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Posted 11/27/09 , edited 3/24/10
Avii's for REQUEST!

This is the first avii requesting station in Graphics Garden. Hope you'll request too...

Fill this up:

Words on the avii:
Special Designs:
Put a Quote?: [yes/no]
Proof of payment:
Moderator: [choice below]


♠♠ otakuhana- (no longer getting online)
♠♠ Doina-Cezara- Pollinator
♠♠ sportyteri- Flower Designer
♠♠ gentle-wing- Vice-Pollinator
♠♠ kalulu22- Flower Designer


♣♣No Chat in here~♣♣
♣♣Don't hurry the Moderator♣♣
♣♣No Payment, no avii♣♣
♣♣Patience is needed♣♣

How to Pay?

○ Upload at least 3 pictures in the Payment Album
○ Invite your buddies
○ Be active!

©Hana | otakuhana
...Some Rights Reserved...
Posted 2/2/10 , edited 2/14/10
Words on the avii: Diao Chan
Special Designs: whatever
Put a Quote?: [no]
Proof of payment: yup
Moderator: [choice below] anyone

Mee ish busy right now. Please request again later....
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