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Posted 12/1/09 , edited 12/1/09
All right at here is simple. Just introduce yourself! XD

So allow me first.

My name is Tsukiko Mizuki. 15th yr old this year. B-day on 6th October. I have a lot of hobbies. I love to made graphic and stuff and many more desu! I love to eat Takoyaki and cream puff! XD I love baking. To know more, go to my profile desu! XD Lazy to introduced much now cuz i nid to go to other group to check out the graphic requests.

Okies now is ur turn next to introduced! XD

Have fun!!! ^^
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25 / F / at school
Posted 12/4/09 , edited 12/4/09
my name's summer blythe felise. call me blythe for short. i'm just a normal person with a great liking for chocolate, cakes, cookies and, of course, anime.
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Posted 12/5/09 , edited 12/5/09
My name is mochizuki Asuna you can call me asuna for short I'm a simple girl who's Addicted in Animes...I love to eat sweets and many more if u want to lknow more about me Click this barbie_09 this prof.!

Hajimemashite mInna-san!
Posted 12/6/09 , edited 12/6/09
i'm ishimaru soujiro.. ishi for short.. i'm still 13 and i loalso love eating sweet stuff.. i love penguins, chibis and anime! to know more please check out my profile.. Penguin_Taichou
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24 / F / Heaven
Posted 12/15/09 , edited 12/16/09
Hi,guys! I am Kira Mitzuko. You can call me Kira,Ki,Ra or Mahou-chan. My age isn't important right now.You see,I love anything sweet.Hope we'll be good friends. Visit my profile to find out more about me,brass123.

STATUS: Accepting all buddy invites!
Posted 12/23/09 , edited 12/23/09
Hello! My name is Yui Ogura.My age isn't important.I like sweets and pastries and anime and of course Crunchyroll.Please be my friend!
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Posted 1/9/10 , edited 1/10/10
im Kim bday 21 Aug , like reading things doing stuffs being silence no i meant being by myself
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