Pheonix Fireheart : Open Your Eyes
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This is a story im writing and i want ot see what you all think so far. Sorry for Spelling

Pheonix Fireheart Open your eyes!

Chapter 1: If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried. (Lapis view point)

The Pheonix Institute. A secret building hidden in the woods outside London, Controlled by government funding, right now they are working on something called Pheonix Fire-eyes, and im determined to make it mine. Sitting in a tree surrounded by broken branches, i watched the old run down building, waiting for some movement for me to make my strike. In the distance a light flicked on, and i took that to move closer, clinging to the top of the window frame i listened to the voices inside.
" Are you its safe to leave it here?"A female voice asked
"Im perfectly sure, nothing will happen here, no one knows this exists." Replied a gruff male voice, the light in the room clicked off and i heard the door softly close. Now to make my move lowering myself into the window frame, i twisted myself closer to the opposite side of the room. Three containers lined the far wall, Two were empty, the other held the specimen i so badly wanted to control. Quickly and Quietly i broke the hatch to the container, when my ears were assaulted by the sound of an alarm bell, and two people in lab coats, an old man and a heavily pregnant young woman, ran to the door.
"Who are you?" Demanded the man.
I shifted the sleeping body onto my shoulder.
" Lapis Lazuli" I announced backing towards the window. "It would do you good to remember that, loves."
"Quick, Cross, the tranquilizers!" He shouted at the young woman, as she pointed a small gun like weapon at me.
It seemed to go in slow motion, they way she squeezed the trigger, the dart speeding towards me, and me safely disappearing out of harms reach.
" Maybe next Time Sweetheart." I called from outside the window, and darted through the trees to find somewhere safe.
Branches, trees and leaves seemed to flurry around me as i quickened my pace thought the trees till i found myself in a clearing.
Setting the limp sleepy Subject down on the damp grass. It was skinny, very skinny, i couldn't even tell if it was a he or a she, it looked female but could be a very effeminate looking boy, But whatever it was it was beautiful all the same, Pale skin, silver hair, An absolute beauty, i had even bested myself on my capability of stealing something like this. Suddenly the subjects eyes flew open reavealling fiery red eyes burning with pain, it started to shake violently, Oh my God what was going on. What have i done, was it not ready, have i killed the first subject by taking it to early, was it still premature, oh God no. Silently it shook, harder and faster till it looked like it would explode. Then the worst sound i ever heard pierced through my ears, a soft voice but in pain. Looking at the fragile being on the ground, still shaking but its eyes were now screwed shut tight and its mouth was wide open, it Was screaming, in pain, Tears streaming down each side of its face.
""It asked in a voice that would break hearts. " It hurts so much, whats happening." it choked through tears
"Im sorry" I replied trying to sound nice. "I can't help you, but i can make the pain go away forever, would you like that?"
"Please it hurts, i feel like im on fire." Its fiery eyes now staring at me pleading.
"Well it will all be over soon. I Promise." Kissing its forehead like it was a small child, i pulled a knife from my pocket, Slowly i shut its eyes so it couldn't see what i was doing, it was only humane to do it this way. Slowly i lifted the knife an positioned it above the throat.
"Thank you. miss" It whispered to me "I shall repay you once the pain stops." Choking back on tears i quickly took the knife across its throat.

Silence, was my only friend right now, i climbed to the top of the tallest tree next to the clearing, i could see the Pheonix Institute in a distant Clearing.
"Oh im Not done yet, i swear to you i will be back one day, i don’t give up that easy. Mark my words i will come back." I vowed and then stole of into the night, leaving behind a Unmarked grave with flowers atop it.

Chapter 2: Activation (12 Years Later) (Project Betas Point of view)

BA-bump-BA-bump. A steady Rhythmic sound...? a beat....from within me..... but who is me?...where am i?
Light Burned against my closed eyelids concentrated for a moment then faded, in its place voices grew stronger and swam throughout my head...
"Congratulations Beta is a complete success, He even has is own heartbeat, he could live in the normal world." A soft voice, female probably, stated.
" What do you mean could?" Spoke another voice, gruffer, older, proabley Male.
" Well we Noticed there is high concentrated levels of unknown chemicals, and that has caused a few side effects within him, especially this certain one..."
Before she could finish there was a loud noise like something falling over, down the hall. A few Seconds later i heard the two pairs of feet scurry
down the hall to find whatever it was. I took this brief opertunitey to open my heavy lids.
The room around me had a soft orange glow to it, i panned my head from Left to Right, 3 glass containers were in front of me,
"ALPHA...BETA...GAMMA" Were etched into metal plates above them. The Alpha Container was empty, was that one before me,
is he or she already out there living somewhere?
The Beta container had a soft orange glow from it, eww do i live in there?
My eyes panned to the final Container and froze, a girl, young and beautiful was floating slightly in the third container,
she had silver hair that fell to her waist, i longed to look at her closer.
A twitch in my left arm made me think of it walking, those voices did it, i should try.
Slowly i moved myself closer till my hands touched the glass, the chill shocked me for a moment but i stared at her closed eyes.
"Such Beauty in one person." i thought to myself "What, what do i look like?"
I looked once more onto the glass separating us and saw eyes look back. Red ones. Surrounded by a tan face, with a mop of silver spiky hair
placed messily a top his head. me. I touched my face just to be sure, yes it was definetlly me, my hand felt cold against my hot cheek as i
looked longingly at the girl beyond the glass. I wanted to cradle her in my arms she was like a fragile doll, so pale and beautiful. I continued to
stare for what seemed like a year, until a chill behind me snapped me out of it.
" Shes very pretty." A voice i have not heard before spoke in my ear.
"Too bad once they come back to this room there going to split you 2 lovers up. Perminantly."
Her tone of voice on that last word made me shiver.
I turned slowly to see who was threatening me and my fragile doll,
And there stood a women, as Pale as the moon outside, and tall and graceful, she wore clothes of blackest black, that folded
over each other in a complicated yet elegant dress. with small green highlights tracing the hem, if she were beyond
the window there wood only be one clue to her presence and that would be the lilac hair that was scraped into a bun atop her
"" Surprised at the calm voice that escaped my trembling body.
" Lapis Lazuli.!" She said giving me a smile. "Im here to save you."
"Save me?" I stammered "From what" what do i need saved from i have seen one thing in this world and it was pure beauty how
can that hurt me i thought stealing another glance at Gamma.
"Let me assure you" She interrupted my thoughts. Its is Not her im here to save you from in fact I’ll be coming back for her
soon, did u really think, that the one before you.." she gave slight nod to the container marked Alpha
"Did you really think he was still here. He was imperfect like u, like her, thats why you must come with me."
I thought froze for a moment. I was just given life and no I’ve been sentenced to die. And Gammas fate will surely be the
same. I couldn't let that happen to her.
" When will you come back for her?" I lifted my head saddednd, the fact id have to leave Gamma alone for even a second
tore at my chest.
"In 6 months, shes unstable right now, in 6 months she will be stable and we will take her with us" She said it like
she knew it exactly like she's had it planned out for ages. I didn’t say anything i just silently Nodded.
"We'll we have to get out through the window but you'll be alright" she had her hand outstretched to me in order for me to
hold it. i turned away from her to glance for a final time at Gamma. Such Beauty, in the light it almost looks like she was crying,
she knew i was leaving and didn’t want me to go. Once more i stretched my hands out and placed them on the cool glass.
" I will come back for you. You are forever a part of me." And on that note i leaned and kissed the glass where if she could her
mouth would reach to meet mine. Pulling away from the glass i whispered Goodbye before slinking off into the night and into my new life.

CHAPTER 3: The Diary Of Professor Cross

Dear Diary
Today is the first Day after Project Gammas Completion, We decided to give her the name Pheonix Fireheart,For her warm loving Nature, She has
been out of her tank for Four hours now and all she wants to do is play games, i do belive we may have created a perfect little girl.

Dear Diary
I cant shake the feeling something bad is going to happen soon, I try to warn the Professor but he wont listen he tells me im just Working too hard.
But i don't know Just i case Something Happens i am going to write a note in this diary for people to find later in life.

Dear Diary
Project Pheonix, Years ago Professor Morrison and i worked night and day to create Three near human Bio engineered life forms.
Project. Alpha. a.k.a Pheonix Fire-eyes Still To this day There Wear abouts is unknown, it may be dead or far far away from here.
Project Beta, a.k.a Pheonix FireWing, Six months ago Lapis Lazuli Struck, Stealing away into the night hand in Hand with our dear Beta Project.
Project Gamma, a.k.a Pheonix Fireheart, Our Last Project, To save her from Lapis and from going Awol, I Might have to take the very
Life Essence that is Pheonix Fireheart and Combine it with the DNA of my Twelve year old daughter Sammantha, If that happens, I hope she learns the
truth and she can learn to forgive me.

Dear Diary
My Fears have been conformed, a friend of ours Saw someone who looked like Lapis Lazuli heading this way with Pheonix Firewing.The Time to act
Is Now, Sammantha is ready to take the Third Pheonix Project Inside her body, Unforunatly, for her benefit i can no longer be around after the DNA is
combined, i will miss her so much, but to know she is safe Proffeser Morrison is taking her in for me.

Dear Diary
Today marks the Sixth Year since i left Sammantha, I have since Traveled the world, learning all about the world and its secrets looking for other
"un-natural" Humans, but Nothing Prepared me to what i found, Ninjas, Assassins, Witches, Werewolves, Vampires, Angels and Others walk among
us every day and we never notice, I have trusted a few of these Magical People to Help Keep Sammantha safe, for once again i fear something big is
going to happen, i just wish i knew what it was.

Dear Diary
I am Going Back to the Pheonix Institute Building, it should be abandoned by now, and im going to leave this diary there for Future Generations to find.
If you do find this Diary i want you to track down these people and thank them for me.
Matt McConville
Indie Molloy
Ianto Jones
James Lethino
Tristan Lethino
I trusted them with my life and my Daughters, I may never see any off them again, Enclosed Are Photographs of Each one and a letter addressed to each of them,
If you do see them one day, Please Thank them for me, I guess this is goodbye, So Goodbye

Dear Diary
I am in SERIOUS trouble and it looks like there is no one to save me, i went back to the Pheonix Institute to hide you, I’ve discovered
Project Pheonix Firewing,under his new name of Bloodstone and Lapis Lazuli are here, I’ve managed to hide but for how long i don’t know, So this could really be the end of me, Sammantha
I love you forever and always, i hope you knew that...and,Crap someone is coming, they know im here, So in case im found, please don’t let them win,
Don't let Lapis get away with............

Chapter 4: (Six years later)

Hello New Life! (3rd Person view point)

"Kreeechhhhh" The sound of tape ripping, filled the air, as Sammantha Cross, Pulled it off the top of a cardboard Box and started to unpack the contents. Shed recently Moved from London to East kilbride by herself to begin an independent life.
"Ahh a fresh start, a new life, my Own flat!" She squealed with Excitement as she started to place various objects on shelves. Sammantha was a Slender girl
Short and Skinny, with jet black hair, Sparkling sapphire eyes Surroned by Black Eyeliner, Ruby Red lips with 2 Peircings but a smiley happy girl,she worked
hard to Unpack as fast as she could, to start enjoying her new life.
" Im gonna miss old Whiskers tho" She Chuckled as she pulled out a framed Photo of herself with an Elderly Man and placed it on the shelf.
"Remember Sammantha" trying to imitate the old man " Don't go out after Dark, Don't Talk to Strangers, Don’t Sleep with your socks on, blahblahblah" She laughed
As she pulled more object from the box, then suddenly the laughter stopped,she pulled out another Framed Photo, one taken Quite a while ago of a small
ten or eleven year old girl, with A young woman with Black hair, green eyes and a dazzling Smile, Without another peep, she silently stepped over to the
shelve and carefully placed it, holding it in place for a moment.
"I miss you mom, i want you to come home." She whispered as a tear Silently Rolled down her cheek.

A few hours later Sammantha had finished Unpacking her things and had just settled down to watch some TV when there was a Knock at the door.
"Ugh Neighbors" She sighed as she lifted herself out of her seat and waltz towards the door.

Pulling the door open, she met the eyes of a beautiful boy, older than her, but not by much, His Blond Hair fell To past his ears with a long fringe that almost covered his Brown Eyes, so light they almost sparkled, She noticed that
under his right eye he had some sort of Fancy Tattoo.
"Hiya Neighbor" He Stuck his hand forward to Shake Sammanthas, she shook his limply, Still fascinated by him,
" My Names James Lethino and this is my little brother Tristan" He gestured to his left with his head. She haddent noticed another boy there before and she cant really
see why she missed him as he wore some really bright neon clothing that it hurt her eyes to look, a plain white top with bright splatters of every bright Color
imaginable, His trousers were Black with Glow sticks attached to loops every once in a while,To match he wore a Glow stick round his neck, His Hair was
Just as Bright, Black hair with Electric Blue Neon Streaks fell down to his shoulder framing his face which held eyes that obviously had contacts in them,
One was Purple and the other Yellow. Sammantha Had to shake her head to get rid of the minor head ache she got just by looking at him.
"Nice to meet you both, im Sammantha Cross." When she Mentioned her name she seemed to not notice the two brothers exchange nervous glances, as
Though Sharing a secret between them.
"I think i hear an English accent in your voice, am i correct?" James said
"Why yes you are, i decided to move from England up to Scotland to have a change of Pace." She Stated
"Would you like to come in?" She Offered trying to make a good first impression.
Tristan Spoke first, a voice sounded like it belonged to a very young teen.
" Well im sure we'd....." He began to step inside but was blocked by James.
"We can't sorry we were on our way out when we heard about our new neighbors. Maybe Next time, OK Hun?" James Interrupted.
"Sure thats cool I’ll see you guys later then." They said the goodbyes and left Sammantha Standing there in the open doorway.
As She pulled the door close she couldn’t resist laughing to herself.
" Who the hell in the world still calls People "Hun",well apart from you Ol'Whiskers" She said laughing once more as she glanced at the picture of her and the old man.

Soon Sammantha Began to find herself very sleepy after the long day, So stretching her arms above her she decide to get ready for bed and Retire for the night.

"BEEP BA-BEEP-BA-BEEP-BA-BEEP" The annoying sound of a morning alarm clock filled the air, Rolling over to shut it off, Sammantha Adjusted herself to
Natural Morning Light pouring through the blinds she forgot to close. After wiping the sleep from her eyes, she shuffled out of her Pjs into a pair of Black Cargo Pants
with Red Fabric strips hanging of them, Pulling of her Pj Top to replace it with a red and black striped Jumper with Patches And Safety Pins. After she was
fully clothed she headed to her kitchen to make herself some breakfast.
"Lets See what have we got, Hmm Mouldy Toast, Cereal with no Milk, off eggs. Damn i take it im going to the shops this morning." She sighed.
Pulling on her favorite Platform Goth boots, she grabbed her purse and keys and left the flat, making her way down to the all ready busy street below.

Chapter 5 :

I got a feeling somebody's watching me (Sammantha's view point)

As i made my way down to the nearest supermarket, i got to see my new part of town, Wasn't much to see, everything was just normal looking, like you
would see in any town.Walking down to the supermarket i was almost there when a wave of uneasy fear washed over me, the hair on the back of my neck
was standing straight up, through the sleeves of my shirt I could feel Goose bumps forming on both my arms, shaking my head i couldn’t escape the uneasy
feeling that was hanging over me like a great big evil shadow, following me, watching me. With that i darted into the supermarket letting out a sigh of relief
as Heavy feeling lifted from me.

Picking up a shopping basket i went threw the aisles looking for something microwaveable and tasty, so what if its not healthy, i like that stuff, I picked up a
couple of Microwaveable Meals, and some Cereal i've never heard of, something sugar coated marshmallow and chocolate filled stuff. Then i picked up
some basic living stuff, milk, eggs, toilet paper, toothpaste, and boring junk like that. I made my way towards the check out and pulled the basket up on the
counter and placing the items on the Moving belt when i once again felt unseen eyes boring into me. I looked up to see the check out woman, a girl about
her early twenties was staring at me, She was so beautiful, long brown hair that fell down past her shoulder, pushed back by a diamond hair band, emphisaising
the green eyes that were staring at me.The name tag on her shirt said Crystal, but I couldn't help feel uneasy, but something told me this "Crystal" woman was
trouble for me.

Chapter 6

Great power (Crystals view point)

Ever since i can remember, I’ve been able to sense unnatural things, unnatural power in people i meet everyday, Thats Why Lapis and Bloodstone hired me,
I was a scout for them since someone went missing, apparently shes like Bloodstones little sister or something. So i took up this day job at this busy supermarket
where many people come and go waiting for someone with extraordinary powers, No one that special has ever came in to this lousy shop. But today was different
a new girl, someone i have never seen before came into the shop, i could sense her powers before she even entered the shop, And just my luck she comes up to my Check out.
"Hello there." i Said as i started to scan her items through the check out." Your a new face round here aren’t you?"
"Huh. yeah i just moved here, its quite strange compared to London." she replied in a sweet little voice that would melt hearts.
" Yeah, why anybody would move from A big City like London to a little town like East Kilbride, I’ll never know. So why did you move here?"
" I just wanted a change, I’ve lived in a big city all my life so i wanted to see what it was like to live somewhere the complete opposite."
" I suppose that does make sense." i replied flashing her a smile " My name is Crystal, by the way, Crystal Quinton." I said extending my hand to her.
" Nice to meet you Crystal, im Sammantha Cross." She replied, shaking my outstretched hand.
" So Sammantha, you've got a lot of bags there, im about to finish my shift want me to help you carry them home?"
"That would be very helpful Crystal." She smiled at me, i was gaining her trust.
Taking of my apron and sticking my name badge in my pocket, i grabbed a couple of the bags and began to walk Sammantha home, Trying to Memorize
every Turn and twist, til we ended up at the bottom of her flat.
"Thank you Crystal, i can take it from here." She said taking the bags from me
"Here Before you go" I said pulling a piece of paper from my pocket, "This is a coupon for the great Indian across the road from the supermarket, i suggest, you go there for Dinner tonight
They do some of the best food ever there." I dropped the coupon into one of the bags along with another piece of Paper, "My phone number is on there so you better phone me." i chuckled
I waved her goodbye as she unlocked the flat door and headed inside.
Walking to the end of the path i glanced up at the high rise flat, my eyes concentrated on one window, where a man, with Light Sparkling Brown eyes, with a tattoo under the right one, and a mop of scruffy
blond hair was Staring back at me, a look of terror mixed with disgust and anger spread across his face as his eyes bore right through me, i smirked at him before Running off, away from his Hatred gaze that followed me.

Chapter 7

Subtle Warning ( James’s View point)

"Crystal. Crystal. Crystal. Crystal. Why did she have to run into her!" i roared pounding my fist against my wall. Thank god Tristan Was at his friends house.
"What am i going to do? I can't tell her, shes not ready." I reached into my shirt and pulled out the necklace i was wearing, and studied it, A gothic Letter P and C.
"Professor Cross." i whispered stroking the necklace "I found her like you wanted but shes in danger, what do i do." A tear rolled down my cheek landing on the gothic old necklace.
In the distance i heard the elevator opening and the sound of Sammantha's footsteps walking on the concrete floor. I rushed to my front door and opened it.
" Hey Sammie, Whats up?" I asked trying to sound calm
"Oh Hey James" She said fumbling with her keys to unlock her front door." Not much Just went to get some shopping." She beamed me a dazzling white smile.
" Well..uh..see This evening would you like to come round for Dinner, and we can all get to know each other better?" I asked "And that crystal cant get you" i thought to myself.
"Oh im sorry James, i was planning to go to a little Indian Restaraunt i saw earlier, maybe next time, OK?" She Apologiesed, and went inside leaving me alone in my doorway.
Silently i slinked back inside my flat and closed the door. I rushed to my computer and Logged on to my account, grabbing a disk from under the printer, I shoved it in and began to get to work fast.
The disk Held information of a secret Web site. Entering the information into my Internet, I was taken to a site made by Professor Cross many years ago.
Logging on i found quickly who i was looking for, three of the people Professor Cross Trusted Most, Matt McConville, Indie Molloy and Ianto Jones, According to her database information on
everyone Matt was a Vampire, Indie was a Witch and Ianto was a werewolf, these were the perfect people for the job. Grabbing there Contact information, Apparently they traveled together anyway, I rushed to
the phone struggling to put in the right numbers in my haste. Putting the phone to my ear, i held my breath waiting for someone to answer, a deep growly mans voice answered.
"Hello Ianto Jones speaking who is calling?" He said roughly
" My Name is James Lethino, Professor Cross, Disciple number 4." My voice shook as i spoke.
" Number 4! I am Disciple Number 3 and i am here with numbers 1 and 2. Hold on one moment they are joining the line."
"Hello Number 4, My name is Matt" A soft but still male voice stuttered
"Hiya Number 4, im Indie " A bubbly happy voice squeaked obviously Female.
" So James" Ianto voice broke in again " What are you calling us for?" He was obviously the negotiator of the group.
" I have called you for i have found Pheonix Fireheart." I heard Indie Gasp, Matt was Silent, Ianto continued to remain calm.
" So why do you need us? Mr Lethino." He inquired
"Because, one of Lapis and Bloodstones em.."Employees" Has found her too. And i do belive she has Planned to lure Sammantha i mean Pheonix into a trap tonight,
where she will take her back to Lapis." i explained.
" Thats a biggie of a problem" Interuppted Indie "What do you want us to do?"
" I want you to follow her tonight, don’t let her see you, she has no idea who she is yet, only show your self if you have to and only at the last minute. OK"
"OK" The three voices said in unison.
"James?" Matt’s Voice spoke. " What does Sammantha Look like?"
"Shes got jet black hair, Sapphire eyes and ruby red lips, she usually dresses in punky-ish clothing. Does that Help?"
"Thank you" Said Matt and he went silent once again.
" Well guys im leaving it up to you, and just so you know your dealing with Crystal."
" OK" The three voices said together again and the line went dead.

Putting the phone down i wiped my eyes, i knew it was going to happen one day, i just didn’t know that when it happened it would happen this fast. I snatched my mobile from the counter, and went for the door.
Exiting my flat, i went towards Sammantha door and knocked. It didn’t take her long to answer.
"Hi again there James, what do i owe the pleasure?" She laughed
"Sammantha, if your going out tonight..." The look i was giving her made her smile fade " If your going out i want you to be careful, if anything happens, if anything goes wrong..."
"James what are you talking about im just going down the street for dinner." She laughed nerviouslly, obviously i was freaking her out. I grabbed her by the shoulders, "Listen to me Sammantha." I stared right into her eyes making her relax slightly. "I'm Just saying if anything does happen tonight, like lets say your followed, Don’t go to your flat, come to mine, i will be there all night, even if something doesn’t happen, please come see me so i know your safe."
"James, your scaring me, I..."She began
"Please, Promise me Sammantha." i pleaded.
"I promise." She stammered, i let her go and left her without another word or another glance and closed my flat door behind me on her puzzled face Staring at me from in her doorway.

Chapter 8

Holy Hell in a Hand basket (Sammantha's point of view)

I was shook up since James started Acting Strange. I decided to shake it off, pretend it didn’t happen, by the time i was getting ready to go out for dinner it felt like a strange dream that I’d had. Making Triple and Quadruple sure i had my Keys and my purse, i left my flat to the street below and the chilly night time air. I made my way along to the resteraunt Crystal Told me about, As soon as i stepped my foot through the door i was welcomed by delicious smells and comfortable warm air compared to the chilly night i had just walked through.
Waiting be seated i scanned the small resteraunts customers , An elderly couple, Various men and women in different shapes and sizes, I noticed a really happy couple, about my age in the corner Smiling and messing about with a camera. The guy was tall, really really tall, with scraggly black hair pulled back into a ponytail and stubble, compared to the girl who was short and slender, with long blond hair with green highlights that may have been blue once. Before i could study more of the room the waiter was in front of me.
"Hello miss, How any in you party?" He asked in a heavy Indian Accent.
"Oh its only me, party of one." I chuckled
"Right this way" He escorted me to a table by the window, were Rain had started to beat steady against it. Sitting down in my seat i felt eyes on me once again, i looked and saw that the couple messing about in the corner were pointing a teenager with Long red hair in my direction, i tried to ignore them and buried my nose in the menu. About two minutes later i heard the scrape of chair legs scratching along the floor, quite near to me, and due to Curiosity about the earlier events i looked up, There sitting in front of me at a different table was the teenage Boy with long red hair, Oh my gosh he was beautiful, His face so pale With bottle green eyes and pale lips, everything seemed to look stunning, although he looked over dressed, A black Shirt with the top buttons done up so it rose high around his neck, a Deep Purple Blazer with a logo i couldn’t really read from this distance, and a pair of black trousers like the ones you wear to school. I gazed back at my menu to feel eyes on me, i peered round the side of my menu to see this boy, staring at me, his green eyes listing, I caught his gaze and he just flashed me a very weak smile that didn’t even reach his eyes, But somehow he even looked gorgeous with a weak smile, he was utter perfection.

I spent the entire meal staring at my plate, cause he was still looking at me, i noticed he never ordered anything but something to drink, but never touched it, i doubt he even blinked but i couldn't be sure if he did or not. Finishing my meal i decided to get out of there quickly, as i was paying my bill, i saw the teenage couple and the red haired teen leave together out of the corner of my eye. Gathering my things together i scrounged in my bag for a pair of gloves, rammed them onto my hands and headed out the front door,
"Thank goodness the rain has stopped" i thought to myself as i made my way under the bright street lights and headed home.

Nearly half way home, and i begin to get uneasy, paranoid maybe, is someone following me?
"Walk, keep walking." I thought to myself " Walk, walk, faster, faster, move, move, don’t turn around, just face forward, walk faster still, sprint and STOP!" I stopped and then i heard it, the sound of someone stumbling, They obviously didn’t expect me to stop. I Sharply spun around hoping to catch the person following me, but all that met my gaze was empty pathways.
" Who’s there?" I called " I know your there, i heard you, come out and face me." I held my breath as i heard someone else sigh and footsteps walk towards me. The streetlight behind me was broken i was only working on light from the one further down the road, while staring at the light, a familer face stepped into it.
I sighed a heavy sigh of relief as Crystal, stepped into it.
"Crystal, what were you doing you nearly scared me to death." I giggled, but something was wrong, Crystal said nothing but instead through a dagger past me.
"Consider it a warning shot, Sammantha, in my profession its all for one, don't hate me i don’t want to do this." She warned Soon she was right in front of me and she grabbed my shoulders so roughly her fingernails were digging in to me.
"Look i know James was smart and Warned you, go to him,quickly tell him im not the bad guy and give him this" She took a strange necklace marked with the letters P and C and placed it in my palm. "Tell him, im not the bad guy, tell him i have to make it look real. Thats why im following you. Now run!" She ordered.
Not one to complain i set off running down the street to my Flat, Flying inside i ran headlong up the stairs. When i reached my floor i banged hasteliy with panic on James's Door.
" He was at the door in a micro second."
"Sammantha what happened?" He asked Cradling me into a hug, Braking away from him i grabbed his hand and dropped the necklace into it.
"Its from Crystal, she said, shes not the bad guy, she has to do this, i think she wants you to stop her James." i panted, trying to catch my breath. Below i heard her kicking the door of its hinges with a bang and i couldn’t help but feel scared as i heard her footsteps begin to climb the stairs.
"Look Sammantha, Listen to me, you are part of something big I cant talk about it right now, but we're all involved." He said trying to inform me. Suddenly the smashing sound of breaking glass made us both snap our heads to look behind into James's Living Room.

There beyond the window was three figures standing on the fire escape, Two at the back and one in the front, The two in the back were familiar, A really tall guy with scraggly black hair pulled into a ponytail and stubble dressed in scruffy Jeans and a t-shirt, With a Short and slender girl with Blond hair with green highlights wearing some frilly yet gothic purple and black corset and skirt thing, I recognized them as the couple from the resteruant, the ones who were messing about in the corner. Now for the guy in front although i already kind of knew what to expect but i still gasped, as the teenage boy with Ice white skin, bottle green eyes and shoulder length flame red hair stared back at me with the same intensity he had done at the resteruant.
"Sorry Number 4, Where is Number 5?" The tall guy asked.
" I have sent Number 5 on a mission to find Professor Morrison down in London, and to keep him out of harms way."
"Professor Morrison! What do you guys want with old whiskers?" I demanded
" Easy Sammantha" James said soothingly, " Were the good guys. We work for your Mother."
"Mom sent you!?" My eyes began to well with tears and James pulled my into a hug. "But who are you all?" i asked trying to stop the tears from spilling from my eyes.
" The time for Introductions is not Now, Wait until you get away Sammantha." Crystal said as she entered the door way. It all happened so fast, the red haired boy let out a low snarl, and literally pounced through the window towards Crystal, Suddenly James stepped in front of her, taking the full force of the impact, knocking him back a few paces.
"Easy Matt, we we're wrong, shes a double agent, she works for us she had the Professor Cross necklace." James Explained.
" If shes really our friend how come there is no information about her on the site?" The scruffy tall one asked, his voice was relaxed and calm.
" I can explain that one." Crystal said. "You see i was, well you could call it "working" for Lapis and Bloodstone before i met Professor Cross. I didn't want to work for them, and they had Kid napped this woman who seemed so nice, I learned that she was Professor Cross and she created Bloodstone under the name Pheonix Firewing, she told me stories of how she traveled the world looking for helpers to revolt against Lapis and stop her, cause if she finds the Gamma project known as Pheonix Fireheart, she can conquer them and eventually run the entire world. I offered to help as a double agent, to make sure she didn’t find the Project or her daughter. So ever since I’ve been searching for people with tremendous amounts of un-natural power. Im sorry to say Professor Cross is still being held captive, with roaming guards we cant get to her, its near impossible. But the time for talk is over, Sammantha you need to get out of here. Now" She warned.
"Crystals right, Indie, Ianto, Matt take her with you." James ordered.
"But James, What about you?" Squeaked Indie.
" I need to wait for my little brother to return and then we will contact you." He replied
Suddenly i noticed Crystal was staring into space with a thousand yard stare.
" Crystal? Whats wrong?" I asked slightly stammering, I noticed everyone else was now looking at her too.
"Lapis..." she said faintly "Shes coming...shes nearly here. Move Now." She pushed me towards the red haired boy called Matt, who caught me, it all started to move so fast. Quickly he pulled me on his back as Ianto pulled Indie on to his, and the jumped right off of the fire escape to the street below, then before i could say goodbye i saw the room leave and the night air rush against my face, Landing softly beside Ianto and Indie we rushed off into the night leaving my new life as my old life and once again starting a new life.

Chapter 9:

James's Dirty Little Secret. (James's Point of view)

Left alone with Crystal with a blood thirsty maniac on the way, i had to do it. Grabbing Crystal close i held her in a firm embrace and Kissed her passionetly.
"I've missed you so much, James." She weeped.
" I know when Lapis Kid napped you, i thought my heart would burst from my chest and shatter on the floor." I began to start crying silently, i kissed her once more, for longer because this might be the last time i would be able to.
"Well, well, well, Crystal." A female voice said, Spinning around i saw Lapis standing in the doorway. "I really do hate liars. You lovers make me sick." She said making a gagging noise.
"Lapis do you even have a heart!" Crystal Spat her voice full of hatred.
" Nu-uh i do to have a heart, it just doesn’t take pity on people as pathetic as you." She Laughed spitefully. "But i can be fair, you two can stay together, forever, just not here." Quickly she moved, i struggled to see her, suddenly Crystal fell to the floor beside me, blood trickled down from her head and her eyes were closed, then it was my turn and everything went black.

Head pounding, i forced my eyes open . My eyes were met by a dark, unfamiler room. Squinting in the dark i could make out the shape of a woman lying next to me. i turned her over so she was facing up at me
"Crystal, Crystal wake up!" i shook her shoulders and her eyes blinked wildly adjusting to the Darkness.
"James!" She said sitting up so fast it hurt her head and she had to lie back down.
"Crystal, are you hurt?" i asked
"No just a bit of a headache" she replied
"Well do you know where we are?" i asked her trying to wipe some of the dried blood from her forehead
" James, Crystal is that you?" A voice in the shadows called out. Stepping out from the shadows, was Professor Cross.
"Oh God it is, How thankful i am to see you, but how terrible your here." she said as she stiffly bent down to sit next to us on the Dusty Floor.
"Professor we have news of Sammantha." I said and started to recall the whole events since Sammantha’s arrival.

Chapter 10:

WHAT THE FUDGE!!!! ( Sammantha’s view point.)

The cold night air slapped against my face, The rain had started to pour from the skies, mating my hair to my face. I was clinging on to Matt’s back for dear life as we rushed through the trees and streets. I had no idea where i was, my eyes were screwed shut, because if i opened them i was sure i’d be sick. Who are these guys, how can Ianto and Matt run this fast? Its un human! And why did why did my mother send them. Running further and further till i could no longer feels branches whipping the bottom of my legs. I could feel Matt slowing down underneath me. The intense wind blowing in my face turned to a gentle night time breeze as we eventually stopped. Opening my eyes i found that we had ran all the way to an abandoned farm building, run down and filed with hay. Indie had already climbed down from Ianto’s back and she started to lay blankets down on the ground and set electric lanterns out, while Ianto started to move the bales of hay to the sides trying to block out some of the wind and make space. I climbed off of Matt’s back but before i could turn to thank him for carrying me all this way he had made his way to the other side and began to climb a pile of hay up to the second level, where he sat, dangling his legs over the edge, ignoring me.
“Don’t mind Matt” Chirped Indie as she adjusted the headphones around her neck. “ He’s just not what you’d call a people person.” She giggled. I heard Matt Growl from above he’d obviously heard her.
“Well Sammantha.” Ianto said strutting forward. “ I expect your mind is buzzing with Questions. But tonight get some sleep and we will explain everything in the morning. Don’t worry you will be safe here, there’s always someone awake.” He added looking upwards to where you could just see Matt.
I tried to make myself comfortable sitting on one of the blankets, leaning my back against a bale of hay. I wasn’t tired yet, so i sat and replayed the night in my head. A secret Organization, Super powers, my mother. I wiped a tear that fell from my eye, and shivered as the temperature dropped, i noticed i was deep in thought longer than i thought, the lanterns were now off, and i saw the figures of Ianto and Indie cuddled on the floor a few feet away from me, Small scratching sounds from above and a cough, footsteps, Matt was still up, pacing the flooring up there, Does he not need sleep?
My eyes began to droop slowly as i shut my eyes letting the temptation of sleep take over my body.

Chapter 11 :

Damn Seductress (Matt’s point of view)

Her scent was on me, it taunted me so much it hurt, Standing up i unbuttoned my blazer and threw it across the room getting the scent off of me, Unbuttoning my shirt, because it reeked of her too, i took this chance to peek over the edge, in the pitch black i saw her, Sammantha had just turned over on her side to fall asleep, she looked so cold, down there, unlike Indie and Ianto the were Cuddled up close sharing heat. Un-buttoning the last button i took the shirt off and hung it on one of the low beams above me. Bringing my hand closer to my neck i traced to circles with my finger, two circles, to deep puncture circles. A wind blew through the barn i heard a sigh from below, peering over the edge again i saw Sammantha had curled herself up under a blanket but was still shaking, i can control myself long enough, i think. Grabbing my blazer, i held it between my teeth, my eyes watering from the over powering sweet stench, I began to climb down from the second floor, quickly yet quietly. Reaching the bottom, i pulled the blazer from my mouth and held it at an arms length and began to walk towards Sammantha, closer and closer, then i froze, i smelt something, her stench, but not on My blazer, i smelt her very skin as it blowed around the room against the wind, i smelt the blood moving throughout her body, and i couldn’t control myself. I felt it happen the fangs emerged from my mouth, and i was taken over by my deranged blood lust, i new it was happening, i tried to stop but i couldn’t. Crouching beside her, i saw her stretch in her sleep her neck extending slightly. God, she looked seductive, a piece of bait laying here and i was falling for it hook, line and sinker. I placed the blazer across her, and inhaled her, her neck, her hair, her neck was calling to me like a siren’s song, Moving in i kissed her neck gently a soft kiss, just a taste. If i just taste no one would mind, Opening my mouth baring my hideous fangs, i just scraped the surface of her neck with one fang, no blood drawn. When someones bare arm reached around my chest and grabbed me round the neck.
“You! Outside! Now!” Ianto growled in my ear.

He draged me outside and up the hill, where he threw me against a tree, which fell as i hit against it. I sat on the fallen tree trying to clear my head, when Ianto pounced on me, pinning my arms above me to the tree, i struggeled because even though i was strong Ianto could almost match my strength.
"What the hell did you think you were doing?!" He barked in my face. "Are you stupid?!!?! Have you lost all self control?!?!"
"I'm sorry ok. I couldn't help it, her scent was all over me, she smelt so good. I just lost control." i said stuggeling with his weight on top of me as my fangs began to retract. He let me go and sat on the tree trunk next to me.
"Matt... its important, tomorrow were going to tell Sammantha who we are, and you can't ever loose control around her again." He warned
"I know, but Ianto..." i hesitated. " I think i like her, like her like you like Indie. How can you control yourself with her?"I asked.
"Thats because im not a vampire. Were wolf urges and Vampire urges are two completly different things." He retorted
I heard something when i said that a soft thump thump sound like a heartbeat, was it mine? it couldn't be? Vampires hearts don't beat? was my mind torturing me because i thought i loved someone.
"Well if your sure. You must be extra careful and remember next time i might not be there to stop you if you lose control." He sighed staring at the sky were the sun was begining to rise. Staring at the sky myself a lonley tear rolled down my cheek as i listened to the haunting of my non-exsitent heart beating inside this hollow shell of a former man.

Chapter 12:

Criss Cross steel kisses ( Ianto's point of view.)

I didn't get back to sleep. After i caught Matt, we went hunting for our food. I like human food but sometimes animals taste better. We had a series of compititions to take Matts mind off of things. Who could run the fastest, He won that one. Who could Jump the furthest. I won that one. Who could climb a tree fastest. That one i also won, but i wont tell him i cheated, that will be my little secret. I found a fox for my breakfast, for Matt he needed a certain amount of human blood mixed with animal blood. Finding another fox sleeping at the base of a tree we grabbed it and began to walk back to the barn. As usual like every morning Indie was waiting for us outside. She greeted Matt with a hug, which he accepted everytime for what she does every meal time for him, under my watchful eye of course. Heading round the back of the barn we pulled a crate out from the wall to use as a make shift table.
"Right Indie do your stuff." I always let her get her bit done first so she can leave before she sees the animals getting harmed.
"Ok, now Matt don't take to much, hey maybe after Today Sammantha can share this job with me." She chuckled, but i threw her a stern look and she understood and lowered her head. She slowley pulled back her sleeve showing her bare arm which was covered in scars and thrust her exsposed arm to Matt, and grabbed my hand with her free arm. It always hurt her to do this, she didnt need to but she wanted to help. I felt her squeeze my hand as Matt sliced her arm with a small knife, he never bit her because he wouldn't want to turn her into a vampire too and began to drink the blood oozing from the wound. She winced her eyes in pain, and i flew my hand up to hold her face.
"Concentrate on me Indie. Think of the good your doing. It will be over soon." i promised. She opened her eyes showing me her lovely blue eyes and smiled her lips losing colour.
"Matt, thats enough" I comanded, Indie let out a small gasp as Matt slowly pulled away exposing the new cut to the morning air. Working quickly i grabbed a length of bandage material from my pocket and procceded to bandage the new scar.
"Your so brave for doing this Indie" I whispered as i wrapped the last of the bandage round her arm. Leaning in i gave her a soft kiss on the lips.
"Thank you Indie." Matt said wiping the blood of my girlfriend from his mouth.
"Please don't thank me everytime i give you blood." She half-heartedly laughed. " You boys finish your breakfast, Sammantha should be up soon, i've decided we should tell her one by one what we are so we have more time to tellher things about ourselves." She said as she began walking round the barn.
"Oh yeah" She doubled back "I noticed that your blazer was on Sammantha this morning Matt, and that both of you left during the night. I can guess what happened but Matt promise me you will be careful."
"I promise" He said nodding towards her as she disappered round the front of the barn. I knew he didnt trust that promise he made, because he didnt belive it himself.
Without another word we proceed to devour our breakfasts.

Chapter 13:

Hocus Pocus...Hell No! ( Indie's view point)

Walking round the front of the run down barn, i clutched my throbbing arm and adjusted my sleeve down over my scars before pushing lightly one the rotton wood and the door creaked open revealling the sun streaked barn inside. Sammantha was just starting to stir awake.
"Good morning, Sammantha. Would you like some breakfast?" i asked flashing her my most welcoming smile.
"Uh yeah sure" She said wiping sleep from her eyes, "What do you have?" she said pulling Matts Blazer on as a Jacket.
"Well you can have, uncooked toast, ungrilled cheese, raw eggs." I chuckled, she found it funny and laughed too.
"Hmm Appitizing, How about uncooked toast and ungrilled cheese." She chortled "Do you have anything to drink?" She asked clearing her throat.
"Sure, we have water and apple juice." I answerd.
"Apple Juice please" She said acting like a three year old making us both laugh. I went to one of the bags stashed behind a bale of hay.
" I know we've not got much, but we've got money once we get to the next town, we plan to by some groceries and some tents and portable heaters and things." I said giving her the cheese sandwich and pulling out a plastic cup and filling it with apple juice.
"Indie? Em can i ask and can you tell me what the heck is going on?" She asked through bites of her sandwich.
I handed her the cup of juice.
" I don't think iim aloud to tell you that. But i promise you will know soon. But right here is when i have to tell you that all three of us, Ianto, Matt and I have a secret each. We decided to tell u one at a time. I've to go first. Well you know how Crystal said she sent "un-natural powers". Well we all have them. The truth is, Sammantha... i'm a witch." i confessed.
" After last night i'll belive anything so seriously your A witch like from Harry Potter, omg does hogwarts exist?" She asked not meaning any offense or sarcasim.
"To tell you the truth it does. Although i never went to Hogwarts, there were to many wars and there was someone there following students about writing there every move and made them into fictional book characters, i would never want to become some character in a book, so i went to RustelHurst instead, its not as well known but does produce some of the top Magic users in the country, and theres less fighting with bald pasty faced evil dudes and less gingers cause they all went to Hogwarts too. In fact i know some of the Weasly Boys myself, Nearly every red head you will ever meet, will be related to them in one way or another." I chuckled. Looking at Sammantha i saw she was about to burst with questions.
"So what spells can you do?, can you levitate things?, Have you ever been to diagon alley? Do you have a wand?" She blurted out so fast it ran together. I let a sigh
" I can pretty do any spell, Yes i can thats part of the spells, No i've never been to Diagon Alley, cause i didn't want to be dragged into being a litte strange side character. As for a a wand yes i do its hidden in my sock." I reached down and pulled the reddish brown stick from my pocket, it was about 8 and a half inches long. Showed her it for a moment and replaced it back in my sock. Just as i did that Ianto enterd the barn and began to stride his way over to us. Leaning down he gave me a hug and placed his hand softley on my sore arm. Gazing into my eyes , i giggled slighty as Sammanthachuckled and made a gagging sound and pretended to die.
"To...much sentiment." She gasped Standing up clutching her heart. "Choking on Love." She gasped, falling over a pile of hay laughing.
"So Ianto, don't you have something that you want to tell Sammantha about yourself." I jested.
"Uhh more secrets." she said sitting back down on the blanket covered floor.

Chapter 14:

You must be Howling mad (Ianto's point of view.)

"So, i asume Indie told you about her powers." I asked and saw both Sammantha and Indie nod their heads. "Well instead of telling you im going to show you. Please Follow me." I said crossing to the barn door, i held it open to let the ladies pass through. Grabbing Indies hand i led them behind the barn, Matt was still there, topless from the night before. He joined us, i noticed he took our warnings as he kept his distance from Sammantha but that doesn't mean she kept her distance from him. We sat down on some rocks, straining our eyes against the sun. Sitting next to Indie, Matt leaned against a tree in the shade Sammantha sat on th grass makng sure it was dry first.
"Well Sammantha, as you know Indie here is a witch." I said gesturing to Indie, "Well, the next two secrets you'll hear today are even less believable. You see Sammantha." I paused, trying to word it correctly. " I'm a Werewolf."i confessed.
"A werewolf!" She blinked " A honest to God, howling at the moon, eating rats, transforming hairy werewolf!?" She asked.
"Yes Sammantha i am.." i began to quote her. " A honest to God, howling at the moon,eating rats, transforming hairy werewolf." I said a grin spread across my face. "You want me to prove it then i will stay here." i comanded. Then i was off, hurtling full speed towards the biggest tree i could find, launching myself i get a grip on the tree bark and scrambled up it till i was pereched on the highest branch looking down on them, i couldn't help laugh at the look of disbilef on Sammantha's face, now for the heart stopper, Standing up i paced back and forth on the narrow branch.
"Are you convinced Sammantha...woahhh." I shouted as i pretended to lose my footing, hanging upside down from the branch i saw it was about to snap, brilliant, three, two, one, The branch snapped under the weight and i began to hurtle head first towards the ground like a bullet shot out of a gun. I heard Sammantha scream a scream of fear afraid i was going to splatter all over the ground bellow...Then almost like i was falling in slow motion, i turned, flipping over so my feet were now pointed at the ground, postion myself and...i landed softer than anyone should of, looking upwards i saw Sammantha running towards me, Indie was running quite a few feet behind her
"What the hell, are you trying to give me a heart attack, are you mad?" She seethed through gritted teeth and clutching her heart.
"Correction i'm not just mad, i'm HOWLING MAD!" I laughed, throwing my head back and howling upwards towards the sky, stopping when Indie finally reached us. Instantlly my face fell, she looked ill, really bad, she had no colour in her face, Her breaths were shallow and sharp and her eyes were wide, Glancing over at Matt, he seemed to know what was happening and was by my side in an instant, Indie Gasped for Air, Her eyes fluttered close and she began to fall forwards, reacting Quickly I thrust out to catch her, i saw Matt had done the same, trying to keep her up right.
"Whats Wrong with Indie?" Sammantha asked her voice filled with worry as Matt and I exchanged nervous glances.
"She'll be fine" I told her, scooping the unconcious Indie up into my arms and holding her close. " Just fainted from blood loss." I said and began walking round to the front of the barn. "I'll take her inside and look after her, you two stay here and get to know each other...and behave" I made sure Matt knew i was talking about him before taking the fragile little witch inside. Lying her on the blankets i pulled another blanket over her and felt her head, she was freezing, as if on cue she started to shiver under the blanket. Pulling the blanket up, i slid underneath it and grabed her cradeling her ice cold body against me, i let out a chortle as i thought of myself as her own life size furry waterbottle. Laying there, i decided to get some shut eye, i closed my eyes, tightened my grip and fell asleep.

Chapter 15:

Falls and Fangs (Matt's Veiw point)

As Ianto walked round the side of the barn, i knew he wasn't going to be back for a while, Forcing me to try be social with...her. I held my breath as Sammantha slid my purple blazer off of her shoulders, exposing bare arms, bare neck, top heart covered by a skimpy vest, a vest i could tear right off in one move and devour her right here. Thump, Thump. the beating of my non-existent heart started again, beating faster and faster as she walked towards me, Jacket in hand, other hand loosley by her side, nothing to protect her if i decided to take her. Trying to distract myself, i looked downwards to see her bare, pale white slender legs poking out from a pair of girls boxer shorts, That won't work, i distracted myself from her entierlly by looking at the sky.
"Matt." She spoke my name, Thump da thump my no existent heart was beating faster. "I'm not really sure if you like me or not, you don't speak to me but when i woke up this morning your jacket was over me." She asked wanting an explaniation.
"You looked cold." I said sniffing the air trying to find a scent that could over power her's. Suddenley her hand was on me, electryfing sending a shiver of cold up my already ice cold, marble white skin.
"We'll you'r cold now" she laughed, a laugh that rang clear over the ghostly thumping withn my chest cavtity. My whole body froze, the hair on the back of my neck and on my arms stood up like i was struck with a bolt of lightning, she pulled tme forward slightly and forced the jacket onto my bare flesh. I sniffed again, in extasy as her smell flew through every fibre of my body.
"So are you going to tell me, or do i have to guess." She jested.
"What?" I said snapping out of the trance she put me under.
"Hmm, Are you hiding elf ears behind that long hair, a monkey tail in your trousers, a retractible unicorn horn?" She joked.
"I wish, then i wouldn't of done what i did to you last night." I said as i began walking further into the trees
"Wait...what did you do?" She asked, i had frightened her, her tone of voice told me so.
" I could of almost lost control with you." I admitted, jumping upwards to grab a tree branch and pull myself up.
"Lost control? Why. Matt. What are you?" She asked her big sapphire eyes staring up at me, pleading with me.
"I'm...a creature of the what you would call in your story books a Dracula, an Alucard or a Edward Cullen. Sammantha, i'm what you'd call a vampire." I waited for her to run, to scream, to clutch her neck with both hands.
"A vampire. But the sun is up." She protested
"Thats a rumour, we dont burst into flames, crosses and holy water doesn't harm us, were not evil, we don't eat, we don't kill humans, if we mix Human blood and animal blood we can survive, and we most definetly do not sparkle." I smiled slightly.
" Well, what do you mean by "lost control"? she asked, and oh God she used air quotes to quote me, how cute. I lowered myself down from the branch.
"I never talked to you last night because your scent was over me, it was too much i had to distance myself from you. Then during the night you looked so cold, so i gave you my jacket but your scent was too overpowering, before i knew it my fangs were out and i was scraping them against your delicious neck." Now her hand clasped her neck.
"Did you... i mean did you... bite me?" She asked her eyes wide with fear.
"No, your fine, Ianto stopped me and kept me away from you till i regained control." I said leaning back against the tree.
"When you said my scent what do i smell like to you?" She asked hoping on top of a rock, obviouslly calm now and cool with the whole vampire thing.
"It's been a while since i had food, but i did have a sweet tooth, you'd taste like my old favourite, white chocolate covered strawberry." I smiled, and licked my lips playfully. It made her laugh again which was good as it dumbed down the damned heart beating in my mind.
" Well anything else i should know before the day is done?" she asked, hoping to another rock, losing her footing she began to fall backwards, i acted quickly, Dashing from the tree, i was behind her in seconds and caught her before she fell too far.
"Wow a Vampire Knight in shining armour." She blushed slightly the very sight of the blood flowing to her cheeks made my very soul want her now, but not as food, as mine, mine to hold.
"Sammantha, I think im in love you,ever since i first saw you i fell in love with you, i just wish i met you when my heart was still beating. i want to do something, don't worry im not going to bite you, i just want to try something." I told her, she nodded as a signal of her permisson. Leaning down to her neck, i inhaled, my eyes closed as i inhaled my most favorite smell in the world now. Slowley I kissed her on the neck, and i heard her gasp, a gasp for me, i kissed further up her neck, i felt her hands move round my back and clutch my jacket, She liked it, slowly i pulled away and gazed in her eyes for a moment, memorising the sparkles in the sapphire sea that is her eyes. I took the plunge, i pulled her up towards me and kissed her square on the mouth. Tempting, Her smell, her taste, the beat of her heart or was it my head torturing me. Ectasy, bliss, heaven, her. A voice broke us up.
"James! James! are you here." Shouted a strange voice
"That sounds like Tristian!" Sammantha exclaimed
Looking down on the country road , i could just make out a shape of a teenage boy, Carrying what looked like a giant glowstick, and clothed head to toe in garments of extrodinary bright colours. Sure enough this was Tristian Lethino, this was number five.

Chapter 16:

The Tale of Tristian (Sammatha's view point)

Our lips broke apart to the sound of a voice.
"James! James! are you here." Shouted a strange voice
"That sounds like Tristian!" i exclaimed.
Rushing down the hill past the barn to the empty road ahead fully aware that Matt would get there before me. I was right by the time i reached the road he was already there. Looking down the sun streaked country road i saw him in the distance.
"Tristian!" I shouted trying to get his attention "Tristian, Tristian over here its me Sammantha." Luck at last he spotted me and began to run towards us. Upon reaching us he was breathless, he didn't talk to me at first, he was more concentrated on Matt.
"Your...Number 1.." He gasped through heavy breaths. " Im Number 5." He stuck his hand out towards Matt, Matt shook it an un-convincing smile spread across his face.
"Why Hello Sammantha, Is James here i need to speak to him." He beamed at me
"Uh actually i don't know where he is, he told me to escape, he said he would wait for you to come back home and he'd meet up with us later." i confessed. Tristians eyes were wide his contacts reflecting the sun back at me.
"What...." he began to say before Matt interupted him.
"Come, lets go inside and tell us what you found out while you were away." Reaching around he pushed his hand on Tristians back and mine, ushering us towards the barn. A few steps from the front door Matt walked ahead knocking on the barn.
"Lovebirds! wakey wakey! were coming in." He joked pushing the barn door open and motioning for Tristian and i to step inside.
Ianto was awake and making some sandwiches for todays lunch, Indie was awake now too she was walking around with a blanket draped around her shoulders.
"Hey!" She said spotting us. "You must be Tristian" She indicated towards him " Im Indie" she rushed forward to shake his hand closley followed by Ianto who was watching very carefully to see if Indie would collapse again.
Tristian took her outstreched hand in his own and clasped it firmly.
"Nice to Finally meet you Miss Indie. And you must be Ianto." He leaned in to Shake Iantos hand, i though it odd the way Tristian stared at him, it was a stare of complete fascination.
"Tristian" Interupted Matt as she kicked some stray hay out of the way. "Please tell us of your trip."
Tristian sat down deep in thought
"Where to even begin." He sighed jokingly
"Well start at the begining" said Indie as she curled hersef up under more blankets "and when you get to the end, stop." She poked her head out from the mass of blankets like a child listening to there bed time story.
"Well." Tristian began. " After i left your flat once we met. James told me to go to London and look for the old man that was in the photograph on the bookcase. We thought it could of been Professer Morrison that Professer Cross told us about we needed to hear from him and also fill him in on whats been happening." He explained
"So did you find him?" Ianto asked perching himself on top of a nearby crate.
"No. I went to the house and no one was there it seems he moved to a unkown location." He said his blue streaks falling over his eyes.
"What about the Pheonix Institute?" Matt asked as i felt his arm drape around back and his hand sit protectivley on my hip, I noticed that only Ianto seemed to see this and shot Matt a glaring warning look.
"I tried to get near it." Tristian interupted "But i think that Lapis is using it as a base, i suspect thats where professer Cross is."
"And Probably Crystal and James too." In
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