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Here you can tell people about your best or first or childhood friend. Like where and how did you meet and so on.

I'll start:
My best,first and childhood friend is Mary (angel_nari) Our meeting is a little awkward.
At that time she was 4 years old, and I-5. When she was little she was very crazy child.She liked climbing trees. One day,as regular,she was climbing tree when her foot slipped and she fell down,I was standing under the tree and she fell on me.when she fell she said :"wow,that didn't hurt" and smiled.and then she heard a voiceom. why are u smiling and can you get off me? she was evry surprised to find somebody under her.She apologized and then i was avoiding her for some time,cuz i thought she was troublemaker(what was true lol) after that we became close friends,then entered school and got into the same class. Now we are BFF and are in same class and sit togather
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oh...i remember that it was so funny well,for me. after we became friends i often fell on you,that became a habbit
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