For Asian Haters
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Posted 12/4/09 , edited 12/4/09
i did not made this
I got this from the myspace
of my cousin in abroad.

this is for all Asian haters :3, -NOT mine,
just spreading the word

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1. We do not comprehend the words "ching chong".

2. WHATTHEHELL does "ching chong" even mean?!

3. Not all Koreans make nuclear bombs or eat dogs.

4. Just cause you see an Asian person it doesn't mean they're Chinese, they could be Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipino etc.

5. We are not all COMMUNISTS.

6. We don't always eat egg rolls and when we do it's like once in a blue moon.

7. Asian girls with long black hair HATE being called The Grudge or the girl from The Ring. Same goes for Asian guys and being called Grudge boy.

9. Dynasty Express and China King are not considered "real" Chinese food.

10. We don't use THAT much M-S-G.

11. Don't ask us to speak our language, we will when we feel like it.

12. We don't know how to translate your name so stop asking cause most likely we can't.

13. Don't ask us to teach you curse words either.

14. Stop trying to pair up Asian guys and girls at your school and say they look cute together. Not all Asians belong together.

15. All Asian countries speak different languages.

16. Just because we're Asian it doesn't mean that we know karate, kung fu, tae kwon do etc. Even though we are probably capable of kicking your butt anyway.

17. Don't say all Asian people look the same, that's like saying all white people look the same, all African Americans look the same and all Hispanics look the same. When will you realize your stupidity?

18. Surprise! Not all Asians are good at maths.

19. Not all Asians are short.

20. Or skinny.

21. By the way, it's VietNAMese, not VietMANese.

22. Not all Asian families run a nail shop although some of them do.

23. Same goes for convenient stores and laundromats.

24. What do you people stare at? Haven't you seen an Asian person before?

25. Just to let you know, it's NOT funny when you tape your eyes up and start speaking gibberish. That just gives us another reason to kick your butt.

26. Go ahead, make fun of us. We'll just make fun of you in our own language.

28. Yeah we eat rice, so what? Got rice?

29. Don't fold your hands and bow at us like you know what you're doing cause honestly you look like an idiot.

30. Don't ask if the Chinese use cat in their food, if they did they would label it "cat lo mein" instead of beef lo mein. They don't use cat if you didn't already guess that by now.

31. No...Yao Ming is not my uncle.

32. Chopsticks are the perfect utensil and the easiest to wash.

33. White rice is the perfect side dish.

34. Soy Sauce tastes great on almost everything.

35. People from India are Asians too.

36. People from the Middle East are just as Asian as people from the southeast.


I didn't write this !

Jenny's ideas ! <3

38. No, you may not come round my house for a free Chinese.

39. All of china does not consist of ONLY villages, there are cities too.

40. Not half of china consist of rice fields.

41. We do not cook dogs or cats. Say that to me, and i will cook your own dog and give it to you as your 'takeaway'.

42. I will not give you a fortune cookie.

43. Japan is NOT in china.

44. Just because you see another Asian somewhere, it does NOT mean i know them.

45. Stop saying "oh he looks cute, go for him" just because we're Asian.

46. We DO NOT always eat Chinese food, most of us eat other foods, such as Indian, English, American, Italian, just like how you white people eat Chinese?


47. Asia is NOT a country, it is an continent.

48. Asian is NOT a language.


50. Not all of us Asians are rich = its a big assumption in the USA.

51. Not all of us Asians are bad drivers = that's the worst stereotype ever =/

52. And this is the fact that even amongst Asian countries themselves they preferred to be called something else so don't straight assume. E.g. From Taiwan, Taiwanese not Chinese.

53. Example, people who live in Taiwan consider themselves Taiwanese not Chinese so please consider your usage or assumptions of ethnicity.

54. There is no freaking language called Chinese. Chinese is an ethnicity. It's either mandarin, Cantonese or all the other languages in China.

55. People say eating Asian food is fattening. If you think that, we eat it everyday. Do you see most of us obese? We eat the healthy traditional food. And not egg fried rice everyday!

56. Just because we have the same last name doesn't mean we're related.

57. Not all of us own take-aways, restaurants and salons.

All Asian haters can suck balls. Good-bye :D

Sorry for the foul words, maybe they
just got carried away by the emotions :))

BTW, I'm a Filipino, and I'm proud of it !
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Ching chong.

EDIT: Thanks for the good laugh.
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Posted 12/4/09 , edited 12/4/09
Ching chong

EDIT: Likewise
Posted 12/4/09 , edited 12/4/09
sounds like a chain letter.
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55. People say eating Asian food is fattening. If you think that, we eat it everyday. Do you see most of us obese? We eat the healthy traditional food. And not egg fried rice everyday!

my well rounded gut begs to differ..
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43. Japan is NOT in china.

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Posted 12/4/09 , edited 12/4/09

26. Go ahead, make fun of us. We'll just make fun of you in our own language.

Oh no! Anything but that!

Seriously though, just ignore the haters. You're letting it get to you and quite frankly making a fool out of yourself.
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look like someone's bored here...

anyways nicx010

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All of the hateful remarks people make come from their lack of insight and the unwillingness to even learn. Asian cultures are ancient and best learned from. Some of the first pottery was discovered in Japan and it was from the Jomon Era some twelve thousand years ago. I also get a bit pissed about people calling the Japanese written language backwards. If anything, western languages could be considered backwards since Asian cultures have had a written language for far longer. If there is hope for our world, then ignorant people will take their heads out of their asses and find out the truth for themselves and become better for it.
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