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Series Information

Kimi Ni Todoke
TV Series
Oct 7, 2009 to ?
Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Website to watch:
Air Date:


"Kuronuma Sawako’s one wish in life is to make friends. That’s a difficult proposition when everyone who meets this high school student cowers in terror! She just wants to be like her classmate Kazehaya-kun, a laid-back, easygoing guy."

Opening theme
Opening 1 :Kimi Ni Todoke by Tanizawa Tomofumi
Ending theme
Ending 1 :little by little by ???

Main Characters

Sawako Kuronuma - Voiced by Mamiko Noto: Sawako is a shy yet honest girl who is in search of friendship, but her resemblance to horror film character Sadako and Sawako's tendency to shy away from correcting people of misconceptions prevent her from doing so. Thanks to Kazehaya's kind and open nature, she is able to gradually make friends, open up to her classmates, and talk to different people. She is grateful (and at first, worships) Kazehaya for giving her the opportunities to make close friends, which come to include Yano, Yoshida, Kazehaya and Ryu. Yano and Yoshida admits that Sawako's 'like' to Kazehaya might be even more than Yano and Yoshida themselves. She is rather short, in part because her father is as well (he is only 160 cm tall) and is surprisingly fast (to the point some people believe she is teleporting) which is revealed during a soccer match at the school's sports festival. During Chizuru and Ayane's first visit to Sawako's house, Chizuru notes that Sawako's lips look like her mother's and most of Sawako's other features resemble her father's. A running gag is that she seems to take what people say seriously as well as over analyze a situation, which tends to scare the people around her.

Shota Kazehaya - Voiced by Daisuke Namikawa: Kazehaya is Sawako's outgoing and friendly classmate. He is so popular that during middle school, so many girls liked him that they formed a "Kazehaya is Everyone's" Alliance in order to maintain some level of peace among his admirers and more than half of these girls now attend the same high school. Kazehaya has held a long standing interest in Sawako and admits (though not to Sawako) that he likes her (He gets jealous easily), unaware that she feels the same for him. During their second year of high school, he begins to wonder if she actually likes him after she does not give him chocolates on Valentine's Day, not knowing that she had been too nervous to give him any. He seemingly becomes calmer and shows a depressed and expressionless face more often. However, after being confronted by Ryuu (influenced by Chizuru) and Pin, Kazehaya goes to Sawako as his friends jokingly remark that he likes Sawako; however, Kazehaya takes the remark seriously and agrees, subsequently confessing directly to Sawako.
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