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Posted 11/30/09 , edited 11/30/09
Lately I've been reading with passion this manga. Though it's a shounen I admire the story. It's so touching and so exciting. My favorite character (like everyone I guess) is Ichigo Kurosaki.
He's a person with a superhuman potential, he can see Hollows (bad spirits). One day he met Rukia Kuchiki who is a Shinigami, a category of warriors in the Soul Society who is specially trained to fight Hollows in a professional way.
Confronted to troubles, Ichigo will take Rukia's craft and he'll become a fake Shinigami himself.
Here begins the story of these two people. He'll have to do Rukia Duties on earth fighting howllows and spirits.
And a lot of others adventures.
It is really really good, especially that Ichigo is the type of innocent cold guys. He's funny and sarcastic all the time. and he's strong and confident.

I recommend this great manga to anyone who hasn't read it or watched it yet.
And for those who had, share here your impression and favorite moments and characters.

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Posted 11/30/09 , edited 11/30/09
I started Bleach two and a half years ago. Loved it to bits at first, but it all fell apart for me after the Soul Society arc, and I personally feel as though it just keeps going downhill. =/

It's just fighting for the sake of fighting now. The plot's taken so much of a back seat that it isn't even funny anymore.
Posted 11/30/09 , edited 11/30/09
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