Naruto Shippuden Episode 138?!?
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Posted 12/6/09 , edited 12/6/09

I have a few questions:
Why does the Fairy Tail Opening and Ending have a translation and Naruto Shippuden not?!
Why was the last scene in episode 138 cut?!
Why is the translation of Naruto Shippuden this bad?!

Here are a few examples examples from Episode 138:

official translation:
This juts brings down thunder from the heavens. I merely direct its power toward you.
other translation:
With this technique, lightning will strike down from the heavens, and all i have to do is guide its power straight through your skull.

official translation:
Is this...the death you wanted to recreate?
other translation:
Was this what you saw in your vision of my death?

official translation:
The blade itself is imbued with a Sealing Jutsu and is a variant of the Snake Sword.
other translation:
The blade itself holds a hypnotic, yet incredible sealing technique, and it's the ultimate counter to the Sword of Kusanagi (Snake Sword).

Even if VizMedia does the translation very fast, it's destroying the whole Anime. They should take more time to translate it right. They are censoring the dialogs and destroy the proper senses.

Thanks in advance
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Posted 12/6/09 , edited 12/6/09
I could tell something was off, thanks for bringing this to my attention SpitFireXB360.

With the buffering problems and this on top, chances of next months subscription going through are mighty slim.
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Posted 12/7/09 , edited 12/8/09
- We don't receive the opening and ending themes with English subtitles so there's not much we can do about that.
- Regarding the last minute being cut off, I answered that here:
- Regarding the translation, I can't comment since I don't know enough Japanese to tell which one is more accurate.
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