move.

What happens when she crosses path with one of the hottest idol in Taiwan? Will she consider him as her destiny or just pure bad luck?

so here it is !!!

please read it if you have time.. thank u very much
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WOW! i'm so going to read this !;D
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