why do people get defensive about there fav anime
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as the title says why do some people get so defensive about there fav animes or manga. like far enough if you like that anime then good for u but why do some people start an argument with u if u dont like it and the worst is when they start listing out reasons why they think its good. so why do u think some people do that and are u one of them
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There just too sensitive
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Think about it this way.
You have a girlfriend/boyfriend. You love her very much.
People call your girlfriend fat and ugly and disgusting.
It's just their opinion, but you would probably be pissed, right?
Anime may not be in the same level of category as comparing to a lover but its the same concept. Anime fans are very into anime because
they find that there are perspectives to anime that can't be found anywhere else, not even in other movies or tv shows. Anime is a different type of entertainment.

So basically, you would probably get very offended if people thoughtlessly criticized your passion or love for something or someone, right?

their just sensitive


Defensive when someone makes fun of anime.
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well I do that as well , just can't help myself .

I know it maybe sound silly but to love some anima or anyserie can say a lot about the taste of the one who love it .

so if someone alse think it's no good as you belive it is ... it's like saying that you got a bad taste .

that's one of the reason but also that people get attached to the things he love and feel need to defend it as well .

you feel it maybe yourself when you really be fan and adore something
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As Shohee said, Duplicate Thread.
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