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Quality Parenting ITT

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19 / M / yamaku
Posted 12/4/09 , edited 12/5/09

EverlastingDivinity wrote:

h3ntie wrote:

rofl @ "200 years? he probably won't even be alive by then"

I see you've made some anti-fans

Sad story

This is a sad story. I've come to accept it. We're all fucked.

not even. im loved by all
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25 / F / Wherever i feel l...
Posted 12/5/09 , edited 12/5/09
what an idiot. and to counter his defense heres something "wouldnt torturing the devil piss it off? and it would go after you? Use your brain idiot!" jeez some people are such idiots makes me want to beat the crap out of him and make him eat cockroachs and a dead mouse see how he likes it.
Posted 12/5/09 , edited 12/5/09
There are wolves in Wisconsin. Nbd, js.
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Posted 12/7/09 , edited 12/7/09
Both of them should get beat up to see how it feel to get hurt.
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26 / M / O.C. So.Cal
Posted 12/7/09 , edited 12/8/09
what goes around comes around
Posted 12/7/09 , edited 12/8/09
Imagine that. Parents mistreating their kids. Whoda thunk?
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24 / F / philippines
Posted 12/8/09 , edited 12/8/09
woah... i was like.. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.....
damn... thats why i hate adults...
they think because they're older they can do anything they want...
and what was their reason?...
'Theres a devil inside her'... FUCK THEM!!!!!!
the one who has a devil inside them is him...
and thats not the right way to do it...
if its true then call a Damn exorcist...
how a could parent do that....
thats just shit...

now i'm totally pissed off....
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Posted 12/8/09 , edited 12/8/09

Kippu wrote:

I see gaia has beat me to it.
I agree with her.

What the fuck? And the mother isn't getting charged as well? O_o
If you ask me the mother should also be put behind bars. Who the hell just stands by and watches their husband do that to your own children? At least she admitted to it at court. I wonder if she did anything to the kids as well...

The mother's trial was last month.
This news article was for the father's trial.

But yes, what they did to their children is horrific.
No one should ever be treated that way.
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