Hatoyama's 'change of government' wins buzzword award
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Posted 12/1/09 , edited 12/1/09
Hatoyama's 'change of government' wins buzzword award

Wednesday 02nd December, 04:11 AM JST


The phrase ‘‘seiken kotai’’ (change of government), which became hugely popular across the country via the Democratic Party of Japan’s election campaign, has been selected as this year’s top buzzword, the organizer of the award said Tuesday.

Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama received the annual award for using the pithy phrase to secure overwhelming public support in the August general election, which saw his DPJ defeat the long-ruling Liberal Democratic Party, publisher Jiyukokuminsha said.

“This is something we should be thankful for,” Hatoyama told reporters regarding winning the award, adding that the DPJ achieved the historic change in power in Japanese politics ‘‘together with people in Japan.’‘

The award-winning phrase ‘‘shouldn’t remain popular,’’ Hatoyama quipped as he expressed hope the DPJ-led government will not be short-lived. ‘‘Still, I think it’s good in the sense that there must be power shifts for democracy,’’ he added.

Hatoyama also won the award in 1996 with the word ‘‘yuai’’ (fraternity), which depicts his political ideal. However, it failed to make the top-10 list this year despite his repeated use of the word both in domestic politics and diplomatic events since taking office in mid-September.

‘‘It’s fine with me. There’s no need to give it a second chance,’’ he said.

‘‘Shingata influenza’’ (new influenza) and ‘‘jigyo shiwake’’ (screening state projects) were among the top-10 buzzwords.

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