Famous Ulhjiang Models?

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Hey guys, here r some famous/infamous ulzzangs (taiwanese) /Japanese & Viet models.

1. Komi Xi

* Name: Komi.Xi
* Birthplace: China
* Ethnicity: Chinese
* Languages: Chinese & English
* Website: Komi.Xi's REAL Flickr-Account
Komi Xi is one of the most popular Ulzzang models of all time. Komi was born in CHINA and still lives there, she does modeling all over Asia though.

2. MeiMei

* Name: Guo Jie Qi (郭婕祁) Mei Mei
* Nicknames: Xiao Ding Dang (小叮噹), Ti Pang Jie Jie (蹄膀姐姐), Jin Hua (金華)
* Birthday: August 16, 1985
* Birthplace: Taiwan
* Blood type: O
* Height: 158cm
* Weight: 55kg
MeiMei is a member of Chinese group Hei Se Hui Mei Mei, she is also a very popular Ulzzang internet model. MeiMei is the younger sister of Ulzzang model JieJie.

3. QiQi

* Name: Qiqi
* Ethnicity: Chinese
* Website: Qiqi's REAL Flickr-Account
Qiqi is a Chinese Ulzzang internet model.

4. JieJie

* Name: JieJie
* Ethnicity: Chinese
JieJie is a Ulzzang internet model, who is the bigger sister of MeiMei.

5. Tiki

* Name: Tiki Sawabara
* Stage Name: TIKI
* Birthday: September 12
* Birthplace: Shinjuku, Japan
TIKI is a Japanese Ulzzang model from Japan. TIKI is one of the most popular Ulzzang models most recently.

6. Xiao Han

* Name: Zhuang Shu Han
* Stage Name: Xiao Han
* Birthday: February 2, 1988
* Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Xiao Han is a Taiwanese Ulzzang model. Xiao is very popular on the internet and there are tons of fakes out there taking her pictures (which she hates, obviously). Xiao only has Wretch and does not use anything else. She has posted millions and millions of photos on the internet and people love them.

7. Xiao Ma

* Name: Xiao Ma
* Birthday: May 23, 1990
* Birthplace: New York
* Currently In: New York
* Height: 5'2
* Favorite Music: C-Pop, Trance
* Hobbies: Chatting, Shopping, and Hanging with Friends
Xiao Ma is a Chinese Ulzzang internet model who is not very popular but has just started Ulzzang modeling around 2006-2007. Xiao started with a simple Piczo website, then got a little bit bigger and was starting to make it on Ulzzang sites and is still not very popular but is getting there, a little more advertising and she will be up there.

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Name: Nekonana
• Birthplace: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
• Ethnicity: Vietnamese/italian
Nekonana is an Ulzzang model. She was born in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and currently studying in Sweden. Neko is Cat in Japanese.

Name: Ivy Tran
• Birthday: October 12
• Birthplace: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
• Currently In: Brooklyn, NY
• Ethnicity: 50% Chinese 50% Vietnamese
• Favorite music: 2PM, BIG BANG, DBSK, T.O.P
• Favorite TV Shows: Any Asian dramas
• Favorite Movie: Twilight
• Likes: Chonny (Youtube), Pon & Zi
• Dislikes: Miley Cyrus, and Zac Efron

Name: Aniki Chan
• Birthday: October 16, 1992
• Birthplace: Toronto, ON, Canada
• Favorite TV Shows: Korean & Japanese drama's
• Favorite Movies: Any Chinese movies
• Hobbies: Singing, Karaoke, hanging with friends and listening to music.

Name: Cece Jiang
• Birthday: June 27, 1987
• Ethnicity: Chinese
• Favorite music: J-Pop, trance, hip-hop
• Favorite word: Kawaii!
Cece Jiang is a Chinese Ulzzang internet model who is not very popular.

Name: Fenny
• Birthplace: California
• Ethnicity: Chinese
• Favorite quote: Simple is Best

Name: Jiji
• Birthplace: Shanghai, China

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But the whole ulzzang thing i s from korea how come you dont have a single korean one?
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