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Posted 12/5/09 , edited 12/5/09

Please fill out the application:
What program/s you use:
How often can you help:

What area/s are you good at: (ex. Avatars, Banners, Colour Manga, etc. please state)

Post 3 pictures (examples of your work).please put picture/s in spoiler

Important Questions!
Why do you think you deserve to be a ''Maker ''?
Are you a moderator for any other Graphic making group? (please be honest):
Do You think that you can help us make the profile graphics?

To all Mods
A few reminders to all new mods

1. After Completing any requests please post that you have finshed in on the main forum post
2. All completed graphixs are to be uploaded in the group main folder
3. If you not going to be active please inform me
4. Please upload a few examples of your work in the designers example page
5. If you have any more question please contact me
6. Always have fun
7. When your accepted you will be under probation to see how active you are then you will be made an offical mod.
8. Your incharge of
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