If there was such a thing as Christmas Anime, what would the Stories and Traditions be?
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Posted 12/2/09 , edited 12/3/09
For example: December has Christmas themes for stories (REALLY?!?!) . So what kind of theme would the stories be at Christmas-anime? um....so if you had a story like...."How Lupin (or itachi from naruto) Stole Christmas" (Lupin being the most famous anime thief!),"An CLAMP (Or anime) Carol" (Instead of a Christmas Carol), "The Shinkansen Express" (Shinkansen is a bullet train popular in Japan. Title based off Polar Express), "Chopper the Blue-Nosed Reindeer" (from One Piece),The Little Drummer Goku (Dragon ball z, remains me for robot chicken),
and for the charaters, instead of a Santa Claus head for that, try Lelouch Lamperouge (code geass) or Simon (Gurren Lagann) XD
Stuff like that....

Hint: You can add any anime or/and video game (animestyle), you can do a crossover what ever you want.

Does this make sense to anybody? If not, im sorry, im running out of things to ask.

Bonus: Do you plan to give or receive any Gifts for Christmas this year?

Note: I'm doing this again because i fought that is not a poll
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Santa accidental crashes on a shinigami and now has to collect peoples souls wile having to give presents to all the good children's........ and later on he finds out that his job is much more efficient if he kills the good children's and give them a present and also sends them to soul society.....

I couldn't think of anything too creative, and only violence (its my current mood...) but oh well....... (I only saw the first eps of bleach so if I said something wrong then i apologize.....)

and for the gifts for Christmas.... probably not.
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Posted 12/2/09 , edited 12/3/09
Santa Claus owns ONE PIECE and, Luffy's crew go after him since he knows where it is!

Gendo Ikari as "Evangelion Scrooge" and he gets visited by the shinigami's of Christmas

The Three wize(?) Hokage and their mission to see the newborn baby in the manger.....

Ranma goes on a training mission and finds a red nosed reindeer in the forest and promply cooks and eats it. Santa finds out and wants Ranma to find a suitable Replacement. Now he's off to china to sucker someone into the 'Spring of Drowned Reindeer' for obvious reasons!

well thats all I can come up with for now!
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