[TOPIC] Introduce yourselves!!

Posted 12/6/09 , edited 12/6/09
Ohkay, so if you're new here or whateveer come and introduce yourself to other peoples!! :DD

Random Shizz:

Have fun, kiddies!!!!(;

Posted 12/6/09 , edited 12/6/09
Name: Kiki reitanme
Age: 18
(Opt.)Location: Mars o,...,o
Likes: Music, gals, guys, movies, video games, neon things, fluffy things, Hello Kitty, Domo, Toki Doki, Pokemon, makeup, hairspray, etc.
Dislikes: country music, peas, drama
Hobbies: Texting, collecting mangas, watching anime, doing my hair/makeup, playing video games, sleeeping, writing, drawing, singing/screaming, playing piano, chilling, etc.
Random Shizz: I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurence by switching to Geico! :O :O :O
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28 / M
Posted 12/17/09 , edited 12/17/09
Name: Christian Freak_Show_
Age: 19
(OPT.)Location: Usa, Virginia
Likes: Computers, raves, clubs, discos, partying, music, girls, guys, movies, television, cellular devices, people, MEAT :O Omnomnomnomnom ^_^
Dislikes: Your mom, vegetables, cold-ness
Hobbies: photography, making scary things,,?
Random Shizz: I have Barbie Knives O.O
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23 / F / Mai here!
Posted 1/2/10 , edited 1/3/10
Name: Almira, nickname Mai [Mai Go Rawr] aniMegaL_mAi_aMi
Age: 14
(OPT.) Location: Philippines
Likes: anime.glamcore//scenecore.music.hello kitty.pon & zi.DINOS!
Dislikes: mean ppl
Hobbies: computer.doodle.watch tv/movies/vids ((not thinkin' bad)).listen musics
Random Shizz: SHUT UP DAD! :O
Posted 1/2/10 , edited 1/3/10
Name: Angel
Age: 14+ (turning 15 on May 26)
(OPT.)Location: Malaysia
Likes: Anime, music, sleep, food, DBSK, Hero Jaejoong, etc ...
Dislikes: Annoying people, skools, mean people, people who hurt my friends and people who think he/she is the best ...
Hobbies: Reading, singing, dancing, playing sports, playing piano, listening to music and hanging out wif friends ...
Random Shizz: Skools starting tomorro! >.< -sigh- Can't get to online much ...
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23 / F / sweet world!!!!
Posted 1/3/10 , edited 1/3/10
Likes:Anime,music,ice cream,sleep
Dislikes:Rude people
Hobbies:Sleeping,eating,listen to music,watching anime and movie,shopping!
Random Shizz:Geeezzzz...school start tomorrow!
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30 / F / Search Guard Suce...
Posted 1/3/10 , edited 1/3/10
Name: Rina
Age: 21
(OPT.)Location: Philippines
Likes: A lot of things, i won't tell.
Dislikes: Getting in trouble.
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, photography, surfing the net.
Random Shizz: My mom is hiding something from us, i have to know!
Posted 1/3/10 , edited 1/3/10
Name : Danii
Age : 14 :DD
(OPT): Location : US
Likes : Scooby-Doo, fun , playing , dancing, being silly, little kids shows, being a vegetarian, singing, anime, frans, nature/enviornment, peace, hyper+&+ happiness, pandas, call of duty: modern warfare, assasin's creed, love, clueless ness, random stuff, hugs , yummy things, sweetts
Dislikes : Meanie, lies, haters, fake , tellietubbies( they aree scary stuff man)
Hobbies : Screaming, drawing, playing video games, eating, listening tew music, talking , eating, playing , eating ,screaming, eating haha
Random Shizz : F- R-E-E that spells free credit report dot com baby
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29 / M / The Village of Hi...
Posted 1/5/10 , edited 1/6/10
Name: Meiyuki
Age: 20
(OPT.)Location: United States of Suck
Likes: Anime, Skating, Surfing, Wakeboarding, belts, and my white kicks.
Dislikes: Noobs,
Hobbies: Extreme sports, writing, anime
Random Shizz: I killed Chuck Norris with a spoon
Posted 1/6/10 , edited 1/6/10
Name: Sophie ^_^ (PrincessPink, TunkleMunkle, AerithorSophie)

Age: 19

(OPT.)Location: ENGLAND!! lol by the beach ^^

Likes: my bf cloud (^o^) my munkle moo, PINK!! cupcakes XP candy, vanity(LOL) my friends photography, make-up, hair, hello hitty, anime, manga

Dislikes: chav's, small minded people, England =.=" , waking up early, coffee >.< , colour red (so not my colour :S) , drunk men

Hobbies: taking pictures, clubbing, dancing =]

Random Shizz: and so she said...LET THEM ALL EAT CAKE!!!! cupcakes that is

there should be a pink colour not a purple
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22 / F / Knockturn Alley
Posted 1/13/10 , edited 1/13/10
Name: Bridgette
Age: two numbers
(OPT.)Location: California
Likes: Anime, Surfing, Reading, Writing, Crunchyroll, Music
Dislikes: Many Things, So Just Ask
Hobbies: Writing
Random Shizz: Im A Tiger, and Meiyuki Is A Pheonix, and He Set Me On Fire. You Guys Better Run !
LOL He's Gonna Get Us [:
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23 / F / England~
Posted 1/9/10 , edited 1/9/10
Name: Alexis // Lexi
Age: 14
Location: Englaaaaand
Likes: Music, Photography, All Time Low, Bubble Tea, Oreo, Crayons :'D
Dislikes: Fakers, Liars, Pervs, Pedos D:
Hobbies: Camwhoring, Drawing, Stalking random guyss [teeheee xD], Listening to music
Random Shizz: GOT RICE? :]

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