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The Wii
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Posted 7/1/10 , edited 7/2/10

oneweirdgirl wrote:

Or maybe it's just my taste in electronics.

My wii remotes like to go all screwy and they use batteries quickly. Charging them is a pain. They sometimes don't even charge and it stops me in the middle of game-play.
I miss the Gamecube. Can't express to you how much I want it back.

So anyone else not "feeling" it?

Well if your having issues it could be related to your rechargeable batteries or pack that your using (probably need replacing, there crappy cheap ones or your not giving them enough time to charge properly), as for me I would prefer to use Energizer Ultimate (get around up to 60+ hours) or you could get there Ultra brand (up to 30+ hours).

And as for Energizers Ultimate Lithium and Advanced Lithium, I have no idea as I haven't used those two in the Wii remote as of yet, but beats using rechargeable batteries (never really liked the idea of rechargeable batteries except for the one for Microsoft's XBOX 360 controller, but that's me though).
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Posted 7/2/10 , edited 7/2/10
i agree with you completely they ruin games by adding unresponsive motion sensing to everything and it has really dumb game games...but you should own one because the wii has delicious games that you shouldn't miss like super mario galaxy 1 & 2, new super mario bros, super smash bros, tatsunoko vs capcom, and....theres probably more. the ps3 is the best console IMO : D
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Posted 7/17/10 , edited 7/17/10
I was really impressed with the wii at first, but over time it got less and less impressive and now it sits in the corner gathering dust, right next to my portable radio and VHS player
Posted 8/6/10 , edited 8/7/10
My Wii Console broke. And the as for the remote, batteries go out really often. But it's fun
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Posted 10/20/10 , edited 10/20/10
The wii is great when you connected it XD
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Posted 12/18/10 , edited 12/18/10

Sonicxboom wrote:

The wii is great when you connected it XD

Agreed. But you need to set your wii to US otherwise you won't get all the full features.
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Posted 3/16/11 , edited 3/26/11
I ordered my Wii a couple of days ago so it should arrive tomorrow or the day after tomorrow

I also ordered Monter Hunter Tri with the Classical controller Pro.

Honestly I've never had a good impression of the Wii and I'm honestly only buying it because I've feelt like playing Monter Hunter Tri since it was released. Oh, and I'm NEVER gonna use the Wii controller. Thought I'd just put it away somewhere and never touch it but appearantly I need to plug the classical controller into it... What the hell is up with that?

Also this battery problem everyones talking about is giving me a bad chill down my spine... might just stock up on a bunch of batteries and keep switching when I run out. 5 hours battery time isn't much when I actually get to sit down for real and play.

Anyway, enough rambling.

Have a good one.

EDIT: I now have my Wii and I'm enjoying it so far. One annoying thing though is that I thought I had everything I needed to enjoy the Wii fully, like the component cable for example. But it turns out I also have to buy a little doodle-thing with a USB connecter to be able to play online... Starting to see how Nintendo is making a profit here >.<

ANOTHER EDIT, YAY: I've had the same batteries for 35 hours + and havn't lost a single bar yet...
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Posted 3/27/11 , edited 3/27/11
ehhh it's ok. the controllers get a little annoying though. I'd rather have a ps3 or xbox360.
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Posted 12/26/11 , edited 12/27/11
I enjoy my Wii. It's a great system.
Posted 2/10/12 , edited 2/11/12
my games don't work... but the wii does.. i still have my gamecube
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