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(At the airport)

Atsuki's Mom: Oh Atsuki, I can't believe this is happening! *hugs Atsuki tight*

Atsuki: Me neither! *hugs back*

Aru: Do you have everything? Pants? Shirts? Socks?

Atsuki: Check, check, and check.

Aru: ...Toothbrush?

Atsuki: ....>.>...I can buy one at the airport gift shop.

Atsuki's Mom: *sigh* W-well better're going to be late for your flight.

Atsuki: *tears* O-okay...*hugs Aru and Mom tight* I'll miss you so much! I promise to call every day!

Atsuki's Mom and Aru: Bye!

Atsuki: Bye! *grabs my luggage and runs over to Area 4*

Flight attendant: Ticket please?

Atsuki: *hands it over* H-here you go...*pant*

Flight attendant: *punches a hole through it* Here you go! Enjoy your flight.

Atsuki: *gets into the plane and sits down*

Pilot: It'll take at least 13 hours to get to America. Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take-off.

(The plane starts to move across the lane quickly)

Atsuki: *looks out the window*

(The plane lifts off the ground and into the sky)

Atsuki: *smiles* Bye Tokyo, hello America!
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TT_TT I become sad
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