Childhood Memories!
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What sort of things do you remember on TV and things that were just really huge in your time.


POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who could forget? The cards ruined my early education but hell it was fun! It still is huge, haha incredible...all these years.

Space Jam!

umm what else...


I wanted to be the pink one and we would pretend to be the power rangers and fight over who gets to be the pink one, I always won HAHA!

There was also a kids TV show called Milkshake, they played all the good stuff, Grizzly Addams, Incredible Hulk....

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Hi5, Barney, Dora (lol no I hated that b*tch), Dragon Tales, DEXTER XDDDDDD
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Me too Pokemon still can't forget it song i loved it
Ed Eed & Eddy so love them they were so funny
Spongebob i so heart him
Dora the explorer
Rugrats hahaha
Cat Dog

courage the cowardly dog he is the best
there is a lot can't remember them right now
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Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy VII, Nirvana, Queen, Michael Jackson, etc.
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