[[FEATURED]]Dear Santa
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Dear Santa
Well guys chrstimas is near here!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! This contest is easy, all you have to do is write a letter to santa, put everything you want for christmas and anything else you want to say or ask santa. The best letter will be put up on the group profile in time for christmas. You will win a great christmas prize. <3 [[HINT]] the more creative and decorative it is, the better chance.
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Dear Santa,

This year I don't want a lot since I'm practically a BIG girl now.
All I am asking for this year is:

* Ugg boots

* a Northface Khumbu fleece jacket
* a ring bought at tiffany's
* and some LUSH holiday bath & shower products :)

See! now that's not a lot! well santa I'll be waiting for you on christmas eve~
I'll be sure to make you lots of cookies this year. OH and say hi to all the reindeers for me!
Oh! and also Mrs. claus!

Lots of love~
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DeaR SanTa,

Even though I look like a big kid right now. I still act like a 10 year old. So what I want for Christmas this year is . . .

FirsT: a NEW beanie hat
SeconD: a NEW stuffed doggie.Don't hate cuz I'm a guy and I want a stuffed doggie Santa! I used to have a stuffed doggie but it not really stuffed anymore.
ThirD: a new iTouch cuz someone at school stole mines
FourTh: AND I really want one of those Santa helpers lol I think they are pretty cool

PS: I'll leave you a cup of milk and a plate of cookies.. Okay maybe only one cookie by the time you get to my house cuz I'll probably ate most of it. And I don't know about the milk. It MIGHT be spoiled, haven't checked the expiring date lately

From your 10 year old cookie eating kid that haven't check the expiring date for the milk,

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Dear Santa~,
I never ever believed with you but find myself writing this letter every year
I guess it became a habit to cure my boredom~
I think i've grown up!XD
this year i wish for....i wish to...see peace
the world is so chaotic in every place and country you go there are bad times
peace is extremely important !
so i hope you and your elfs can help me make it happen
out of peace comes love
and everyone needs love hehe XD!
no matter how they deny it
so pls grant my simple wish
Yous Sincerely,

I amaze myself with my wordsXD
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Dear Santa,

This Christmas I want CL and Tae Yang.. yes.. that's right I said it.
I would also like the latest laptop and an opportunity to become a rapper in
an all girl group in S.Korea. That would make me supper happy :D..
maybe a Wonder Girls T-shit/ CD and a concert ticket to their concert.

I also want world peace and end world hunger. I can't stand to see other
People hate each other. And to see people starve D: ..
If that's possible >__>..

Why are you so obese? That's not a good influence on kids D:
Eat some salads for once.. jeez.. You want kids to be like you?
I'm sorry Santa >.< that's just not healthy D: Oh, and how old are you?

Love, shirayukiIce ;D
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OMG your entry is the cutest as ever!
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teenytinytoe wrote:

OMG your entry is the cutest as ever!

thanks [:
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Santa, is it that only good little girls get gifts?
I'm not that good,so can i still get my presents?
This Is Wad i Want^^!~
(its really little only)

~3 mini skirts
~photoshop program
~new phone
~Cosplay costume of Alice-Pandora Hearts(full set including wig n shoes)
~Cosplay costume of Nana-Elfed Lied(full set including wig n shoes)
~note book cover sticker~picture of pandora hearts
~ tons of accesories!~

Thats all, not much right^^
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Dear Santa,

This Christmas,
i want for Christmas is to have
a anime member ship or dramas.
& photoshop.

Thank u Santa
Love, Justlikethewind
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