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I'm a Gamer on a mission to play and collect.
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32 / M / Temple of Necros
Posted 11/4/06 , edited 11/4/06
Im looking for ps2 games only.

Dont post any games that dont belong with this list.

<Games i currently own>
1:final fantasy 10
2:final fantasy 10-2
3:final fantasy 12
4:Star Ocean: till end of time
5:Magna Carta: Tears Of Blood
6: Unlimited saga
7:Kingdom hearts
8: Kingdom hearts 2
9: Grandia 2
10:Grandia 3
12:summoner 2
13:Arc the lad:Twilight of spirits
14:Wild arms 3
15:wild arms 4
16:Xenosaga episode 1
17:Xenosaga episode 2
18:Xenosaga episode 3
19:Seven Samurai 20XX
20:Shining force Neo
21:Okage: shadow king
22:Mark of Khi
23:Radiata stories
24:tales of legia
25:Duel saga 2

im looking for games specific to the genre of role with good storylines for this list.
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29 / M / United States
Posted 11/4/06 , edited 11/4/06
basically u want RPGs
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30 / M / San Francisco
Posted 11/4/06 , edited 11/4/06
The Tales series is great.
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35 / M / B.C Canada
Posted 11/4/06 , edited 11/4/06
are you specificly looking for a strict final fantasy style RPG? or are you also interested in tactics style games like FF tactics? if you want the tactics games for PS2 you should be looking at disgiea 1 and 2, phantom brave, makai kingdom and le pucel tactics (not positive on the spelling of the last one) hope this helps.
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35 / F / California
Posted 11/4/06 , edited 11/4/06
hmm I have a couple of good recommendations:

here they are:
Dark cloud
Dark cloud 2
Suikoden 4
(if you like tactics I also recommend Suikoden tactics)
Growlanser generations
Shining tears
There is also a lot more but you'll find them by looking up on interent too.
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32 / M / California
Posted 11/4/06 , edited 11/5/06
Dragon Quest VIII
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31 / F
Posted 11/4/06 , edited 11/5/06
I prefer psychotic/horror games, you see. I love the Fatal Frame series. Fatal Frame II and III is for PS2, while the first installation is for PS.

Fatal Frame II is in ancient japanese setting, with 2 modern twin sisters Mio and Mayu who mysteriously stumbles upon a strange village called the All God's Village. The twins decide to explore the place, since they are lost within the forest.

Unfortunately, nobody in the village is alive, as the failure of a terrifying ritual has triggered the wrath of their 'God' causing the entire village to be wiped out. The elder twin (your main character) Mio finds a strange looking camera, equipped with basic film within the first house they encounter, and soon, the fight with the supernatural begins.

I've completed the game 3 times, it's worthy to replay, and camera upgrades keep this game interesting.

Indigo Prophecy is good as well. It's a game of choice, where you play this guy who appears to be controlled by something supernatural, and kills somebody subconsiously in a male toilet. You only realise after that man is dead.

The choices you make after that determines what may happen next. Are you going to drag the dead body to one of the stalls, washing your hands to get rid of evidence, while risking the fact that someone might walk in on you, or are you going to make a break for it, with a policeman seated outside?

The choices will not make or break the game, but it affects the game in tiny ways. If your character is too stressed, he may end up misplacing important clues, thus giving the detectives a chance to discover new clues, whereas a clear headed character will be able to conceal things like knives properly.

The twist is that you get to play not only your main suspect, but the police personnel as well, one male and one female. If you are able to find clues left by the suspect, you gain points, but playing as the suspect you may drive yourself close to insanity. This game searches for the truth, standing on no sides.

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29 / M / ?
Posted 11/4/06 , edited 11/5/06
ahhh, you basically have every game i have.

I recommend Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria (currently playing)
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29 / M
Posted 11/5/06 , edited 11/5/06
metal gear solid is a good. i think thats an rpg.
Posted 11/5/06 , edited 11/5/06
no, its not waffle.

disgaea, makai, growlanser, ff12 i hear is amazing. altho why on EARTH you only want ps2 games is beyond me. ps1 has much better rpgs. ff4-9(8 sucked) xenogears, chrono trigger, fft, tactics ogre, ogre battle, parasite eve, star ocean:second story, tales of destiny and 2(eternia in japanese), dragon quest 7, kartia is good im told, suikoden games, lunar and lunar 2, chrono corss (i hated it, but it was well liked by many), a fun little dungeon crawler called darkstone, legend of dragoon (i didnt like it, but again it was well liked) legend of lagaia, tobal number 1 was fun. wild arms 1, brave fencer musashi. ff1 and 2 are on ps1 as well, but eh.

there are tons and tons of others. PLAY THEM!

oh, and the shin megami games, and shadow hearts games.
Posted 11/5/06 , edited 11/6/06
ahh the lunar games god how i loved those i even played the rmake one for the gba. but to add ot that list for playstation the saga frontier games, vandal hearts birgandine and Erghiez god bless the ring. Also Knights crusade! (if anyone else has played this game your my new best friend)

Trevor (OP)
Posted 11/6/06 , edited 11/6/06
i LOVED the ergheiz rpg...but i beat it in one day.

knights crusade. did that have the little chibi knight dude on the cover? i may have actually played that. there for awhile, i played any rpg i could find.
Posted 11/6/06 , edited 11/7/06
yea it did and he used toys he found that had crazy ass powers when he summoned them....yeaa erghiez was great you could even get clouds buster sword haha

Trevor (OP)
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29 / F / Washington (the s...
Posted 11/6/06 , edited 11/7/06
Forgive me if I repeat a game you already have. Anyway, my recommendations for PS2 RPGs:

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (my favorite game ever. SRPG. Very funny game and addictive gameplay)

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories (another of my favorites games. SRPG)

La Pucelle Tactics (a bit slow to start, but enjoyable if you like SRPGs)

Phantom Brave (I love the story, but some might find it sappy)

Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome (Funny story, but more gameplay based)

Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana (Fun game, that uses alchemy. Not the best story ever, but good enough)

Atelier Iris 2: Azoth of Destiny (like it's prequel/sequel above)

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (AWESOME game, with a definitely unique storyline. Hard, though)

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga I (Another awesome storyline. But you have to get both DDS I and II, since they are directly tied)

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga II (second half to the first)

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner (I haven't had much time to play it but, it's Shin Megami Tensei. I've never played a bad SMT game)

Tsugunai: Atonement (Interesting if only because of the unique approach at having to possess people)

Growlancer Generations (Two games in one. Growlancer II is my recommendation. Growlancer III isn't quite as good, imo, but still interesting enough. Growlancer II gets mega bonus points for the main character wielding a scythe and for a branching storyline)

Stella Deus (Not a lot of people like this game, but I love it. Though also not for people who dislike SRPGs. I like the storyline, though I suppose it's not that great.)

Dragon Quest VIII (One of the few SE games I don't think is totally overrated. But, I'm a DQ fangirl, so I might be biased)

Shadow Hearts (Great story, great gameplay. All around good game. Has the amazing ability to be dark and funny, which often does not go well in games)

Shadow Hearts: Convenant (same as the prequel)

Suikoden III (not the best story ever, but interesting, I think. Then again, I'm a Suikoden fangirl so I might be a bit biased. (even though I can't recommend Suikoden IV))

Suikoden V (Very good story, in my opinion. One of the best games on the PS2. Good story and gameplay)

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter (Another game with a great story and unique. Although pretty hard if you spam your special attacks too much.)
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30 / M / IL
Posted 11/6/06 , edited 11/7/06
The lack of Nippon Ichi games in your collection makes my pants sad. Do yourself a favor - Pick up these if you can find them. Strategy RPGs at their finest, in my opinion.

- Disgaea
- Disgaea 2
- La Pucelle Tactics
- Phantom Brave
- Makai Kingdom

Also look into Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Okami is delightful as well.
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