Thing to say before kissing (Hey!Say! JUMP)
Posted 12/6/09 , edited 12/6/09
Thing to say before kissing

A- Please close your eyes.
B- Ill Enjoy This food (laughs)
C- I'm digging in.
D- Say ‘suki’ ten times, then I’ll kiss you. (laughs) [T/N: As explained , if you say 'suki' ten times in a fast speed, it would sound like 'kisu' (kiss).
E- Hm?
F- Kiss me baby.
G- Use your lips
H- Can I kiss you?
I- .......... (speechless)
J-Can I Kiss Chu?!

A- Morimoto
B- Yabu
C- Nakajima
D- Arioka
E- Yamada
F- Chinen
G- Yaotome
H- Okamoto
I- Takaki
J- Inoo

Where a kiss?

“Inside a train.” (Yamada)

“I've never kissed before so I don't know~.” (Nakajima)

“I definitely have to be taller than the girl (laughs.) (Chinen)

“Inside a train.” (Morimoto)

“Somewhere historic!” (Okamoto)

“ Like I 'accidentally' kissed her when I looked at her.” (Arioka)

“In front of a illumination park.” (Inoo)

“I'll kiss her through her room window.” (Takaki)

“As a thank you to her present, a kiss.” (Yaotome)

“Maybe at the Yamashita park on a bench would be nice" (Yabu)

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