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Posted 12/5/09 , edited 12/5/09
The Awe-Inspiring Dragon

“Men go abroad to wonder at the height of mountains, to marvel at the vast compass of the seas, but they pass by the most important thing, themselves, without even wondering.” These are great words from Augustine that inspire me as much as my favorite singer. There are many people who motivate me, even as much as my mother. But this incident, this life changing moment, completely flipped my whole universe around. All of this happened because of one simple change of plans.

Transformation day came on a normal, boring, summer afternoon. I had lost track of time, but all I knew was that it was hot and all too boring. Mom decided to drag me off to go shopping and I reluctantly agreed. We went to the mall and stayed at JCPenney for three hours, yet at the end, as always, she chose not to buy the shirt she had held onto forever. Always saying, “Ah never mind that, I don’t really need that anyways.” Next stop on my mother’s Oh-so-exciting plans was to go to the Family Christian Bookstore.

I don’t really mind going in there, it’s not such a hassle. They always have a Veggie tales movie on, so I was pretty entertained whenever I visited. But for no apparent reason, I began to look over books. At that time I didn’t really read much. I enjoyed books rarely because I’d usually be playing on the computer with every other newly found website. There was a book there that caught my attention and I decided to get it to ebb the flow of boredom the next day. “‘Chosen’ by Ted Dekker,” I thought, “weird but seems interesting enough.”
My mom stood at the music corner listening to some of the multitudes of tracks for an upcoming performance at Church the coming Sunday. As I showed her the book, she just nodded and dismissed me too browse around the store once again. After going through countless CDs, mom finally chose her song and we began our trek towards the cash register. Then, I stopped suddenly. A big, black book with a dragon and two teens on it sat lazily on the shelf next to its counterparts of kiddy miniatures. It stopped me dead cold in my tracks.

I, out of impulse, quickly switched out the books and convinced my mom that it was cheaper by a few bucks. We got back home and I wondered, as I sat in our lump of a couch, “Why did I get this?” As I skimmed through the pages I was stunned at how long this hefty book was. So I began to read it, to get over with it, and I got enthralled into a world that was completely fantasy. It felt like a dream, but one of the dreams that you swear that were real! This book was invigorating! I felt so alive! Its captivation made me skip my usual evening supper and lose days worth of sleep. To you it may seem crazy to read this much, but to me now, it feels totally sane.

And now, I speak with the author himself, Bryan Davis! He’s amazing and completely brilliant. His compulsive essays that he sends are mind-blowing and they help me encourage others to be better people also. My favorite characters are his well written female heroines, like Bonnie, Ashley, and Kelly! They’ve been my role models and have shaped my life into a great adventure. When I read any book now, I live the book. I don’t just sit around and read meaningless words that aren’t written from the heart. Mr. Bryan Davis has taught me to love more, learn more, live more, and chase after my dreams and aspirations. His tales and stories have changed my mindset on life and faith. He is one of my top inspirations.
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thats cool
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