Confused Love
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Chapter 1: school

(Random Names)

Name: Cherry Hachirou (you hate it when people call you Miss Cherry-chan)
* Age: 12
* Grade: 7
* Height: 164 cm (you are taller then anyone in your grade)

Name: Daichi Tsubaki
* Age: 14
* Grade: 9
* Height: 164 cm

We had just got off the plane, both of us were soo excited. It was our first time walking down the streets of Kanagawa, Tokyo and already it was night fall. We had to make our way to our new home but it got harder and harder to see where we are going. Walking by our new school then riding the train for an hour walking 16 blocks was hard. We finally got there and went in the house straight to our own new bedrooms.

In the morning.

Voice "Walk up! its time to get up! sleeping beauty!" sleepy Rennae slowly opening her eye's " God? that you?"

Voice "No.... It's micky mouse"

Daichi "huh?"

Cherry "get up!!" Daichi falls of the bed getting up to her feet Surprized not to be in her room. "wait, what?! where are we??"Cherry walks out of the room "wow only 6 hours of sleep and you already forgot about the world!! we're in japan and its time for school! And Don't Go BACK TOO BED!!" Daichi falls over onto her bed.Cherry comes running in and jumps on Daichis' bed and jumps up and down yelling "GET UP! GET UP!!!" Daichi whining "ugh FINE!!!"

In the morning:
At School.

Cherry' Part.

They just had to move me into the class room fulled nothing but boys!
Sensai told me to wait outside of the classroom where it made me feel even more scared. What will they think of me? I kept asking inside of my head.
then it hit me they won't like me they think im a freak!! because in soo tall!!! Cherish talking to herself "No! Im not going to be scared!! Fight-oh..."

Sensai "Okay, Cherry you can come in now!."

Cherry "oh god!"

Slowly opening the door I saw more then 20 pairs of eye's staring at me my body froze then I had to force myself to walk into the classroom. I kept my eye's facing the back walk.
and as I was walking in I heard alots of uwaa?!?.....Kawaii!?! ne????! and chairs moving

Sensai "ok everyone this Cherry Hachirou! and this is her first time in Japan soo......... PLEASE BE NICE!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!"

As soon I saw my seat I made my way to it not looking at a single boy. And when I sat down and looked up and saw everyone looking at me. The only think I that came to my mind was. Oh God Please Kill Me Now! then dropping my head down onto my desk.

Daichi' Part.

You can Do this!

Sensai "Daichi?"

Daichi "HAI!!"slides open the door walking infornt of the classroom.Daichi whispers "keep it can do this"Stops infornt of sensai. "my Name is Daichi Tsubaki please to meet you *bows*" Hearing guys saying "Kawaii!!" and 3 girls giving the evil glare at me "i dont like her!! tho she is kinda pretty" And as I was looking up one boy from the back of the room catched my eye.. Was looking out side of the window. his skin shined from the sun light. Eyes black brown but some how seemed to glitter. his figure a perfect shape. After seeing him I lost it! I could feel my face blush "Umm..... a-a-a-and I-i hope we can be friends!" Boy from the back of the classroom looks at me looking surprized and giggled

Sensai "okay ........students be nice to her! she is from the states and first its her time being in a japanese school! you can go sit at the back right beside Ryutaro-kun".

Ryutaro was his name. I slowly made my way to my seat I heard lots of girls going "WHAT??? eh? lie!!" and as I sat down beside him. I knew I wasn't going to make it until lunch All I can say was HELP ME!!
then as I was just about to die......

Ryutaro" Hi my name is Ryutaro" *Smiles*

Daichi "H-hello"

Ryutaro" If you need any help just ask "*winks*

Daichi "H-hai" blushes red

Lunch time.

Cherrys' part.

Shintaro "Hello My name is Shintaro *big grin* It's nice to meet you! Miss Cherry-Chan!"

Cherry "umm..... Hello *thinks*Did i see some where before??.... did he call me cherry bleh!" (you hate people calling you cherry-chan)

Shintaro "And If you need any-" Someone Suddenly jumps infornt of Shintaro. "Yo! My name is Jinya Nice To meet You girlie!" Jinya grabs your hand getting ready to kiss it. Then another boy punches Jinya's face away "I'm Yumito but you can call me Romeo........" *smiles* "and you can be my Juliet" boys laughing "THAT WAS SOOO LAME!!!!!" "Hey My name is Masumi but you can call me Katsuki. CAn i have your email??" boys voices "Your cute wanna go on a date?? like she'll date your ugly face!! Hi Im-!! you dont have a chance with her!!MANWHORE!!"

you shocked " woa....." I got up and started walkig slowly towards the door.And as I was just running out of the Classroom I bumped into someone coming into the classroom. And fell to the ground. "owie" "Gomen i didnt see you know wher-... who are you??"

I looked up too see three face's confused looking a me. One was about my height and had a cute baby face. the other one was tall. he had long legs and a perfected shaped head. the the middle one was between the other boys height he had chubby cheeks also stuffing strawberry's into he's face. And in the back of them there was a group of girls yelling "Marry me!!!KYAAA~ SUKI!!!!!!!". And the boys were wearing high school uniforms. and the baby faced one as holding a hand out too help me up. I grabbed it to stand up.
chubby cheeked one still stuffing his face"Who are you??"

Cherry "wha?" baby faced one slowly scaning "Yamada I think you killed her brain with your charms!" All three boys laugh. Yamada choking on the strawberry's " Chinen.. *cough*!" Chinen slaps Yamada's back then they all Stop to notice what uniform I was wearing..

Yamada "ummm.......... Maybe i did kill her brain what do you think yuto?"

Yuto "umm........ she looks like a high schooler but she's not wearing the uniform...... SHINTARO WHO IS THIS GIRL!?!?!?"

Shintaro suddenly beside me. Almost making me jump "her name is Cherry Hachirou she's a new student in my class"

Yamada "oh I thought she was a high scho-" All three boys surprized "UWAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!" Then they all started to laugh and make weird faces at me

Yamada almost failing over on yuto "SHE'S GOT TO BE THE TALLEST JUNIOR HIGH GIRL EVER!!!! FREAKY!.." Yuto trying to hold him up "YOU MEAN SHE'S A JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT?!?!!!UWAA NEW WORLD RECORD!!!!!" Chinen hiding behide yuto and yamada "SCARY !!!! HELP SHE'S GOING TO EAT ME!!!"

All three boys started laughing and pointing at me. After that I got mad. and was ready to fight anyone. but instead I felt like crying. I felt the tears coming "WHO YOU TALKING ABOUT TALL?!?! SHRIMP!!!" (Yamada's taller than Cherry ) I held out a fist "DID YOU COME HERE TO PICK A FIGHT?!?!?!" and then the tears come.....

All four boys looked shocked. And after I said that I just ran out the door pushing them all out of my way. I went into the girls washroom into one of the stalls and stayed in there cuddling up in the corner crying. It hurt being called a freak. And the tears on my cheek burned.

Lunch time.

Daichis' Part.

lunch had just stared not to long ago. Eating Japanese food is the best! But I really wanted to talk to Ryutaro again.. And I was ready to make my move. But every one is surrounding me wanting to know about me! bit then I saw a glimps of three boys coming in to see ryutaro.

Ryutaro "Yo Wha-" *notices strawberry stains on one of the boys clothes and starts to laugh* "WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO YOU YAMADA??" laughing hard and pointing at yamada "DID STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE GET BACK AT YOU FOR EATING THE VILLAGE?!?!"

Yamada shows his teeth and growls. and grabs ryutaro by the neck yelling "IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!"

Ryutaro getting chocked "w-w-wut hattin? ss-op! CHO-cho-ING EE!!!" <----- What Happened? Stop choking me
Yamada lets go of Ryutaro's neck and sits on the the window.

Ryutaro "what happened to Yamada? Chinen"

Chinen looks away to the ground. Ryutaro looks at Yuto. "What happened Yuto?"

Yuto "well....... we-" " We shouldn't have mad fun of her!." Yamada staring out the window. All three boys look at Yamada frightened "that girl.......we shouldn't have mad fun of her...." yamada looks down. boy comes running in "Daichi-senpai?!? ARE YOU IN HERE?!?!" "Hai...... Whats is it??" I slowly start to stand up. all four boys Ryutaro, Yamada, Yuto and Chinen look at the boy . You're Daichi-senpai? "Hai? why whats wrong?" "It's Cherry-chan" I suddenly jumped grabbing the boy "WHAT WHERE IS SHE?!? IS SHE ALRIGHT?!?!"
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