Bloodclan Camp
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Posted 11/27/09 , edited 11/27/09
This is where Bloodclan cats can rp!
Posted 11/28/09 , edited 11/29/09
Scourge and cookie both felt tingling in their paws staring at eachother. their fur covered their blushing but both anyway calmed down. Scourge let cookie up and cookie just nodded. "I'll be in the medicine den asleep if you need me," she silently mewed. Scourge nodded. Cookie walked into the medicine den where spottedfire was waiting with poppy seeds tightly packed in an oak tree leaf. She quickly passed it to cookie. "quickly! rush it over to frostfern! she's in pain!" cookie nodded rushign towards the queens den. She chewed the combination into a pulp by mistake, so when she lie it infornt frostfern she seemed unsure. frost fern was wailing in so much agaony though, she ate it, and she began to calm down. Her mate, clawtail, rushed up to her and helped her, spotted fire came in, helping the queen. cookie stood in triumph as the kit came, his fur a calico and eyes blue. and another, a white kit with yellow eyes. only two kits. But all was well, all were healthy.
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