Post Reply Which chars. in gintama are the best pairs??
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Posted 11/28/09 , edited 11/29/09
Just tell which two chars. are the best to pair up with...
If you some pics that I don't have, you can post it here

I will start off first..... Well i think Gintoki and Kagura are the best pair

you can go on youtube at lilkrazy666 and you can find some Ginkagu videos

The second would Okita and Kagura even tho they are enemies but they looks good together somehow

These are the top 2 pairings I like.... Now your turn

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Posted 2/23/10 , edited 2/23/10
well u said it, ginkagu are my tops, and 2nd would be okikagu. awwwwwwww so kawa ii!
Posted 7/5/10 , edited 7/5/10
Oki&Kaguuuuu >w< ♥
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Posted 7/29/10 , edited 7/30/10
Here I checked the wedsite
for the top 8. this one is Japanese rating only (0 30)/
-I took out the yaoi because they are not included in the straight pairing *I left the Japanese term for each of them too ( as the pair name)
1. Okita and Kagura 沖神
2. Gin-san and Tae-chan 銀妙
3. Kamui and Kagura 神威
4. Gin-san and kagura 銀神
5. Gin-san and Tsukuyo-san 銀月
6. Hijikita and mitsuba
7.Zura uh.. I mean Katsura ! and Ikumatsu-san 桂幾
8. Sakamoto and Mutsu 坂陸奥
the reason why I put top 8 because most of then are very close to each others. this is clollected from a weds poll not overall the entire fan
number 2and 3 are close and 5 to 8 too.
.To be honest their rating are pretty accurate for me I personally love Okita and Kagura from the beginning. <3 !!
OkiKagu and GinTae

sry I cant show full size of the picture because due to the copyright of the owner.
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Posted 8/3/11 , edited 8/3/11
Sougo and Kagura<3. Although they are enemies, they seem very compatible -- in personality and combat skills. They look good together and Okita has a cute nickname for her, "China." I really love this two characters, and it's even better that most people pair them up. The reason I love Okita is because of his unconvential and nonchalant personality. His sadism is just an added bonus. And I love his smartass remarks. It's hilarous. As for Kagura, I just love her tomboy attitude. Normal shounen heroines would be shy, weak, delicate creatures whoose all like, "I'll do all i can do to help." She says what she feels, and she's actually pretty strong. GIRLPOWER. And whenever they are together, they make a very funny episodes. They have this sorta Lovexhate relationship going on, and I don't care that Kagura is probably 14 and Okita is 19. I remember this one episode -- that Kagura was going to get hurt and he slammed the guy and said, "I'm the only one who can defeat her." Now if that's not evidence, I don't know what it is....<3 And I don't seem to be the only one noticing it: because alot of people seem to pair the two together. As for Gintoki and Kagura...I just cannot see it. Gintoki is probably in his late twenties or early thirties, now just how can Ginchan have a relationship with a 14 year old? They don't show or say anything that would even seem remotely romantic. Gin is more of Kagura's father/guardian. Their relationship is definately platonic.

And what else can I say? Sougo and Kagura look really good together. Whenever they are together, they get pumped up. Kagura is the only one that seems to put Okita in his place {with exception of his sister}. They are just a perfect fit: and I always get so happy when they are both in an episode. because they always have a cute rant/fight with each other, which always make the episode hilarious to watch. I've never wanted two people to be together so badly, so im hoping they get together<3
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